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PEX fittings

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Does anyone with a newer Trailer know if Oliver has switched over to brass PEX fittings or are they still using the plastic ones?  I'm starting to assemble a repair kit and if they are brass they probably aren't going to break.




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John and Kim

2021 GMC Sierra 2500 AT4 6.6L Duramax 11350 GVWR  3048lb Payload

2021 Oliver Elite II.   Hull #887

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We have Hull #836. We just went on the first 400 mile road trip of the season after being hooked to the city water inlet at our house for at least a week. Hooked up to water source at campsite. Water starts coming out of Hull. Turns out the pex fitting at the hot water heater T cracked in half. Plastic. Broke from stress. Changed to brass. All good now. Bought some extra fittings, some pex and clamps to have around in the Ollie for such things.

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