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  1. https://www.homedepot.com/p/TruFuel-50-1-Pre-Oil-Mix-6525606/205913129? I have a relatively small yard and have always used this. It is a little more expensive but I use less than 2 gallons per season so it is worth it. Never had an issue starting any trimmer or blower. (obviously not for a 4 cycle generator)
  2. It does sound nice to have all that power but like John said it is really unbalanced. Rough math says it would take around 26-30 hours to charge from zero with 340 watts. You can only use as much energy as your panels provide or you will eventually end up empty.... John
  3. Not Sure about the Elite I but I confirmed today that all Elite II trailers that select lithium are have the Lithonics installed. I guess Lifeblue is no longer being used. John
  4. Can anyone confirm if Oliver is installing the Newer Xantrex remote? New one is the top photo. John
  5. Thanks for the pic! John
  6. Could you post a picture of your batteries. Specifically the label on the battery.
  7. Not sure about all brands but my 2021 GMC came with 4 tire sensors to install in your trailer tires. The sticker showed it as a $50 option. These sensors send info to the OEM screen when you have the trailer connected. Not sure when this feature became available but would be worth checking to see if you have a similar option on your vehicles. John
  8. Yes I am aware. Unfortunately it is quite difficult to deal with those 4 westernmost states. Georgia has reciprocity with most places I will be going but I will have to find a solution to deal with CA,OR,WA and NV. John
  9. The camera plug has 2 o-rings on it so it should be water tight.
  10. That’s what Glocks are for. 😉. Seriously though I will have another camera setup for security. Haven’t gotten that far yet. John
  11. The camera gets its power from the truck not from the trailer. The pictures I posted above show the individual camera ports above the 7 pin connector. John
  12. I just went through this process and have decided to forgo the Oliver installed camera. The GMC camera that integrates into the factory display offers a larger screen at less than half the price. The camera system on the GMC is hands down the best available at the present time. John
  13. Another good pour over coffee maker. Makes enough to take on the drive with you and keeps it hot! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0080J2N8A?ref=exp_keepyourdaydream_dp_vv_d
  14. You should seriously put a package of the those parts together, mass produce them and sell them. I would be first in line to buy one!!! John
  15. Can anyone with a 2020 or 2021 hull confirm if the PEX elbows are now copper or plastic. Thanks, John
  16. Both lids have keyed latch mechanisms. You do not have to lock them. (they don't lock automatically) When they are locked it would be very difficult to gain entry unless you really want to work at it. John
  17. For anyone interested here are some pictures of my new diamondback SE cover and crossbin 13 installed on a GMC Sierra 2500.
  18. Overland, I have been studying your install from the Snowball thread and am leaning towards a similar setup. Are you still happy with it? john
  19. I would have no problem cutting a hole. I will check if Oliver would consider not mounting the ZAmp controller but I have a feeling they won’t. john
  20. Thanks for the reply Sherry. I do want an inverter so right now I am torn between having Oliver install the xantrex vs just having them install the panels and choosing my own inverter after delivery. I like that the victors stuff all communicates well together. I also don’t see the need to have another hole cut for the xantrex remote in the trailer. I would like to swap the zamp controller and install a victory MPPT out of sight and then install the victron gx touch 50 where the zamp controller was. Thoughts? John
  21. So I have about 6 months before I have to make final decisions on the options for our new Oliver. The only option that I am still unsure about is the battery/solar choice. I would like to have a lithium setup however I am not convinced that the option offered by Oliver is the best one for the money. I am not an electrician by any means, however, I am quite capable of figuring out/installing pretty much anything within reason. The only decision I have made is that I will definitely be getting the solar panels installed by the factory. While I could probably do it myself, I think the money
  22. Thanks for the replies. I just saw this thing reviewed by the guy Topgun linked to and figured I would get some opinions. Had not seen it discussed before. I have a Yamaha 2200 which is most likely what I will carry when I need a generator. So what you're saying John is that when using shore power the electrical system prioritizes that and will not load share with the batteries? I have some time before I make decisions on the solar/battery option. I am going to start another thread with some questions on that topic. Thanks, John
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