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Parks in FL beach areas - Jan - Feb


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Any Oliver owners know if it is crazy to go to FL in Jan - Feb without reservations? Preference would be state, regional, other parks as compared to the big private RV places.


What about AZ or So Texas?


Any recommendations? Thanks


OB1 & OB2

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Betty & I will be in Fla New Years day, for a wedding, then South Texas for beach camping for free, no reservations needed. We will be South of South Padre Island at Boca Chica State Park, for most of Jan and Feb.

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We very rarely make reservations anywhere we go.


You'll find an easier time getting spots at the prime parks (read waterfront) during the week. Weekends are usually pretty well booked up at Ft. DeSoto (Pinellas County park) thru the season, but if you check often enough, you may even get a cancellation on a weekend day. Most state and county parks limit stays to two weeks.

Florida has an extensive state park system, and a good website. Also check for county parks in areas you may like to visit (Pinellas, Hillsborough, Dade, etc.). Many of these parks are lesser known and not as crowded, or expensive.

I wouldn't be the least bit nervous to head to Florida in the winter without reservations if you're willing to move around a little. The only place you may have trouble finding a spot at all, without making reservations, is the Florida Keys.

Disney's Ft. Wilderness is really expensive for what you get. Only if you're planning to spend several days at the Disney parks would I consider it to be worthwhile. There are state parks not too far away from Disney.

If you do decide to make the trip, please pm us. We're near Tampa.


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