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As I was giving Revilo a good cleaning my eye glanced at the filter on the ceiling. It looked funny so I took it apart and discoverd that the "funny" was dust. I immediately stopped my other cleaning and took the two filter strips out and washed and dried them before reinserting them. I wonder how many other things I need to take care of that I will accidentally discover. Any suggestions about other cleaning tips, things to be aware of, etc? Jam49

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Here are some of the things I check regularly.


A/C airfilter

A/C itself on the roof under the cover. Critters like to make nests in there.

Heater vent for blockage if no screen in place

Wheels and tire for anything unusual


Any visible bolt for tightness

Window tracks for debri or crud

Gaskets round door

Check all callking

Refreigerator compartment for critters or other things that should not be there.


Basically once a year or after very long trips I give the camper a complete look over. Get to know your camper so when something different appears you will know if this is normal or not.

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Thanks Sherry and DC.

I hadn't thought of checking the AC on the roof. I did buy a telescoping ladder so that I can always have a ladder to get on the roof if I have to. Also, I am trying to keep the outside washed and waxed. I tried the

Thetford bug remover which seems to work pretty good. Any suggestions for a good sponge, cloth, etc for rubbing the outside when cleaning? Is there any particular type of soap - gel, fiberglass, or other work that really works where each time the rv is washed that there isn't much effort the next time because of the previous washing?


Thanks for the ideas of things to check.


I am just going to have to go camping in the driveway tonight! Haven't been camping since I took the grandkids right before school started. Anyway, the weather is getting cooler- supposed to be around 50 degrees tonight and I want to check out the heater.


To all my friends just a little further away - While you are camping, I hope the stars get in your eyes, you get to feel the wind blowing gently, and your camping excursions are nothing but the best! Jam49



Could you PM me? I have a question. Thanks J

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We use a good (though a little expensive) marine paste wax by 3m on the exterior (and much of the interior) of our Oliver. One can lasts a long time, and it's the same wax we use on the boat.

Washing, we use a small amount of car wash product or dishwashing liquid (Dawn) in the bucket. A brush with soft bristles and telescoping handle, and a big carwash sponge. Dry with a chamois and old, soft terry cloth towels. I like vinegar windex for the windows and mirrors.



PS I sent you a pm. And, Paul says I should no longer use even mild dishwashing liquid on the trailer... it can remove the wax that takes so much time to apply!

2008 Ram 1500 4 × 4

2008 Oliver Elite, Hull #12



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