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Spare water pump

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1 hour ago, Ospreybob said:

Any one have a suggestion on a spare water pump for an LE II?  The pressure in ours has dropped and I think there may be plastic debris in it.  Thought it might be a good idea to carry a spare.

I think a spare pump is a good idea.  It's better to buy it when you don’t need it with the supply chain issues we are experiencing now.

But I have a few questions about your existing pump.  

Do you experience low water pressure at the kitchen and bathroom sinks and the inside and outside showers as well as the toilet?

Do you have good pressure while using the city water connection or is it only while using the fresh water tank and pump?

If your pump is original equipment, there should be a filter before the pump which would prevent plastic from getting into the pump.  Have you cleaned the filter?





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I think it's a good idea to carry a spare pump as well.  I found the exact match for the one installed in Hull #688 on Amazon:  SHURflo 12v 3.0 GPM Revolution RV Water Pump # 4008-101-A65

In addition to checking the filter mentioned by @mossemi, I'd recommend treating your plumbing with a vinegar solution if you haven't already done so to see if that helps.  We had some pressure issues shortly after taking ownership and it shocked me how much Ca/Mg can quickly build up and create pressure problems in the plumbing.  

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Thanks to all for the suggestions!  Much appreciated.  We have hull #747 so we probably have the same pump as #688.  We have cleaned out the filter and checked another supply line for debris but that is it so far.  No problems at all on city water, and the low pressure problem we have developed slowly during a 2 month trip last summer.  The pressure goes down considerably once the accumulator pressure is depleted, at both the kitchen and bathroom sink.  Have spoken to the Oliver service folks about this and they asked us to send a video, but by the time we got the request from Oliver the trailer was already empty and in storage.  I was thinking that a spare was a good idea in any case, even if we get the current pump back to its original state.

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