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Winter Storage


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We live in the northeast and have a 2021 Elite II. For the first year of ownership, we've been storing our trailer naked, out in the elements.  Have washed and waxed a couple of times and am appreciative of how durable and weather resistant gel coat is but, here comes winter and we fell it's best for the trailer to be somehow under cover.  Am looking for suggestions as to a cost effective option to keep out of the sun, snow and rain.  We have a paved area of the driveway that is free to dedicate and are considering some sort of fabric hoop house.  This may be a good fit for us as we will probably be moving next year (to Vermont = colder and more snow) so could disassemble a hoop house and bring it along with us. Do any of you have experience with this type of structure and, if so, any ideas how to set it up for stable but temporary use so as to avoid having to place permanent anchors into the driveway?


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There are ways , such as this one:

Car Canopy and Party Tent Anchors on Hard Surface - No Holes!

However, you need to play What If, and weigh the convenience of not securing the uprights to the slab vs the risk of the shelter blowing into or collapsing on top of your Ollie, causing who knows how much damage. Gelcoat repairs are costly. It might also damage your house. Perhaps a combination of those foundation blocks plus additional guy lines and anchors going from the upper area into the nearby ground would provide some extra safety factor. It might be smart to talk to a local supplier of those portable carports, see what they recommend. If it were me, I would use concrete anchors, and lots of them….

FYI, I don’t think the tiny screws at the bottom of those blocks are adequate, even with the added adhesive.


John Davies

Spokane WA

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