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Freezing temp

Mark Patricia

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You should fill the tanks, 1/2  to 3/4, and work from them. Disconnect the hose before the temperature drops below 30.

Keep propane heat on a setting that's comfy for you. For us, at night, sleeping,  it's around 55 to 60. Daytime, 65 to 68. We have nice quilts. I don't love sleeping bags, but others do. 

Temps forecast for Hohenwald aren't really  too bad. It's the rain and freezing temps at night, and resulting black ice (invisible) that you need to watch for. Don't try to travel early in the day, imo. Wait til the sun melts the ice. Probably 11 to 1. 

Especially,  be careful in shaded areas, and any bridges. They ice earlier, and it lasts  longer. 

I grew up in southern Minnesota.  Same crap there, just much longer season, and more frequent icing and snow... Most dangerous times were early season storms. By midwinter,  most people had regained awareness, and good driving habits. Not to be counted on in Tennessee or the Carolinas, where this is much more  infrequent.  Many drivers don't know how to drive in ice and snow, in the south, in my experience. 

Good news is, it rarely stays cold in middle Tennessee.  Wait it out. 

We've been in Florida  a long time, but I still have cold weather clothes. My most important,  smart wool socks, in various levels. And long underwear.  Cuddleduds and 32 degrees are great in pretty much mild temps, to me.

If you don't have those, it's not a big deal. Just know that jeans aren't really warm below 20 degrees or so. I used to wear just a pair of tights,, under jeans, in Minnesota. It worked, til jeans got wet. Wet jeans are miserable. Synthetics, wool, and blends are seriously your friends in crappy rainy/sleety/wintry mix  weather.

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On 1/20/2022 at 8:37 PM, Mark Patricia said:

We are leaving Florida in the morning.

Thanks to you for the question -- I'm anticipating this possibility in March. I've lived south of the freeze line for decades, and lost my winter driving skills long ago. What remains are the memories of black ice, the realization that I was drifting on the road, how to stop (slowly); needing an ice-scraper to clean the windshield; putting the wiper blades up before nightfall snowfall or icing; carrying cat litter or sand in the back for extra grip. Beginning well after sunrise is a great tip; these are all good tips. Let the adventure begin!

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