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Vizio TV not connecting to campground WIFI


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My wife and I just picked up Hull #1014 February 7, 2022. We are still in the Tennessee area and have camped at several State Parks and now our second campground. I was having an issue with the TV. First of all it seems to operate on a big time delay between the remote (pushing a button) and the tv ( TV responding). It also has locked up on me several times. After reading the manual and searching the forums and finding no answer I went to the manual setup tab in the settings menu. From there, I took a picture of the current settings in case I messed something up. I found the problem with the failure to connect to the campground wifi. At the top of the Manual Setup tab is the DHCP. Mine was turned to off. I turned it on, went back to the settings tab and tried to connect again. It worked!! This was a 2 day struggle so I hope this helps anyone who might have the same problem.

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Glad it worked out.  Had a bit of trouble with our Vizio in our 2021, but Vizio Tech Support helped.  It was all related to outdated software.  Suggest you run the updates from Settings when connected to good WiFi. 

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Our trailer came from the factory with the cables crossed, I just removed the panel inside the garage and switched the cables, This was not your problem, but it was just another one to figure out with the TV and yes dealing with the TV and all the setting up and connection can become a problem at times. I will tell you that we re-run the channel setup everyday, this is because at different times of the day you can get channels that you may not be able to get in the evening. I will say her the Oliver factory TV antenna is not very good and we use the Omni King portable antenna with much better results, plus it has a power booster. 


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