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  1. I do rotate between the two, electric and propane just to keep then in working order. I did find that my propane was not working, (would not light and was erratic). I pretty much knew what was wrong, the pilot tube was plugged and after I took a small drill bit and hand cleaned out the hole, a small bug had made his home in there. Also check the burner tube, if it gets a small web, or some other type of blockage your flame will also not burn correctly, or maybe not at all. trainman
  2. Water does run down the side of the rounded fiberglass trailer pretty good, this is because of the trailers design. Some do put drip rails on there trailers, but for me I don't want the look of them on my trailer. Ours even runs more because of removing the stick on drip rail that runs along the patio awing which would probably help some, but it was nothing more then a collector for leaves, pine twigs, dirt, etc. and needed cleaning all the time. trainman
  3. I have quick disconnects on both ends of my appliances. (stoves, cookers, fire pit, etc.). Since I do use my extension hose on other accessories it just alitames the carrying of more hoses. One exception is the Little Red Firepit, it's hose does windup inside the unit when not in use, but it to has quick disconnects on both ends which can give if needed two hoses for longer runs from the trailer. And yes, all regulators are removed from all appliances and only the trailer regulator is needed for safe use of each. I guess you can say, I went quick disconnect over board, but the ease of use is worth it to me. trainman
  4. SeaDawg, I did change out my outside shower head with the bath head and the flow was the same, so I guess now is the time to remove the cartridge and see if it is clogged, or broken inside. I can't help but think that some plastic, or other foreign matter from manufacturing is plugging the line somewhere and I would think since it is both lines it would be at the sink cartridge. I will also look and the water diagram and see if there could be anyother place that would affect the flow. Thanks for your input. trainman
  5. Our 2019 Elite II has worked fine and no water problems until this last week. After setup at a campsite I was called to the bathroom to see why the bath faucet was running slow, or very little water flow. After checking all the other water flow accessories in the trailer, sink, outside shower, toilet all appeared to work as they should, but the bath faucet was running very slow and no water pressure to speak of. I have now checked the shower/sink head and the flow is not blocked in the head, I also removed the head and the flow out of the hose is also very slow and no pressure. I guess my next place to look is to remove the cartridge and see if there is any blockage there. Since both the hot and cold flow the same I would think that both the hot line and the cold line would not both have equal blockage in the two separate lines. I always heard of scrap plastic from new construction getting into the lines and stopping water flow, could this be the problem. One thing here, it worked just fine two weeks ago and this week we have this problem, any suggestions would be helpful, before I tear into it, thanks. trainman
  6. We were camping in Colorado and a huge big wind came through the camping ground and ours blew totally down and some 50ft away, We did not have the straps (tiedowns) attached, but did have the stakes in the ground. Not so luck were the campers next to us with the $300,000 motorhome who lost there patio cover and the winder sensors didn't work fast enough to retract it. trainman
  7. Just some info on the Rad Mini's, they do have bottle holder on the up part of the frame, we do not have our water bottles there, but do have our bike locks mounted there, the frame has tapped threads there for what ever you would like to mount there. I'm 6'1" and weigh 240 with a 31" inseam and the bike fits me just find and comfortable to ride, I did change the seat for a more comfortable one, best improvement for comfort. I have ridden the Mini some 22 miles on rides and no discomfort, except my 76 year old body has normally. RAD does have a mobile repair service that will service your e-bike at your home and it is also used to setup a new bike if you want that service. A dealer close to you for servicing your bike might be nice, but bikes sold at these dealers are more expensive and RAD service with a phone call to them will actually get you a real person to talk with, they have 35 plus employees at there home office in Seattle. Most online sellers of e-bikes only have 3-4 employees and at times when they have no bikes to sell you a luck to get someone to answer the phone. E-bike are under the same regulations as a peddle bicycle, so you can ride them any place you can ride a peddle bike, but you have to obey the laws in the area you are riding. Normally you will be riding with both hikers and trail walkers, so you need to give them a good clearance when riding, plus ring you bell, or say, "on your right, or on your left", when passing. Riding in cities with bicycle lanes is the best place to ride and if bicycles are not allowed on sidewalk then neither are you. The RAD will go faster if you want them to by just by setting the controls on your speed controller, you can get 24 mph easily, but your controller is set at the factory to where the bike will only go 20 mph, this is where it can meet the laws for bicycles, fast it becomes a scooter and the laws are totally different for them. You can find the fast speed adjustment on YouTube for the RAD e-bikes. Mike and Carol, we will be at the Pineknot Rally in Grapeland, Texas this fall and will be bring our RAD there to ride, hope you will be there, there will probably be some 5-6 Oliver's there. Plus anyone wanting to talk about e-bikes is welcome to send me and email and I will get back with you, we are going camping tomorrow and will be gone till Friday. I studied the RAD's for six months before we purchased one and found as much info as I could about them, very happy we went with RAD. Trainman
  8. We have the Rad Mini's Step Thru's, great e-bikes and very please with RAD and from there service per the internet, great customer satisfaction. We have had them for two years and no problems to date. We carry them in the back of the RAM with no problem, these are the folding models, but we find it easier not to fold them for loading and unloading is easier for us. Watch videos on YouTube there are plenty on this 20" model to see and checkout, the 20" model is also good for off road riding on dirt trails, don't let the size fool you, they are easy to ride. We are in our 70's and the e-bikes work well for us. RAD is the largest seller on online e-bikes, I personally went to a bike shop and rode one of there bikes, the price was way too high and the bike we rode was no way close to what we got with the RAD. We will be taking them camping next and I will take some photos of then in the RAM to see how we carry them. Here are a few pics of our RAD'S. trainman
  9. One other note here is I usually start off with my hot water on gas just to make sure it working and then switch to electric somewhere down the line. If you start off on electric and want to switch to gas the gas will not fire up until the water temputures are down enough to let the gas kick on. This may result in you not being there to check it to see it the system is working correctly and remember if there is air in the lime it may take several tries to light. trainman
  10. Both switches on one panel would be nice, I think the $500,000 diesel pusher they work that way. My only problem is that sometimes I leave the campsite and forget to turn off the electric switch and when I get home I plug the trailer into shore power and forget to turnoff the electric water heater switch off, yes I have found I have hot water and week or so later.
  11. I find the cook stove the hardest to light after the gas has been turned off, just like the gas water heater it may try to start 3-4 times before the gas can get to it, or air has cleared the lines. I've had several RV's and all pretty much work the same, it's just the nature of the beast. I have found just because one gas appliance works and has gas doesn't mean all will work, especially on first light up after being shut off. Air in line is probably 99% of your problem. I'd say pretty common problem till all appliances have been used and gas is in the line to that appliance. trainman
  12. Having a 2019 Elite II we did not order any of the extra electronic features that Oliver offers. Our problem has become that we find ourselves at times not being able to get TV and Radio reception and I'm not talking out in the middle of nowhere either, many times just 50/75 miles from the DFW area. Oliver built our trailer without a Smart TV, wondering why a 2019 model did not come with one, but that's another story now. At home we have Spectrum Internet only and no TV, but we do have the WIFI and use the Roku for all out TV needs, so that's pretty much covered at home. Now for the trailer, I see many camping using a portable satellite and I suppose they are hooked up with some satellite provider to get the service. I guess my question is which would be the best way to go to get satellite TV and yes we do not have satellite at home so we would have to subscribe to to a system like Direct or some other system. Just wanting to know which way to go and what seems to work the best, we do have Hotbox on the iPhone, but our last campout we had no cell reception, so depending on that way is pretty much a no go for us. I assume that we need to replace our Oliver TV with a Smart TV if we go the satellite way just to have everything work together much better, is that correct. Just get me started in the right direction form here and what equipment seems to work the best for you. One other note, our radio reception with that Oliver antenna is pretty useless, do you upgrade your radio antenna, or just get your radio through WIFI, or some other means. Any help and guidelines will get us going in the right direction, thanks, trainman
  13. I have no problems with KOA's, but my biggest dislike is the camping spots are usually very close together, I realize this is not a problem in some KOA's. My biggest dislike for close camping spots is some campers/RV's run two A/C units and it seems like they never shutoff, takes away for us being outside around our trailer and enjoying nature, etc. trainman
  14. Smart, travel light and don't get carried away with stuff you probably don't need, or will never use. trainman
  15. I've done it both ways, jacking up the trailer tongue to get enough slack in the chains and loosing the chain adjusting nuts for slack. I pretty much quit doing the tongue jack thing as I feel it puts a lot of pressure on the tongue jack, trailer, and pickup, so when I go to hookup I get my big b- - - on the ground and re-adjust the chains, I'm glade I have strong arms to get me off the ground, someday my wife is going to have to do it, that will be the day. trainman
  16. When we purchased our trailer new in 2019 the fan gave us problems almost within the first month, or so. You would turn it on with the remote and it would run for 15/20 seconds and then shut down and the green light would come on. The only want to get it going again was to pull the fuse and it would reset itself, but, but then the fan would just shut down again as it did before. Oliver service sent my new control electronic parts several times, but nothing would correct the problem, finally I told them to just send another compete fan and I would install it myself, as I did. The new fan worked as it should and we have had no problem with it so far. Oliver service thinks the problem was in the motor internally as there was nothing else to replace, I returned the fan to them and they never let me know what the problem was, I assume they sent it back to Maxxfan and they were reimbursed for it. trainman
  17. Not really a big problem, but our keyless door lock plastic number plate broke, I assume from the sunlight, or maybe during the big freeze here in Texas it broke them. I ordered another one from RV Lock and they are $11.99 if you ever need one. They just stick on the outside, no need to take anything apart, just pull off the old one and stick on the new one. trainman
  18. A short extension cord with a 90 degree plug might be a quick answer as this would have the cord drop straight down rather then stick out. I have never found this plug to be a problem when using, but maybe larger plugs could be a problem. As far as the plug cover turning a yellow color, I would remove it, clean it in soap and water, scuff it off with a fine sandpaper, and repaint it with Kyrlon White for plastics. Since I repaint everything I own when needed it seems like a no brainer to me. You could just shop around at HD, or Lowes and see what style they have and replace it to one that the doors might open farther, but for me I would just stick with what I have and use the short extension with the 90 degree plug. Plus repaint. trainman
  19. I tow around 65 mph and feel that's a safe speed for me, our 2019 Ram Hemi will get around 12.5 to 13.2 mpg at that speed. Going faster does nothing for me and most times I have to watch the speedometer to keep the speed up. trainman
  20. I got my chain for the extensions at Home Depot, 3/8" chain and 23 lengths for each side. I did have then cut to 25 lengths just to be safe and when I got home I cutoff two lengths. You will also need 2 3/8" chain links to put the Anderson chain and the added chain together. I installed the Anderson at the Davy Crockett Campground the first night we were there and took about a hour to do everything to get the Anderson hooked up. I brought the Anderson with me as I purchased it online and the hitch and chain cost me about $525.00 for everything, including the extra chain and connecting links. John Davies provided me the info I needed for the added chain and links and he was spot on, thanks again John. Oliver at delivery showed me where the Anderson brackets mount on the trailer and YouTube had videos on the install process, like I said, pretty easily done and saved me some $400 plus dollars. One note here, if you ordered the Anderson Extensions they may not be long enough for the Oliver and you may need longer chains, but not sure of what you are getting, so just remember you need at least 23 lengths per side of chain and two connecting lengths to work. trainman
  21. Although towing specs are very important and I do want my tow vehicle to be within them, I personally like more towing specs and power in my tow vehicle then needed. For me it's always been a little overkill and then I'm happy with the results. Not sure what engine you have in your Ranger, but we have camping friends who tow there Elite II with a Tacoma with towing package and a V6 engine. All being said I would not be happy with that combination, the little Tacoma has a hard time over 60 MPH pulling the Elite II at Interstate speeds and can't stay up with me and I'm towing my Elite II at 65-68 MPH, which I don't feel like everyone is running over me. I have no camping friends that have the 19 ft. Elite so I have nothing to compare it to, but I would think the Ranger with a V6 would handle that size trailer ok. Good Luck, just stick within you Ranger towing specs and remember your little V6 can only do so much regardless of the factory specs for towing. If you are looking for a trailer and don't want to spend that much look at the Casita, excellent trailer and retains it's value very will, probably better return on your money then just about any travel trailer out there. Many Oliver owners had a Casita at one time, or another. trainman
  22. If that Ford is a F-150 3.5 Eco-Boost with tow package it will pull anything you can get into the truck and trailer. If your a minimalist camper under most conditions you will never overload your Ford, or get close to it, just Install the Anderson and hit the road, you will never know the trailer is back there most of the time. On a rig like to have I would not even spend the time putting the pencil to it, many on this forum are pulling will a Ford with your setup and have no problems. trainman
  23. I'm still going to pass on electric vehicles for now, even the hybrids are still out for me. I'm sure the day will come that it will be the only thing you can buy, but at age 76 I'm sticking with the fire breathing gas engines. trainman
  24. We are what I would call minimalist campers, that is we carry only what we are going to use where we are going camping. Things like a Clam, bicycles, extra chairs, small extra heater, fans, are all items that are either taken with us, or not depending where we camp. We have other camping friends that take everything every time and much of it is never unloaded and used. It's just like spare parts, you can get carried away on this, I personally just take tools to handle most repairs and if something goes bad I just go to town and purchase what is needed to make temporary repairs, or a complete repair. We do not Boondock, so for those who do I can see you might carry more stuff, but it's not for us. trainman
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