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  1. I will say this, when I drain my fresh water tank I have to tilt the trailer up in the front (on Jack) to get all the water to run out of the tank. This is probably not a water pickup problem, but I am surprised how much water is left in the tank when setting level that does not drain out. trainman
  2. iPhone can do just about everything all that extra added equipment in the trailer that you pay for can do. How do I know this, because I have no added equipment that is offered by Oliver and for some reason with the iPhone and a Hot Spot we are pretty much always connected to whatever we need and want. Some many not know but you can actually go to your tow vehicle and with Sirius on your iPhone and get just about everything to keep you safe and informed. I guess AppleCarPlay in your tow vehicle has just about for me done away with all the options that are offered in the trailer. I'm sure many have a different opinion on this, remember we all do what works for us. trainman
  3. First I hope you have water in your onboard tank to pump, otherwise you are pumping air. Second yes there can be a air build up in the lines and this can cause the pump just pumping air and not pickup the water in the tank, I call it a vapor lock, but not sure if that is the correct term. Third I would hookup my fresh city water line and prime the system, open all the faucets, flush the toilet, move the water faucets to both hot and cold and make sure the hot water tank if full and the water on both hot and cold is running and no air is in the system. Fourth this should clear out all water systems and they should be primed and ready to go. I have had this happen before and doing what I described has always taken care of the problem. I don't think you have a water leak problem and don't start turning valves, if it worked before it should work again as normal. One thing as many have said, there must be water in the lines for the pump to work correctly, air will cause the pump not to shutoff and keep running. Trailer systems have a lot of quirks with them, most over time will become first hand and easily solved, but for those new to be campers with RV's they can be somewhat a learning experience. trainman
  4. You people are too nice, some people are just stupid and it's spreading throughout the country on just about everything, if you know what I mean. trainman
  5. I would first takeoff the cover under the bath sink and is if it is coming from that area since the leak is up front, The front closet is defiantly in the area and could be a problem, but, but you have to start somewhere and areas where water is being used is where I would start. Everyone hate's water leaks and I'm sure it can be upsetting. trainman
  6. I'm retired from GM and now I drive RAM's and Lexus, just thought I made a better choice and the GM discounts just didn't work out for me. One thing to think about I would never drive a midsize truck when the full-size is so much more compatible in every way when towing. If I had to pick one on your list it would be the full-size GMC, or Silverado V8 gas engine, crew cab, 4X4, why because it would have the best resale and will do the job, period. The Van would be a brick to drive, both with and without the trailer. trainman
  7. I guess we should ask a bracket for what, don't see where height is a question here, but I guess you want the trailer tongue level for the measurement. trainman
  8. I have had the adjusting bolt on the end of the chain get turned wrong when it goes into the bracket on the trailer, thus the chain does not go all the way up inside the bracket. All that is needed is turn the adjusting bolt a 1/4 turn or so and it will now slide up inside correctly. This doesn't happen very often, but it has once, or twice and you will notice it when you insert the adjusting bolt and it seems too short. Like someone said, make sure the chain wing is at a 90 degree angle to the hitch, this will make one side longer and the other shorter when hitching, easily corrected if you know what to do. trainman
  9. We purchased our Oliver in 2019, Oliver offered no accessories for sale at that time, but today with a display area they could have some available for sale. The two outside LP Quick Connectors are a must for all LP accessories you might want to add and I would defiantly purchase a Camco Honey Pot as the 18 gal. Black Tank is too small for camping over 4 days without sewer hookups. We do not Boondock so many of the upgrades do not interest us, but order your trailer for you personal needs as many accessories do add up to several dollars and talking with other Oliver owners they don't use many of the accessories they paid for. trainman
  10. We have the Rad Mimi folding ebikes, don't know how they compare in size to the Lectric ebikes, but I would think the sizes are pretty close in size. I would think storing them in the trailer in there folded position would be just about impossible and getting them in and out would be just as equally impossible. We did carry them in the pickup bed folded at first, but found in was much easier to leave them unfolded and just lower the handlebars and fold the pedals in. In there folded possession they are somewhat hard to handle, just bulky. I also wouldn't recommend them on a bicycle carrier either, would be too heavy for most of them. I will say this, they are fun to ride and the battery life is long on the Rad's, just adds to the camping fun. trainman
  11. My outdoor shower sprayer head cracked and leaks water, I need one, looked on Amazon, etc. and can't find one small enough that will fit into it's storage shot in the outdoor spray box. If you know where I can get one, please let me know. I assume Oliver has them. trainman
  12. I would like to see RV A/C units built like the home/business Ductless units. We have one in my wife's Woman Cave and it's quite, you could mount the outside compressor unit either upfront, or in the rear, sure might take a little rearranging of things. Both the heat and A/C outputs are high and super quite. trainman
  13. When the Base Camp came out we looked at them at an RV Show, we thought our Casita was a better deal at a much lower price. Do note, Airstream dealers were selling them at big discount just to get people to buy them, check todays used prices, they are not that great. trainman
  14. That the best answer I've seen not to pull my Oliver to Alaska, muddy mess, plus mosquitoes. trainman
  15. I would think you are a full timer, if not I wonder why so much stuff is needed. trainman
  16. This is very common, like others said, leave the wheel chocks in place on the trailer and let the tow vehicle adjust to a free spot, that is no tension on the hitch ball. Then make sure there is either someone in the vehicle, or put in park for the obvious reasons. I sometimes have to give the coupler a kick with the foot, or tap with a hammer, just the way things work when tension is present. trainman
  17. I removed mine the day it came home from the factory, due note it does remove with no problem as it was new and just installed. Older ones will most likely need some help as the sticky attaching glue will be harder to get off. I used a commercial product sold at body shop supply stores, it's runs $25.00 per gal, but boy does it remove grease, wax, glues, etc., this product can soften paint in some cases, so testing with it is always recommended, ok for fiberglass. Do not go looking for this product at Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware, etc., they don't have it. its professionally sold only. The product I use is, 5900 5 Star Xtreme. https://5starxtreme.com/cleaners/5900-maxx-solv-wax-and-grease-remover I paint a lot of models, plastic and metal, I use it as a cleaner before I paint. trainman
  18. I did replace my factory sewer hoses with the Camco orange and black ones, they accordion out and will stay where you pull them out to, the factory Camco ones stay flexible all the time and much harder to work with. I do carry two 10' hoses with me all the time and a selection of hose ends for different hookup. Also the sewer hose ladder to provide down hill flow of the waste, plus everything you carry back there get dirty from dust, etc. and I wash it out everytime I use the trailer when I get home. All being said, I wouldn't use the area for much more then sewer stuff. trainman
  19. I've never seen an Oliver with the 2 5/16" upgrade coupler and ball when seeing other Oliver's when camping. For me personally I would stick with the 2" setup and the extra load ratings would not be needed for me, but if I have a 2 5/16" setup on my 3/4/1ton truck I go with the 2 5/16" setup for convenience. There is no end to upgrades for these trailers, so if it works for you, then do it. trainman
  20. My 2019 Elite II does not have solar, just wondering what the upgrade would cost, batteries, solar panels, equipment need to complete the install. I realize the cost can vary, but I was thinking pretty much equal to the Oliver option, would it be in the $3000/$6000 dollar range, or more. trainman
  21. We purchased a 4" memory foam mattress from Walmart $150.00 king/queen, can't remember, but cut down the middle half of the factory mattress size and shortened it a bit, then rounded the ends to fit on top of the factory stock mattress. We are very happy with this comb, find it comfortable, so it works well for us. We had this foam mattress in our Casita for a short time and moved it to our twin bed Elite II and so far we sleep great. I'm not sure if this is called a mattress topper or not. trainman
  22. I have them (brass) from Camco and sold on Amazon, they work great. There also on my Black Tank flush hookup, I use a different color hose for that flush, army camo color, get the idea. trainman
  23. What that saying from the "60's", "If this trailer is a Rock'en, don't come a Knock'en". trainman
  24. What is the price of the 2023 demo at and what is the price of a comparable model new. All I remember is that my 2019 model Elite II was $54,900 for the base model. As far as a 28' model, Oliver would have lost there mind, when you can sell all you can produce the cost of tooling would take a lifetime to recoup there cost. I think all the upgrades are good for a new buyer, but it comes at a big cost to the buyer, not sure that $25,000 plus dollars makes camping that much better over time. I know that our 2019 Elite II everything works just fine and I don't think all those upgrade items would make much difference in camping, it's still camping isn't it. trainman
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