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  1. Easy fix, I'd say 10 minutes tops to loosen the plug housing and cut and pull the wires forward to take up the slack in the wiring harness cover. J B weld is not for rubber repairs. trainman
  2. To answer some of the questions that John asked, I do carry the re-bar in the bed of my pickup (4' lengths) and the potting bench was a free lance design, made from old cedar 2x4"s and ran through the table saw to remove the outside paint that was on them (approxmently 1/16" to make them look new. I also installed an old porcelain sink for potting, my wife really enjoys it. Sorry for not answering, I just over looked this post. trainman
  3. One thing for sure, the 2023 price is going up. I will say here our 2019 Elite II was purchased for $55,000 with all base options with the exception of the convection oven, it was a steal at todays prices. Options and features just don't change enough on an Elite II to warranty paying more for not much more trailer. trainman
  4. I never have purchased an extended warranty and have never had to pay more money on total repairs then the cost of an extended warranty policy, In fact I spend very little money on repairs on todays vehicles, their quality is so much better today. I do trade every 5-6 years and my millage is between 60,000-70,000 miles when I trade. If you think you need a extended warranty, buy the manufactures policy, not some Joe Blow company as you may find all repair shops will not work on your vehicle under that off brand policy. trainman
  5. Strap in on the back of the trailer, one of those carriers with a 2" receiver will carry a lot of stuff. Mine is carried in the pickup bed on my Ram Crew Cab with 2 ebikes, trailer box for trailer setup, and some time firewood. I guess size does matter. trainman
  6. Being and model railroader I have purchased many of this companies model parts, etc. The company is Shapway, they will make 3D parts, etc. items you may want, they will do the design and give you quote on price, size will be a cost factor for sure. I feel you will need to furnish all the dimensions and may need approval from Oliver. working with Oliver would probably be your best way to get this done. Here is the website, https://www.shapeways.com/?utm_campaign=search_branded_mobile&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=%2Bshapeways&msclkid=9522bbe42d0410f010c7da3730557a0d trainman
  7. I personally never see the top 5 leading manufactures of fiberglass travel trailers have a dealer network, with the exception of Big Foot and they also manufacture cabover campers which the other don't. Cutting out the middle man in todays world when you can sell all you can manufacture is much more profitable for them. and could be a way of the future for some products. Ford Motor Company has even given some thought to this, but don't know where they stand on this at this time. I think if I owned one of these companies I would be smiling all the way to the bank, remember just a turn in the economy, or higher fuel prices your business could turn south right quick. Even Oliver had to shutdown for a time back in the day, just lucky Mr. Oliver had the incite to make adjustments and return to Oliver trailer production. trainman
  8. Since we don't Boondock, but have for one night at Walmart parking lot just because on no camping sites available. As far as a Composting Toilet I have seen one, but didn't feel I would ever want one, plus you need to get a Honey Wagon and no need to unhook at the campsite and hall your trailer to the dump station. As far as rearranging your trailer plumbing just to pee seems a little overdoing it, especially when there are other options, if you get my drift. trainman
  9. I guess we are old fashion and still camp the way we did back in the 1980's. Our 2019 Oliver Elite II is pretty basic and we opted for no electronic upgrades, that's no solar, no wi-fi upgrades, no options other then a convection oven and LP gas quick disconnects. Our trailer was purchased new in 2019 for $55,000 a far cry from what people are paying for them today. It was not a money thing just commonsense for how we camp and what works for us. Since we don't Boondock, but did stay over night in a Walmart parking lot twice and it was just not that bad without the additional power equipment that will still not run the A/C if needed. With a iPhone and all its options for connecting to the world outside I find it hard to justify the added expense of options offered in the Oliver are hardly worth to added expense. I guess my thought is when we go to sell our trailer all the options that are available today will be obsolete and all that added expense will need to be upgraded by the new buyer and Oliver can do that for them. From what I see and talking with other Oliver owners is they just don't use the upgrades that add $15,000 to the price of there Oliver, I think buyers today just have the money to spend, plus Oliver over sells these options and most just don't use them. I guess we all do what works for us, or we think it works for us, just go camping and enjoy life. trainman
  10. Having had a Casita before we got our Oliver our delivery time at Oliver was probably a total time of 2 1/2 hours before we were on our way to Davy Crockett State Park, this time did include lunch that they provided for us. Camping close to Holenwald could be beneficial, we had a few issues and a call back to Oliver gave us the answers to take care of the issues that arose, I will say here that Oliver offered to send down someone to take care of the issues, but I was able to take care of them with the info they provided for me. I would recommend a close stay could be of value just because of what could go wrong and Oliver needed to take care of it, I don't think I would let the weather be my determing factor, when it's only rain we are talking about here, plus you can change the delivery date. We found the most needed thing for the first days camping was having a Walmart close by and Davy Crockett State Park has one. trainman
  11. I would probably have one if we did longer stays when camping, but ours are usually no longer then a week, or 10 day. I do like the campers with the foldout side windows just for the ease of getting into things in the camper. I would remove it when not in use, so this is probably a good reason for me not to have one. The bed covers would just be in the way for me as we carry our ebikes in the bed and need the height for them. If it works for you then get one. trainman
  12. Thought about the factory shower rod when we ordered our trailer, but decided to not get it. I put up those 3m stick on hooks in white and just clip on the shower curtain when we use it. I will say here we have just about stopped using the trailer shower and use the showers at the camping grounds, much easier to do with more room and plenty of hot water. Yes, we could have gotten the tankless water heater, but still would have not showered in the trailer. I know many are too private to shower in a camping grounds shower and we all know they have COOITIES. trainman
  13. I did have one problem with out trailer and we returned to the Oliver plant to have it corrected, it was an internal wiring problem that I didn't really trust a local dealer to correct. Since we live in the DFW area we made a nice camping trip out of it, so we enjoyed the trip. I will say that I had a few other things go out on the trailer and Oliver sent me the new items to correct the fault item, being pretty mechanical minded I diagnosed the problem and replaced the faulty item myself and Oliver furnished the repair item needed. I don't really care for RV service centers to work on my Oliver as most know nothing about the Oliver, but I guess a A/C, heater, etc. are pretty much universal throughout the industry. trainman
  14. We have a 2019 Elite II and as far as I can see there are very little difference for many years, both before and after our 2019 model. As Oliver does include a wiring harness that allows you to add features later if you wanted them. We did not add any upgrades for electronic, battery power, or solar equipment, mainly because we do not need, or use it. I will say here that when we sell or trailer the new buyer can take it to Oliver and have any new upgrades installed they may want, plus as electronics improve all the time they can get the newer stuff and not be purchasing older outdated equipment. What is the value of used outdated electronics in todays market, not much. trainman
  15. Since I can do most of the work myself, I would buy the items you want and put them on yourself. I did buy the Anderson Hitch online for $475.00 and took it with me to the camping ground when we picked up the trailer and installed it myself, took about 1hr to do it. I will say here, I'm not cheap, but do want it done correctly and many times on installs I do improvement to make it more function useable. trainman
  16. We have a lot of leather furniture at home, but for camping in all types of weather and we truly like to open air feel when camping we find that leather is not as comfortable as material covered furniture. Our animals all live outside in the woods at our home and none have been in our trailer that we know of. trainman
  17. I Boondocked at Walmart twice so far and they were 24hr stores, I might do it again if need be, but beyond that I will past on Boondocking. Trainman
  18. I would like to double tow my trailer with a golf cart, or a UTV just to be able to have it to run around the camping grounds. This could be a problem for some camping grounds, not sure of what the rules would be, I would think a golf cart would be more accepted over a UTV, as UTV's are fast and can tear-up the turf easily. We have opted for e-Bikes which can be ridden anywhere a bicycle can be ridden, never been questioned by park officials, only campers wanting to know about them. trainman
  19. We do both, either take the Little Red Campfire, or take firewood for the campsite fire pit, our decisions are made before we go camping on which system we are going to use. I do have a 25ft. LP extension hose that we use for the LRC and a 25ft. extension hose for our Blackstone grill, all have quick disconnects and can be plugged together if a longer run is needed. All being said, you need to do what works for you, I made my system versatile for any LP products I may want to use and at anytime when camping. One thing to remember is find out in advance on what the open fire rules are at the camping area that you will be going to, as they can change daily to what the burning regulations are at that time. trainman
  20. I would say here that your tow vehicle is probably the most important choice here, if your thinking about towing with anything less than a 1/2 ton fully size pickup, you might give loading your trailer some good thought, but from what I see at camping grounds 90% pull there trailers with a 1/2 / 3/4 ton full size pickup and all types of loads without problems. You can overthink this and carry a calculator with you all the time and as you eat your load level will change, then what. Remember Walmart is just around the corner so you can re-load.
  21. I have the bike rack and it doesn't interfere with the sewer drain, but let me say this it is still a reach to get the sewer hose connected with, or without the bicycle rack in place. Your still going to have to get down on your all-fours and reach back up in there to make the hookup. There are two solutions to this problem, purchase a Camco 6" extension, or leave your sewer hose connected, I'm not crazy about either one. trainman
  22. I don't have the Garmin 890, but do have a Garmin that will do just about everything for $200. Now here is the kicker, we use AppleCarPlay 95% of the time over the Garmin and plays on the big screen in our vehicles, it works great. I know the Garmin RV has some features that might be useful, but really in todays world just about everything can be found on your phone. trainman
  23. We are into White, all our vehicles are white with gray interiors. The Oliver was ordered with the standard White countertops and Gray trim cloth seat covers, (a savings of $1800). The White interior is pretty classy and has a look of a luxury interior, or that's what visitors say who go inside and see it. At delivery from Oliver, Phil told us that Mr. Oliver said, it's too nice and good looking to give it away and not charge for it. Since Oliver packages there interiors in packages today I'm not sure how White interiors are done today, but a call to Oliver should give you your answer. trainman
  24. Wow, I never had a list for trailer camping and setup, it just all seemed to work together and with a little commonsense it always seemed to work out well. For those who feel uncomfortable and are first timers that you might consider setting up and taking down the trailer at home, maybe you will have to go through the process 2-3 times and all will start to fall in place for you. For me it's a three step process, 1. find your camping site, check it out by observation and then pull in, level and unhitch from tow vehicle, 2. hookup all the utilities and check each operation for correct operation, 3. setup chairs, tables, grill, and everything else that you will need for your camping pleasure. I would say this should take no more then 30-45 minutes to do, unless you stop and talk with other campers which can be distraction at times. My wife does the inside setup and I do the outside, but inside usually goes quick, so she will also help outside with chairs, lights, etc. Do remember it's not a race to see how fast you can do it, you don't get prizes for being first. I would say here that teardown takes longer, mainly because I clean and re-roll all lines and return them to there storage area for use again. Last remember that not all camping sites are perfect and you will find yourself making repairs at the electrical and water hookup faucet connections, yes bad and worn out leaking faucets are common, being a electrician and plumber are required for your camping success at times, so carry tools you will need them for something, for sure. trainman
  25. I run 60 psi., but when we received our trailer they were it 80 psi. I also let the helium out and put air back in, just don't want to deal with it down the road. I personally think it's just a selling gimmick for auto dealership to make money, I know I spent 35 years at one. If it's your thing them do it, it's neither a good, or bad thing for me. trainman
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