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  1. Sleeping bags remind me of my boy scout days, I don't really care to sleep in them again. I guess since we don't Boondock only at Walmart when we have to, I hope to pass on those wonderful experiences back when I was a kid. But, if it works for you, go for it. trainman
  2. Our camping buddies just left this morning and are heading to Holenwald to pickup there new trailer on Monday 2-22-2021. They were to get it last week, but something told them to wait till this week, I wonder what it was. trainman
  3. Discounts, so when you build the best number one product, why would you discount when you have to wait 6 months just to get one. Try buying a new Corvette, does two years wait time sound good to you and $30,000 over list price. Everything sells at market value at the time, so far Oliver's has been in business for 10 plus years and still going strong with no discount, maybe next year they will offer discounts, why not wait and see. trainman
  4. The fiberglass travel market is a whole different animal, if you purchased a stick build trailer your probably going to loose your rear end, but you did get to go camping. We had a Casita Travel Trailer before our Oliver Elite II and all I can say is it was a very good trailer for our first trailer in 30 years. Oh we sold it for $400 less then we paid for it three years earlier. The fiberglass travel market is no where like other trailer travel trailer markets, even Airstream doesn't have the resale as high as the Oliver's do. All being said, do your homework, I didn't watch the video because
  5. I like most color schemes if done in good taste. Our trailer is done in mainly silver exterior stripes and the inside is all white, with cushion and trim done in gray and wine red colors. Our interior is all white with the countertop all being the standard white color, it's very classy looking and we get complements on it all the time, plus was a saving of $1800. I did like the nautical theme and we did give it some thought, that is all white interior, with our trim being done in the green and blue nautical colors. I've had two BMW motorcycles painted that way and they were my favorite color c
  6. We all order our trailers with the options that will work for you, our Casita we did not order too many options and wish we would have ordered a few more, but when we went to sell it, it took 2 days to sell it. Our Oliver Elite II was also ordered with very few options as most everything is standard that we wanted. Our only options that we ordered were the Convection Microwave, Rear Hitch, 2 Propane Outside Outlets, no other options. Were totally happy with our trailer and all works just fine for us. trainman
  7. We purchased the receiver option on out 2019 Elite II, we original purchased it to carry two bicycles, used them once and then sold the bikes and purchase two E-Bikes and we carry them in the back of the PU as they weigh around 70 lbs. each. I guess we might have made it work, but I just didn't like how it would work out, so I opted for a better way to carry the E-Bikes. The hitch is now unpinned and is setting in my shop, I may some day buy a aluminum carrier and use it that way, but as of today I have not needed the extra caring room. Plus I'm not too crazy about it being in the way everytim
  8. I think the cards should show your trailer and any markings that distinguish it apart from others, plus I like the cards with the owners in the pic, just helps me remember who they are and if I would want to associate with them again. or you know what I mean. trainman
  9. I personally would not get the power awning, when we ordered our 2019 model we had the choice of three colors. All being said, we only use the awning about 50% of the time, we look for shaded camping spots. I always do what works for us, you do what works for you. If the weather is windy, we setup the Clam at times. trainman
  10. Being a model railroader and model builder I would purchase one for sure. I would think he could get $100 each that is unpainted as your model is. If he doesn't what to make them I'm sure if he would share the program with someone who would manufacture them they could do it. As far as sales go I personally don't think there would be a large demand for them, if your not into models that I don't really see Oliver owners buying them. Like I said, I would take one, I can detail one and make a top looking model out of the base model. Why not offer the base model and see what takers there might be,
  11. I pretty much agree with the insurance thing, since we store our trailer at our home I do not lock the trailer from thief there and when camping in campgrounds I don't there either. I'm not a person who locks up everything with locks, or devices that I have to spend time with, I just use the commonsense method and that is, if you pickup around the campsite and don't invite thieves, you probably won't have a problem. If I worried about everytime I went to Walmart and had to lockup and put up everything, I would spend all my time packing and unpacking. I've been camping for 40 plus years and to
  12. Being somewhat mechanical, I focus on caring the right tools for most repairs that I might need on the road. All this being said, I don't carry much in the way of repair, or replacement parts, just things like tapes, fuses, etc. I feel if something goes wrong I can go and purchase what I need for the repair, in most cases you are not going to have onboard what you would need if something breaks, or goes bad. Replacement wheel bearings are probably one thing that you should carry, even if you can't replace them yourself and a repair shop with parts in hand makes the job go much faster. There ar
  13. We have camping friends who like us sold their Casita's and have purchased an Oliver Elite II, They will be picking up there Oliver Elite II the first months of 2021 and will be pulling there trailer with there 2018 or 2019 Tundra, it has the towing package, etc. I will be finding out from them first hand how they like pulling their Oliver with there Tundra, I feel pretty sure I will get the whole story. We use a Ram 1500 which I wouldn't want a smaller size truck, just too many negatives for me. If it were me I might give the Tundra a try since I already own it, but for me the Tundra is just
  14. I rarely use them, only when setting up, or for maintaince work, I use the lower lights which I think give enough light to the campsite and much more ambience to the camping area. I also have installed the LED strip lights on the awning rail, the ones that I can change the colors and the way they flash, etc., but don't use them all the time. All being said, we are light poor with the Oliver, I counted 29 just on the inside and that's just what comes stock with the trailer. trainman
  15. Welcome, were from Ft. Worth, hope to meet you camping someday. Our trailer logo looks like this, we camp at a lot of Texas State Parks. trainman
  16. I use a Anderson WDH for legal reasons, personally I think the 1500 Ram can handle an Oliver Elite II, but I'm not going to take a chance in todays courts that might prove me wrong without the Anderson putting me within the legal limits of the truck manufactures towing limits. The single axle Oliver should be ok without the Anderson WDH. trainman
  17. All I'm going to say on this is anything over a 1/2 ton pickup for the Elite II is over kill. If you want a 2500 diesel then buy one, I've owned two Dodge 2500 diesels years ago and I didn't even own a trailer to pull, but it sounded great and I was too cool with my friends. Why not go to the Search Button and see what others say about this, It's talked about it on this forum all the time. trainman
  18. I always buy my GPS, etc. from these guys, https://g.factoryoutletstore.com/cat/18937/Garmin-7-Inch-GPS.html I purchased the 61LMT-S 7" model for a lot less money as you can see in the ad. This GPS does just about everything and weather and traffic can be added and still spend less then $200. I have an iPhone that will do the extras if needed for free. I guess you buy what you think you will need, but we all know most of what we pay for is never used. trainman
  19. I've never had a BU camera on my trailer, my Garmin GPS has BU input, but the Garmin BC35 from all I've seen on YouTube just didn't rate well, maybe it has improved over the past year, or two. I just wind all the windows down and the wife stands at the trailers rear and jumps up and down if I need to stop. trainman
  20. Northern Tool in Ft. Worth stocks the correct size box that will fit the Elite II, I would think your locale NT would have them, if not buy online and ship to the nearest store, no shipping charges. trainman
  21. I don't see rounding off the end of the pin a problem, but modification to the actual hitch itself in an accident and lawyers today if they can find where modification have been done could cause you big problems in court. It's the same as towing a trailer with a vehicle not rated for the trailer being pulled, know your tow limits and what your tow vehicle will handle under the manufactures ratings. Yes, my 1500 RAM 4X4 needs a WDH, but a 2500 RAM does not for the Elite II, don't cut corners just because you don't want it. trainman
  22. I thought I would try some so I purchased a set of 5 pair on Amazon. First thing I noticed was you need a plug for the female end of the snap connector to block the ends from being open to the inside tanks, etc. I did just plug in the male end connector and screw in the factory cap into the end to seal the open line. This works well, but it does use up your male connectors. so I may look for a rubber plug that will fit snug into the female snap connector. I also thought I could get an inline hose ball value and this would work well, but it just makes all the connectors, etc. stick out that mu
  23. No sensor can protect your awning from a huge wind gust, ask the guy who parked his $300,000 motorhome next to me in Colorado. trainman
  24. We have never had a problem camping in camping grounds and that's where we camp 99% of the time, the other 1% is at Walmart when we just can't get to a camping ground. We tend to stay away from campgrounds that the pads are close together, these are mainly found in private campground, state parks and other U.S. parks are mostly spaced farther apart which we find much more desirable. We do like to spend time with other campers, but then again you find out real quickly if you have things in common, or not, if not move on. As far as letting someone use our bathroom I would not be in favor of that
  25. Everyone does what works for them, were happy with the Oliver just as it was built and dinning is not a problem. I would like to have room for a rocker recliner in the Oliver somewhere, I could just eat in my chair. trainman
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