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  1. Susan....Another option is to go with a hard cover that also locks down over the tailgate, and won’t allow the tailgate to open without a determined break-in. One type I know about is from Undercover. https://undercoverinfo.com/undercover-se I’ve had 3 of these over the past 20 years on my work trucks, every one of them outlasted the trucks. They can support several hundred pounds, I’ve stood on them many times. People frequently mount bike racks on them. I’ve got a newer personal truck as a TV and I need to get a cover also. I’ve been looking at the Diamondback SE, I now
  2. The dinette bed is ideal for a child, in the Elite I or II, so that's where we plan to sleep the grandchildren. We only have one granddaughter right now, so no problem. Im still researching next steps, but one idea is to buy a hard-shell RTT Roof Top Tent, such as this one (made in USA). https://www.roosttents.com, mount it over the bed of my Ford F150, perhaps on a Rack system such as this one https://www.leitnerdesigns.com When one of my 5 grown children and their significant others wants to come on vacation with us, they can fly out to meet us, we will pick them up at the airport and
  3. Mark, My earlier measurement was too high. My wife and I finally got the camper on the road for a few days of camping. I checked the measurement again with a fully loaded truck and trailer. Trailer had empty tanks but truck had full tank of gas, all level. It was right around 20”, just like Dave’s photo. Hope this helps! Love that camper! Mike
  4. Mark, I loaded it up and measured with truck bed empty but full tank of gas. Trailer was empty. I measured 22.5” from ground to top of ball. It looked level but I did not have my level with me to confirm. There are several threads on this, you might start at link below. This has a reference to Oliver spec being 22.5”. When I get a chance to get it all loaded up and trip ready, I’ll repeat the process. Hokieman
  5. Hi Mark, My wife and I have an Elite I, bought it in March 2020. Haven’t used it yet, waiting for the green light. I did tow it several hundred miles to get it to my home, it towed very easily, and level. Stock Bulldog hitch, no Andersen option. I did not measure the tongue weight, because I have not loaded it up yet with supplies. I think I have the same truck you do, 2019 model model, stock wheels and tires, tow package, stock electric brake controller. I used a Reese Towpower S/S draw bar with 2” drop that kept it very level, both truck and trailer empty. Sag was not even
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