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  1. No reason I can think of, except maybe to save a few $. All cars and trucks with drum brakes had them from the factory.
  2. There are access holes on the backside of the brakes that allow you to adjust the brake shoes. Inserting rubber plugs in the holes help prevent water and dirt from getting in. See snip from Dexter Manual. I haven’t had a chance to crawl under mine to look to see if I have them or not. If not, I’m going to order some.
  3. Big thanks to Geronimo John! Thanks to his persistence, Oliver changed the torque specs in the 2023 Owners Manual. Unfortunately, they did not bother to amend the previous owners manuals. I’ve been running mine at 100 ft-lbs, never a loose one. I copied and pasted a snip from the 2023 manual (page 88). LUG NUT TORQUE SPECS It is also important to have the wheel nuts checked regularly to make sure they have not loosened during travel. Follow the schedule for regular wheel nut torque checks. If you suspect that wheel nuts have loosened at any time, have them checked and torqued to proper limits immediately (110 ft/lbs).
  4. Quite a puzzle Andrew. I regret I have no solutions yet, but giving it some serious thought. I like your theory, but can’t think of how any significant moisture could get between the upper shells? Anyone else got ideas?
  5. I usually have the bath vent open and the Maxair vent open a few turns. Yes, a lot of heat escapes, but we seldom have condensation. I’ve also not camped in single digit temps yet, relying on folks like you to figure this out 🤔 Your heating system is different than the older models and hopefully much improved.
  6. Not by design on my 2021 John, it’s a closed loop forced air furnace system. Lot’s of posts on this subject. Best to do some checking on your new one or else you’re at risk in a confined space when running LP appliances. That being said, I am delighted the cold weather performance was good for you, and that you are pleased with your trailer. Looking forward to hearing more.
  7. @Going, If are asking me these questions, I cannot say. I kept my Oliver installed Zamp 30A solar controller and Progressive Dynamics PD9260 60A Charger/Converter. I don’t have nor want an inverter. For me, it was a simple swap of batteries, with an addition of a Blue Seas battery switch. Others in this forum have made the conversions you referenced. A diligent search of posts will reveal detailed instructions.
  8. Initially this suggestion by Frank C. seemed like a good option, but Frank measured the compartment and determined it wouldn’t fit. So my amended post would state “ unless you know for sure you need more than 200AH, just start with 2x 100AH, and add a 3rd later if it’s not enough. In my case, I should have stuck with just 2 x 100AH, but the Black Friday sale prices lured me in. 🤑
  9. Are you referring to caulking under the windows inside, or outside? As Mike mentioned above, the windows are already caulked outside. They need to be re-caulked periodically, Oliver has a video and detailed instructions as to when and how to do this. Do not caulk the windows inside. In fact, don’t implement any solution until you have determined the root cause. You previously reported window leaks in a post on August 8th (see link), due to rain. Patriot recommended you remove all your window seals and clean the weep holes, and provided additional info as to how. If the weep holes are plugged they can cause a leak inside, from condensation, just like you describe. Have you removed your window seals, cleaned your window tracks and confirmed that the weep holes are not obstructed? Margaret’s Window Leaks
  10. Consider pushing it up your driveway with a front mounted receiver hitch. A rear camera on the trailer will help. Perhaps you have a friend with a front receiver and you could try it. Front Receiver Hitch
  11. Update: Mike Sharpe at Service got back to my service ticket promptly. He’s going to go out on production line tomorrow morning to see if he can come up with best way to get it straightened out. I’ve found a few flaws with my Oliver, nothing major. The response and solutions from their Service Dept. are outstanding, It’s one of the best companies I’ve ever done business with.
  12. Good suggestion, but I’ve been inside the vanity before, the duct is connected. I did not know about these loops or I would have addressed it then. I’ll wait until Service gets back to me before I dive in there again. I’m hoping I can just pull it gently and uncoil it, then cut off the excess. If it tears underneath the floor, I want it to be Oliver’s problem. When I do open up the vanity again, I’m going to implement this mod. And I will let all know what Service advises. I made this post so that others might want to check their duct work. It’s not in a place you’d see unless you go looking for it. I’m learning to explore all unseen areas when possible. Bathroom Vanity Cubby Mod
  13. The inadequate flow to the bathroom vent in the LE2 has been discussed many times, along with some possible solutions. Just to be sure I did not have a kink, I went poking around under the front dinette seat taking pics in the bilge. I discovered loops of flex duct hose, possibly it may be pinched. Surely this restricts the flow somewhat, but how to straighten it out? I could remove the panel under the bath sink, and try to gently tug on it to get the kinks out. I’m concerned I will tear the hose, and it does not look easy to get to for repair under that floor. I’ve got a Service Ticket in to ask, but I thought I’d check here to see if anyone has noticed a similar problem.
  14. I may have the same old vintage stove John, the Coleman Classic. Unfortunately it will not run on the low pressure gas QD fittings as stock. There may be a way to convert it, but I haven’t been able to find an adapter that fits yet. I use a separate 20 lb propane tank with adapter hose, readily available at Home Depot or Amazon. We also use a Weber Q1000 grill that was easy to convert to low pressure QD with a kit. You could buy a new 2 burner stove that will work on the low pressure QD, there are several threads that discuss what others are using such as this one. Converting Coleman Stove I’ve been waiting for my Coleman to die and replace with something more convenient, but it has sentimental value and may outlast me.
  15. No worries, getting to the back burner is no more trouble than using the back burners on your range at home. We tend to use our left arm, so we don’t bump the shield on the right side, and it’s easier to get to the two control knobs. The splatter shield is built in, keeps a hot pot or skillet from accidentally being pushed onto the bed. That being said, we mostly cook outside, and don’t cook anything inside that has a chance of splatters.
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