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Have Airstream 2 5/16" Ball, Equalizer Hitch 2.5 inch Shank... Oliver has 2" Ball and Anderson Hitch 2 inch Shank

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I owe John E. Davies an apology.

I found a post by Raspy that took me to a post "How To Upgrade the Bulldog Coupler and Anderson Hitch to 2 5/16 Inch".

It was posted under Ollie Modifications.  I made a post not too long ago and now easier to find being currently listed.

Wonderful, well photographed sequence and followups to questions.  Spent hours running through the Forums... and with John Davies and the hardware needed by Minnesota Oli... I will get some hands on experience to get this conversion completed.

Thank you and I apologize for my Ignorance not to have done a post by post search earlier.  Now... I am exhausted.

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