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Bonehead mistake, got lucky!!


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I caught a break last night.  After 2 nights of boondocking at Mather campground with temps in the low teans and some snow on our solar in a mostly wooded campground we decided to spend the night in Williams at a full service campground.  They even had an indoor pool and hot tub.  Nancy enjoyed that!  After burning through a bunch of propane we were running our electric Vornado for warmth throughout the afternoon and early evening.  I didn't hook up the water as I knew it was going to be cold!!! 

Unfortunately before I went to bed early I neglected to switch to propane furnace and turn the Truma to eco mode.  The Truma was off.  I was tired and despite knowing the temperature would get to 18, I fell asleep!  Fortunately, I woke up at 1:30 am and realized what I had done.  It was already 18 and dropping.  It was 32 when I fell asleep.  I immediately went to propane furnace and turned on the Truma.  I had forgotten to flip the outside switch when we arrived.  I quickly went outside and turned on the Truma.  Inside the Truma was flashing when I turned it on.  Fortunately after a few seconds (it seemed like an eternity) the light was steady and on!!  I turned on the hot and cold water in the bathroom and all was good!  Thank heavens!  Just another rookie mistake!  Still learning!!!!!  Hope this helps some of the folks newer to camping like us. 

This forum is terrific, I used one of the hints on here, as I was having trouble getting grease into one of the zerks on my suspension today!!!  The advice worked perfectly!!! Thanks!!  Travel Safely and have fun!!


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We all have had some mishaps along the way, biggest one I did was failure to turn the hot water heater off from the electric and when I got home I plugged the trailer in as we always do and a week later I noticed my hot water heater outside was warn, yes we still had hot water a week later. 


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