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  1. If I remember correctly one Oliver owner taped yoga mats to the front of their Ollie for the Alaska trip. I thought I remembered the result was positive. I believe they also had some additional protection hanging from their truck hitch. Might look goofy but perhaps for that trip maybe that makes sense? Good luck with your decisions.
  2. We have stayed at Collier Seminole State Park in Naples on two separate trips. It may be tough to get a site. The park is well maintained and close to Marco Island and south Naples. There are a number of private parks. We know other Oliver owners that stay at a park on Sanibel Island. Good luck.
  3. OUTSTANDING!!! Thanks for sharing these photos and your adventure. You surely inspired some folks to get back out there.
  4. We received 3 printed manuals at delivery in 2019. The Oliver Manual, the standard feature manual and the options manual. The binding wasn't holding up well so Nancy hole punched all 3 and placed the into a large single 3 ring binder. We added some notes, the build sheet, etc over time. We did reference them a number of times. We handed the manual over to the new owner when we sold the Ollie and he appreciated having everything all in one place. I personally like having printed manuals.
  5. We had the same intent for use of our Ollie as Dave and Kimberly. We used our Ollie in most every possible way. We boondocked. We stayed at full service high end parks, State Parks, COEs, National Parks, Harvest Host and Cracker Barrel. We looked at Airstream 28,27,26,25 and 23 all international trim. I admit I liked the floor plans and the interior. The quality control issues were evident each of the 3 separate times we visited the dealer (5 hours away from us). Those quality issues the roughly 30% additional cost and the fear that I would dent the Airstream led us to Olliver. We were brand new to camping other than some tent camping 35 years ago. For Nancy, our dog, and me the Ollie turned out to be a great choice. Our plan was to do some extended trips South and West during the cold Maine winters. We did that and camped in temps from 5 to 95 degrees. We camped in urban locations like the middle of New Orleans a 5 minute walk to the French Quarter. Our concerns with the Ollie were; the wet bath, inside storage, and refrigerator space. The wet bath turned out to be a non issue. We like it fine. Clothing storage also turned out to be a non issue and we has to pack for both winter and summer clothes on the same 4 month trip. The fridge space was tight at times but worked great and is bigger than it seems. The ease of towing was huge. We had a plan to do 2 long trips over a couple of winters and then sell the Ollie and do some foreign travel and spend time with our new grandson. We did 2 longer winter trips and 2 short summer trips. The Ollie was perfect for us. We just sold our Ollie when we returned a month ago. Great choice for traveling, camping and boondocking!!!! We had also toured the factory and seen 2 before we purchased. Good luck with your decisions.
  6. We had an annual service at Oliver in December 2021. It included checking and recaulking up on the roof, greasing the chassis, repacking the bearings, a full flush and descaling of the water systems and water heater. This required a full day and at least half of a second day. I suggest contacting Oliver Service for full details and pricing as I believe the cost for this has increased. We do grease our suspension every 3000 miles. I do this myself, it is pretty easy. I would recommend a 45 degree attachment for your grease gun. Much easier with the 45 degree elbow. Hope this helps. We were happy with service. We camped at Oliver the night before the service and night after service. We arranged this through Oliver too!
  7. I get this all the time if l log in on my android tablet. Not on my android phone. Both use the same email address
  8. Beacon is back on the road today heading to Ohio. She has a new owners and it was a bit sad to see Beacon turn up the hill out of the barn driveway. We have some terrific memories. The new owner arrived late last night around 11:30 and he slept in Beacon in the barn. We spent the morning and early afternoon going over the trailer, finalizing paperwork, and getting a temporary transit plate for the trip back to Akron. Sorry for the shadow in the photo! It is wired having an empty barn!!! We will miss our adventures, but on to new ones!! Look for #537 Beacon on the road. The new owners are contemplating keeping the name and graphics.
  9. Understand the concerns about water leaks but it seems most here have provided answers. Given where you intend to camp, especially in spring and fall, I would be looking for a trailer capable of handling cold temperatures. The Oliver does this well and from experience I would consider it a 3 and a half season trailer. We have been down to 5 degrees in New Mexico. In those temps you will need to plan for condensation!!!
  10. It makes sense and is understandable if all of the vents are fully open more hot air comes out under the bunk. This vent is very close to the furnace. If I remember correctly the bunk vent connects directly to the furnace. You can moderate some by partly closing the vent. In our trailer the kitchen and bathroom and on the same duct. The bathroom vent is the furthest by far. We were in 5 to 7 degree temps in New Mexico a few months back. We did stay warm including the bathroom. We did use a lot of propane!!! We have read similar feedback about the bathroom being cooler. I suspect this is somewhat normal. This can be improved by adjusting the vent under the kitchen cabinets to partially closed. It seems like your system is working just fine. For others, If you're not getting heat into the bathroom or almost no air coming in it is possible that the air duct came lose. Start under the curbside bunk to track it down. Believe me, if it is lose, the best case scenario is that it came lose at the furnace. We tend to leave our bathroom door open when parked unless we are at the dinette or using the bathroom. We like as much air circulating as possible! Even in very cold temps we manually open the big fan just a little and partially open the bathroom vent. I know others prefer to crack open a window as the heat rises!
  11. We have Southern Mattresses. I had them shipped to the house in 2019. There was a good savings over the KTT. We have been happy with them. Oliver delivered our trailer with the standard cushions. We also purchased the hypervent from Oliver. When we arrived home after delivery we installed the Southern Mattresses. We carefully wrapped up the original standard bed cushions and stored them in a very dry place. We will be including them in the sale of our trailer along with the Southern Mattresses. I could have saved about half the shipping if I had the mattresses delivered to a commercial establishment.
  12. Thanks that was the plan when we purchased the trailer. We are a year late due to covid. We have a new grandson and hopefully we will do some international travel. So glad we purchased an Oliver
  13. Just arrived back in Maine after leaving Nashville on Sunday. The Ollie is back in its barn! 4 months and 12,000 plus miles without incident. No issues with the Ollie in temperature ranging from the mid 90s to 5 degrees. Elevation from sea level to over 8000 feet. We saw and experienced a lot. We have achieved what we set out to do when we purchased the trailer. Our plans were fulfilled. We will begin preparing for summer on the coast of Maine. We will be making some changes so we will be following our original plan and listing the Olliver for sale very soon. This was our plan all along after this trip. We will be including some extras that will be helpful and cost saving for a new owner. Oliver provided full service on the trailer in December. Keep your eyes peeled in the classifieds on this forum and on the Olliver Facebook forum. We expect to be listing the trailer soon!!! Thanks
  14. The fitted sheets are from AB Lifestyles. We have them on our Southern Mattresses. That said, I do exactly as Boudicca908 does. My wife has also converted to tbis method!!
  15. We still have a 2008 Tundra set up like Rivernerd's with 110,000 miles. We have been on the road for almost 4 months. We get about 12 mpg on the flat roads in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. We average 9 to 11 in the mountains going up and down. The old Tundras are notoriously gas hogs and I only get 14 mpg in daily use. I would suggest investigating the new Tundra but based on gas mileage on TFL, they are not getting much if any better towing. They are in daily use. Our Mountain experience is primarily in Arizona, Utah and New Mexico. I operated the truck and transmission exactly as Rivernerd described. We did have one instance of a 6 mile 6 percent down grade where I had to use the brakes on the truck and manually engaged the trailer brakes too. This was the only time I felt the need to really use the breaks. I am very conservative and most of the traffic passes me. We seldom exceed 65 mph. The Tundra has plenty of power up hill. Up hill has not been an issue. I think with the exception of a couple of times when I needed to accelerate to merge or pass going up a hill the engine seldom exceeded 3200 rpm. All this said, if I were going to tow in the mountains the majority of the time, personally I would go for the diesel because of the exhaust brake. I am leary of the increased purchase and operating cost of the diesel. I would purchase a 1 ton as the price difference is minimal. There may be one other solution. I believe there are some half ton diesels. I am not sure of the payload or capabilities. Our boat builder, who is in his mid 70s purchased a new Ram 1500 in 2019 with diesel and he has been very happy indicating over 20 mpg. Good luck in your search and decision
  16. We received the same 3 manuals in hard copy. My wife combined them into 3 sections in a single binder as the originals were starting to come apart. I like paper and we do bring the manual with us.
  17. We also use Andersen levelers and the bucket for the front jack.
  18. This is the $20 Tractor Supply model. I give up for some reason all my photos are rotating today.
  19. Also not the best because it got flipped again. Sorry I tried to fix it until today I didn't have this issue.
  20. Thanks for flipping my last picture. Not sure how that happens. It has warmed up to 34 and that will be the high for the day. Down to the mid teens tonight. We got some melt. Not the best photo with this very old android phone but I bet few have seen Monument Valley like this.
  21. I would agree that I wouldn't feel comfortable for an extended stay below 5 or so degrees for an extended period of time and at those temps would just pump a little antifreeze into the water ports. Just make sure you bypass the water heater when flushing the inlets. We tend to be conservative and if the temps are dropping below 28 for the evening we run the propane furnace to keep the basement warm. If under 15 degrees we will open the basement door. None of this is scientific. Just what we do. Our vornado gave out on us so I picked up a small ceramic heater at tractor supply for $20. It was physically smaller than the vornado but same wattage. It works great!!! Pleasantly surprised.
  22. We made it to Monument Valley on Tuesday after a quick stop at 4 corners on our way from Moab. We were planning on leaving today to start to wind our way slowly home to Maine. Well we woke up to 4 plus inches of snow and it is still snowing. I have no intention of pulling the Ollie over mountain passes in snow so we are staying an extra day. The forecast called for flurries and a dusting of snow. The folks in the campground office said they have never seen this much snow. It is suposed to drop to 11 degrees tonight. A neighbor needed to borrow my ladder as his slideout awning was binding up with snow. He helped me sweep of our Ollie solar panels too. It worked out well for both of us. Hopefully we can head toward Maine with several stops on the way tomorrow!!??
  23. As we say in Maine when folks from away ask for directions, Can't get there from HERAH!
  24. It only hurts for a short time. You will forget all about it once you start using your Ollie. And less expensive than a BOAT. Break out another thousand!!
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