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  1. I am certainly no expert. But the battery technology will continue to improve and they are already working on electric trucks to haul trailers (tractor trailers) autonomously. It looks like electric may replace most of the gas and diesel over time. TFL just released a video of a Rivian that tows 11,000 lbs drag racing a Ram. So for a while Diesel will be the way for heavy equipment and trucks but I see this changing. Both ford and Chevrolet have sold out all of the pre orders on their yet to be released electric trucks. These trucks will become more capable over time. Ford and GM are betting their futures on it. In 20 years when the next thing is replacing electric trucks we will look fondly back at them just as we look back fondly at our diesels now. The Marine industry is also looking at electric. Most commercial and large personal boats and ships run diesel. We have a very reliable John Deere diesel in our boat. It will out live me by a lot!! But there will be new technology and right now it looks electric.
  2. We have moved on from Florida. We had lots of stops as we worked our way north and west. A very cool Harvest Host stop in Tallahassee, a collectible car museum. Wow, the cars, motor cycles, outboard motors and other memorabilia was amazing. They had Batmobiles. Yes 3 of them! It is loud at night as it is on a busy road at the junction of I 10. There were 6 other campers parked with us spread out on a large grassy area. It was definitely worth the stop. Our last Florida stop was Fort Pickens National Seashore near Pensacola Beach. The campground is nothing special but the fort and seashore was amazing. You are on a road driving miles in the dunes along the gulf. It is like you are on the moon! If you go try to get loop A. We met some nice folks in that park. We also spent 4 nights at Dauphin Island Alabama. We are finishing up a week in New Orleans. We splurged and are staying at French Quarter RV Resort. The park is a 5 minute walk to the French Quarter. Great location and they keep the bathrooms and laundry room very clean. It is located adjacent to I 10 so it can be noisy. The park is fenced in with a gate. We feel safe. The park is all pavers with some grass. Lots of big rigs. They also have a hot tub and pool. We haven't tried these as it is cold but some campers are in the hot tub most evenings. You walk by a police station on the way to the quarter. Beyond the usual quarter attractions, we have done a swamp tour, a walking tour of the Garden District and today the WW II museum. Wow we were there for 6 hours today. I wish every child could visit this museum. I would hope the magnitude of what transpired is not lost. We learned a lot. Very impactful. Saturday we start toward Austin Texas. It has been cold here at night. Low 30s tonight. We will get to Austin on Sunday.
  3. Yup we use blocks all the time when we set up and and park. This was our very first time at a dump station and our very first time with a travel trailer. Good learning experience. Hind sight is 20/20. I share the experience in hope of saving someone else from the same experience. Lots of folks on here are very new to camping with a trailer or RV like we were. We are learning lessons all the time. I learn on this forum and by doing. To me it is part of the experience and growth learning new things and solving new problems. We are seeing lots of new places.
  4. Just please don't do what I did the first time we dumped. We raised the trailer at the dump station, emptied the tanks stowed all the hoses. We got in the truck and started to leave. Terrible noise!! We forgot to lower the Ollie and raise up the jack. The lower shaft was badly bent. Fortunately some of the guys working at the state park had a portable saw with a metal blade. We had to cut the shaft. We called the jack manufacturer directly as Oliver didn't have an extra in stock. We had it sent express to our next campground. We stayed hooked up that night. The jack arrived the next day and I installed the new jack. PIA but we learned a lesson early on and fortunately it only cost us a day and some $. No one got hurt. Embarrassing for sure. I was able to keep the barley used jack motor so I have a heavy working replacement with me if needed.
  5. I am not sure about the vizio tv. We have the Jensen tv and we have to make a decision on doing the search on cable or antenna. Once we make that selection we do the scan. We did have an issue in Tampa RV park that park had cable box that we had to hook up and the first box was bad. Hope you can get it sorted
  6. I am not sure about Mike and Carol, a number of us have used Banana Banners in Bowdionham, Maine. Good materials and good to work with at a fair price.
  7. We have reservations at Dead Horse in about a month. Looking forward to it. Thanks for sharing these pictures.
  8. We use about 3 ft of hose. The shorter the better.
  9. We carry a 5 gallon portable plastic 5 gallon tank. It is not collapsible. I had this tank long before we got the Ollie. I would look at collapsible tanks. There is a boondocking port on the back of the trailer and it uses the pump already in the trailer to suck water in from the container. You just have to position the water flow knobs in the boondocking configuration described in the manual or under the curbside bunk. It works well.
  10. We also used Banana Banners. We referred by Mainiac. Followed their instructions to apply the graphics. Very happy. We also put small images on the side and spare tire cover. I recently used them for some boat lettering too.
  11. Dewdev, Any state parks in Florida especially those on the coasts need to be booked well in advance. I made reservations in March and April and had very limited choices and in some instances needed to move sites within some of the campgrounds. I believe Florida State Parks allow reservations at 11 months for out of state residents. You might want to check on this as I am not 100% sure. The State Parks have been very full. I believe Florida residents can reserve 12 months in advance. We are at Fort Pickens National Seashore tonight and tomorrow night. This is a National Park by Pensacola Beach. This is a really cool area. The dunes and scenery in this park is just so different from Maine. The campground is nothing special but the park and fort is very cool and worth the visit. We have a good site, A 30. This park is not great for big rigs due to over hanging trees and short sites. Perfect for the Ollie. I wish we had a few more days here. Florida parks fill up early. Also a lot of Canadians winter in Florida. We purchased the National Park Senior lifetime pass. This is well worth it. Free admission to the National Parks and 50% off camping at the National Parks. They also provide 50% off at Core of Engineer Parks. Our COE stays have run between $10 and $14 a night so far. Generally they have been terrific parks. We have another COE coming up in Waco at the end of the month. Our next 2 are at private campgrounds. 4 nights at Dauphin Island, Alabama and a week at French Quarter RV park in New Orleans. Then McKinney Falls State Park in Austin TX. There are a lot of websites or apps for camping. We have been using RV Parky. We try to say in parks rated 4 stars or better. I read the reviews and focus on the recent feedback. This may not be the best app but it is free. We are currently have sites booked through early February. I am concerned about the ability to get sites as we get near southern AZ, Grand Canyon, and the National Parks in Southern Utah. We will also look for some BLM sites in those areas. I just haven't figured out our literary yet. Today a park host mentioned a cool site east of Tucson where there are some caves etc. We probably wouldn't have known to check this out. I want to have some flexibility to check out some of these spots. We recently had a good night at a Harvest Host in Tallahassee. A classic car and collectables museum. The museum was awesome. The parking facility was good, 7 total RVs that night. It was a bit noisy on a busy street right near I 10. We knew about the noise when we booked it. It was a good stop and are glad we stopped there. Harvest Host require reservations but I have been making these just a few days in advance. The Oliver brings lots of interest. Lots of positive comments. 1 or 2 folks have been a little over zealous. One guy just had to stop us as we were backing into our site. We asked him to wait but the second we got the Ollie backed in he was all over us. No chance to unhook or set up. He had no clue and asked if his compact station wagon could tow the Ollie. Most have been very cool and we are handing out brochures. 2 of our neighbors here are very nice and cool. We are meeting some nice people and most have interesting stories and experiences to share.
  12. We arrived on a Sunday and had service Monday and Tuesday. We picked up Tuesday afternoon and stayed at Oliver Tuesday evening . No fee. We found a hotel room for Monday night. We went to visit my wife's family in Aiken for a few days. Stayed at Aiken State Park. We are long gone now. We are in Destin Florida now at Henderson Beach State Park after spending time in Naples, Marco Island and Venice. Tomorrow we leave for Fort Pickens National Sea Shore. Then to Dauphin Island, New Orleans, Austin, Waco, and Fort Worth on our way to the Grand Canyon and Zion.
  13. We just left this park yesterday after 4 days. Great park! We had wild weather with temps in the mid 80s when we arrived, severe wind and thunderstorms, then evening temps drop in the low to mid 30s with windy conditions. Mis 40s when we left yesterday. I would definitely stay here again at $12 per night with the geezer pass it can't be beat. Beautiful park and very well kept. Really becoming big fans of COE parks.
  14. A little further and east, you could head to the Smoky Mountains. Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg are vey busy in the off season I cannot imagine what it is like in the summer. We stayed at a private campground in Early December, Pine Mountain, right in the heart of Pigeon Forge. Very well kept and clean and close to all of the attractions. It is not out in the country. Just 2 blocks off the main road. It is tight with full hookups. I would stay there again as it was reasonably priced for the area and offered the ability to use the pool at the hotel that was near by. It was a good value. Recommended going for a back in site. More room and privacy. Worth the small up charge. Enjoy your new Ollie.
  15. OPINION ONLY. I personally am not generally a big fan of extended warranties. I am more a fan on new electronics that are not as proven. I don't purchase them on new vehicles and personal feeling is the fine print in the warranty seems to never provide coverage for what is needed. Again personal opinion. I didn't purchase the warranty on our Ollie as I felt Oliver's warranty on the trailer was pretty good and it would more likely be the components like fridge, ac, water heater that would fail. I also figured if those components failed it would likely be early on. This proved true in our first 6 months with the fridge. We had a tech solve the problem and no issues since. So far no issues with the he Ollie in 100+ days of use and 7000 miles. I would look carefully at what the extended warranty covers and how long, specifically on appliances etc. Of course, each person needs to make these decisions for themselves. Others may differ in opinion and that is ok. Just sharing our decision and rationale. We also live 1400 miles from the factory. Congratulations on your new Ollie. Enjoy your camping and travel with it. Be prepared for folks to ask questions and want to see your Ollie. Safe, healthy, and happy camping.
  16. We were just at the sales and service office a month ago. They are definitely selling the additional items outlined here plus Webber grills and other assorted items that a new Oliver owner might want. In fact they were re arranging "the store" the day we picked up our Ollie from service. I am glad they're doing this. They have a quality brand. I have received several positive comments on our Ollie and interest in the brand. Most are very happy when I tell them about Oliver being a family business based in TN. Those who have done research all point to how well they are built and quality reputation. Many have never heard of Oliver but look at our trailer and are very impressed. The more the brand is in the market and desired the better for Oliver and Oliver owners. I would hate to see them sold at dealers like Airstream. I could understand a 2nd Oliver owned and operated Sales and Service center somewhere in the west.
  17. We will use the campground showers most of the time if they are clean and kept up. We are mostly in state parks or COE. So far this last month we had good luck. If the showers are gross we have no problem using the Ollie or when boondocking. We like it just fine. The extra room at the campgrounds is nice and we can go a little longer before hitting the dump station.
  18. Congrats!!! Like the name!!! We will be heading back to Maine in Beacon, in April along The Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive, weather permitting. Looking forward to it. Enjoy you new Ollie. Are travels!
  19. Picked up our Ollie from Hideaway Storage on Sunday morning. The trailer was just as we left it. No issues. We left the fan on at 10% and it was 79 outside and 74 inside. We were in direct sun and no surprise the agm batteries were fully charged. This worked out well. I would do this again if we needed to store short term again in Naples. We leave Oscar Scherer State Park near Venice Florida for Suwnee River State Park in Live Oak the morning. Oscar Scherer State Park is in an excellent location and is well kept. The spots are a bit tight but private with lots of vegetation between sites and good shade. I would stay here again for sure. Awesome give me a call or pm when you're ready to plan. I think there are 14 or more Oliver owners in Maine. If you are planning anything on the Coast south of Acadia National Park for summer or Fall I would recommend making reservations as soon as you can. This also goes for the state parks especially Sebago lake, Baxter State Park, Wolf's Neck and others. Moorhead and Rangely lakes regions also fill up. There are lots of harvest host locations. We like the HH brewery in Boothbay. We are just up the coast from Boothbay right next to Pemaquid Beach. A hidden gem.
  20. Picked up our Ollie from Hideaway Storage on Sunday morning. The trailer was just as we left it. No issues. We left the fan on at 10% and it was 79 outside and 74 inside. We were in direct sun and no surprise the agm batteries were fully charged. This worked out well. I would do this again if we needed to store short term again in Naples. We leave Oscar Scherer State Park near Venice Florida for Suwnee River State Park in Live Oak the morning. Oscar Scherer State Park is in an excellent location and is well kept. The spots are a bit tight but private with lots of vegetation between sites and good shade. I would stay here again for sure.
  21. We have the backup camera for the Ollie and when towing it becomes my rearview mirror. Like you I am always checking around. Good luck with your decision. We use a tonneau cover as that was the set up long before we had the Ollie. If I were starting new I would consider the cap with racks and side opening windows.
  22. Andersen leveling chocks in the rear. Andersen bucket in the front. 2, 6x6 pieces of pressure treated for the rear stabilizers.
  23. If you want to stay near south Naples or Marco Island in your Ollie, Collier Seminole State Park is pretty convenient in south Naples. Well run and clean restrooms. We have stayed there this year and two years ago.
  24. Our key pad came with a fob. We ordered thinks like the basket up crib so it was fully ready.
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