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  1. Interesting. While I am confident in this instance the intentions are not nefarious, will Oliver allow photography on a factory tour? I may be incorrect, I thought I understand Oliver is no longer publishing wiring diagrams for competitive reasons. I may be totally off base here. Asking Oliver in advance may be wise before taking photos. I do know some YouTubers were given permission, I am guessing with supervision by Oliver? Ok I am ready for the onslaught of opinions from those who know better than I.
  2. We did the side mount Lagun table in mahogany with 2 folding leaves. I like your option. It looks really nice. Plus it appears to completely stow out of the way easily. The Lagun provides additional flexibility in positioning but more effort to stow away. Very nice modification!!
  3. I think we solved temporary storage issues with a boat and rv storage place in Naples. Thanks for all of the feedback. MCB Safe travels home. We look forward to hearing about your trip.
  4. Hi, I am looking for help and feedback on a few items. In very early December we will plan to leave our home in Maine and head south and then west returning to Maine in mid to late April2022. We plan to go as far south as Naples Florida and through the southwest perhaps as far as Palm Springs CA. So here are my questions. ---We have our Elite II scheduled for the "annual service" at Oliver. We are scheduled on December 6&7. This is at the very beginning of our trip and the items that will be checked over the almost 2 days in the shop seem extensive and complete. I am lo
  5. I would consider it for the Ollie. We also have an induction range at home for daily use. It took a little practice, but we really like it. It cools down so fast. It also boils water very fast. I know induction is becoming more common in the marine industry including sail boats. One of the sailing YouTube channels, SV Delos changed to induction and run it mostly from solar and lithium batteries. They do have a back up generator.
  6. We have the adapters FrankC described. We also carry a 30 amp extension cord and an extension for our waste tank hose. These are packed away in the bed of our truck. We didn't start out with these extensions but after having a spot in the FL Keys where we had to position our Ollie perfectly to have both reach we thought it would be a good idea just in case. The site in Florida had the electric at the back of the site and sewer way at the front of a pull through site that would accommodate a class A or very large trailer. We did end up needing the sewer hose at a different site. Good luck
  7. We started by connecting the way we were showed during our orientation, just the way Mike described it. Admittedly, my backing up and straight line positioning skills need some work. This admittedly took some time and trips in and out of the cab of the truck. I will admit I now generally use the method described by SNY SD UP. This seems to work better for me. When perfectly straight and level the chains are equally tight. A slight change in elevation of the truck or trailer, or slight angle left or right does manifest in a difference in chain tension. To me this is an indication we have
  8. Not sure if a tractor might work for you? I know Mainiac on this forum occasionally uses his John Deere with a hitch set up. A lot of boat yards also use a tractor with a ball on a front fork. You might be able to rent a tractor. I know they are easy to rent up here! Good luck!!!
  9. We are lucky ours is in our unheated barn in Maine. We winterize and it is plugged in to keep the batteries charged.
  10. Our first trip is the first week of June just 50 miles away on the coast of Maine. It will likely be chilly and probably black fly season. We put the trailer away in the barn washed and waxed. We will just need to dewinterize, try all of the systems, and load up. We usually plan to head south in January every year but with covid we chose to stay home this winter. It felt right for us. We checked on the Ollie today as we are showing the trailer tomorrow to some folks that are thinking of ordering a new Elite Ii. "Beacon" was in great shape and ready for viewing tomorrow.
  11. Rookie mistake and learning opportunity that hate to admit!!! The first time we dumped our tanks the gray tank reading was reading 15%. I was not too surprised having read this forum. So we jacked up the front of the trailer using the front jack. This got our reading to 0. We put away all of the hoses, removed my rubber gloves did a very quick, not very thorough walk around and got in the truck to leave. We even commented how smooth the whole process went!! The truck started forward and I heard terrible scrapping and grinding sound. Of course there were campers now behind us
  12. I am not sure if you are getting the Andersen hitch or not. We purchased the Andersen Hitch and we tow with a half ton Tundra. During our pick up and orientation Oliver adjusted the Andersen Hitch for the drop of our truck when the trailer tongue weight was added. I amnot sure if the still do this. They were super helpful as we also had some small corrosion issues with our 7 pin hook up. This was solved with some special "jelly" We are complete novices when it came to camping. We have made our share of mistakes, believe me!!! Good luck with your new Ollie!!!
  13. I am looking for a new tv, anyone know where I can find that '76 Pinto? I don't go on Facebook or instaface or snapwaggon. (Thanks Belichick) I did ask my wife to show me the Facebook announcement. I have no issues with what they are proposing. They have already been solicited by someone looking for a deal on an Ollie if they provide content. I guess that is social media marketing. I like this Forum and the only other other Forum (Downeast Boat Forum) that I belong to because they are well moderated, informative, and leave politics, religion, self promoting influencers, and dr
  14. We didn't have the Oliver installed Lagun table. I did purchase a Lagun table kit directly from Lagun. We installed our own custom table. Based on this I would say yes just unscrew the original top and screw a new table on. I would test fit where you locate the bracket on your table. You might find not placing it in the center will give you some nice options. We followed Overland's side mount instructions. This gives us lots of flexibility. Good luck!!
  15. Hi Pat and Molly. We used a sea coast and nautical theme. We live in mid coast Maine. My wife takes photos so we had a number of them printed on canvas and hung them using 3M strips. The photos included Maine lighthouses, coastal scenes, navigation buoys, and a nice one of our downeast boat. We also added a custom side mounted Lagun table per Overlanld's design. Our table top was a custom made folding mahagony table like one you would find attached to a binical in sailboat cockpit. We customized the exterior with vinal graphics. They are photos of Pemaquid Lighthouse. We named our Oll
  16. We also had an error message on our Norcold fridge I can not remember the code. I think it was "E" We normally drive with the fridge on dc as we don't drive with the propane on. We were in southern Florida. When we arrived at our campground in the Keys we realized the fridge was out. We have medication that must be refrigerated so this is important for us. We read the manuals tried all of the reset bottoms. Tried unplugging and plugging the fridge. Nothing seemed to help. It would not work or allow us to switch to propane. Oliver was moving their service dept that day so getting hel
  17. Our break away cable was a bit short on our 2008 Tundra. It came out a couple of times. One time pulling into a parking lot with a drop from the road and steep very short up hill. Like a water culvert. This happen 3 weeks into our initial trip. It was unexpected. Same backing into a tight spot down a hill. We added a big stainless caribbeaner. That solved our issues. The cable was just a bit short. I believe there was another post about this before it happened to us. I believe it is important to have this secured to the truck and not safety chains or weight distribution hitch. Lots
  18. From one Mainer to another, I would recommend having one! Very low cost insurance.
  19. Interesting idea and topic. While most anything can be accomplished with enough money, time, and determination; I wonder if this is practical. Given the budget, a used Oliver is minimally going to cost $45k if you are lucky, difference in hitches, 120 electric, plumbing fittings, desire to change heating systems, plus the cost of shipping and probably vat tax, and likely registration issues, I would think finding a suitable used European trailer that can be modified might be more practical. I think Oliver is terrific but there must be something in the European market. The Hymer looked in
  20. Welcome to anotha Mainah! There are a bunch of us Mainer owners on the forum. We are up the coast in New Harbor. I grew up in Cumberland and we kept our boat at Handy Boat in Falmouth until we moved to New Harbor. Maniac has the State of Maine on the front of his trailer. It is a different design from what you describe. Maniac, Bob Hunt, referred us and several others to Banana Banners in Bowdionham, for graphics design and creation. We have also referred others. So far everyone is happy with the results and experience. They would be worth investigating if you don't already have s
  21. Terrific it looks awesome Your Ollie is nicely personalized. Great job!! Thanks for sharing.
  22. We installed the Tekonsha P3 brake controller which plugged into a factory connection on our 2008 Tundra. We have an Elite II. Very easy install and instructions. Easy to use. Very happy with it.
  23. We towed our Elite II with our 2008 Tundra D cab about 5000 miles last winter. We have the tow package and needed to add a brake controller as it was not built in with the tow package in 2008. We use the Andersen hitch. We have the front basket and it is filled with our chocks, Andersen levelers, and blocks for the stabilizers and a few tools. The bed has a torneau cover and I have a tool box, clam, chairs, table, grill Artic cooler, extra 5 gallons of water, little giant ladder, dog food and a variety of other items. We also have a bedliner insert. Our truck is stock with 90,000 miles.
  24. The graphics came out great and placing the Alwives in the bathroom is a cool idea!! I like how you added them around the Ollie. I have to admit we might be slightly partial to the Oliver color stripes/graphics. I think that was a terrific choice!!! Hope you're enjoying the maiden voyage. It was a cloudy 42 degrees here today. Keep sending warm weather pictures. I know Bob Hunt knows of a cool antique firearms dealer store in Naples. Stay safe!
  25. I installed the Lagun table following Overland's instructions. I did use some aluminum backing plates. We had our table made buy a local craftsman with slightly narrower dimensions. We can fold everything up and put it in our front closet easily. We are very happy with this and we can leave the table up and position it to allow access to the twin beads, basement, and overhead cabinets. Overland's plan was really terrific. We have the basement door too. Just a thought---- You might want to consider Oveland's method for your dining and game table and I have seen some folks have adde
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