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A solution for shoes!

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One of the annoyances of living full time in a small space such as the Oliver has been .. what to do with shoes??


We've obviously simplified our shoes to just a few pairs each - hiking/running shoes, sandals, slip-ons, semi-dressy. But even so, they add up and take up room. We originally tossed them in the bottom of the closet - which was a constant hassle of playing 'Find the matching shoe!'. And of course, if shoes were wet, muddy or otherwise dirty, we endangered our hanging clothes too. And even with the best of intentions of putting away shoes, we'd always end up with a pile of shoes somewhere.


Organization was needed.. so off to the Container Store we went. I had an idea of cutting an over-to-door shoe organizer in half, and hanging it below the table of the 2-person dinette. Chris was a bit skeptical of my idea, but he went with it..


We opted for the Container Store's most expensive shoe hanger -


http://www.containerstore.com/shop?prod ... +organizer


On a full size door, it can store 30 pairs of shoes. When I had a traditional house, this was my solution and I loved it. It's well built, and really honestly does hold 30 pairs of shoes with taking up a minimum of space.





Next step was to measure and cut it to length to fit nicely under the table. Which left enough bins to store 12 or 14 pairs of shoes (more than we own). The remaining half is still usable as an over-the-door solution for a regular door... or be creative elsewhere with it.


We at first attempted a suction cup mounting solution - which failed while in motion.





So Chris drilled holes and mounts into the lip of the back of the table - and the solution has been working perfectly for us for several months. It does take up a bit of space under the table, but not enough to make sitting at the table uncomfortable. And the organization has been so wonderful!


Kiki approves!

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That looks really slick.Love the idea...

But, where would I put the gallon of water, and the box of wine, and the trash can that normally occupy that space?

Still, I think I'd look for another site for those items... Well done! We never put our feet on the outbboard side of the post, either.


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