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Checking Blum Undermount Drawer Slides

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I recently found that a galley drawer would not close properly, and discovered that all 3 of the #6 5/8" screws holding the slide mount to the cabinet walls had fallen out.  I pulled all of the drawers and found that about half of the screws on other drawer slide mounts were either loose or missing.  


The Blum undermount tandem slides are arguably the best in the business, and in my opinion Oliver's drawer and cabinet construction is superb.  While 3 screws per slide might suffice in the standard stationary kitchen cabinet, it was clearly not enough for this rolling galley.  I installed several screws per slide in fresh holes (giving about 8 per slide).  Hopefully this does the job -- time will tell.  If my current mounting proves insufficient, I'll go with even more #8 screws.

Point of the story: it may be worth checking these in your trailer and adding screws if necessary.

p.s., this apparently isn't a new problem:



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2021 Oliver LE2
Ram 2500 diesel

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