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  1. Sherry: I am using solid CONCRETE blocks. But the idea you are conveying is correct. Cinder blocks have no place under anything important or heavy regardless of how they are stacked. Good input.. I especially like your idea of burning the ground contact ones! Some innate pleasure in seeing termites bite the dust. 🙂 Thanks
  2. For over 50 years I use cut sections of treated lumber (Recommend washing them with soap before handling). Cheap and replacement over time is easy. I started out using 2X12 treated lumber on the base and then a stack of 2X6's above. what I soon learned is that when used in soft ground, the trailer weight through the 2x6 stack would break the larger base. Maybe I should have used better wood??? While on the road, I did not have an easy way to replace the broken base 2 X 12's. So I was forced to use two 2X6's as a base. i placed them side to side, and then stacked 2X6's turned 90 d
  3. The only purposes for the black flush (BF) valve that I can think of are: If a jack ass wanted to, he could hook up a hose to your BF hose bibb and flood your trailer with poop while you are away. If the black check valve in the BF line were to fail, black water could end up on your hands when you remove the BF hose bibb cove. I would wager that a significant number of the owners leave it open anyway..... On the positive side, not having that valve makes flushing your black tank faster by not having to go inside to open/close it. Either way, the odds are so low
  4. I average three months a year in our OE2. Sure lots of the above thoughts and ideas are great to dream about. But for the boondocking and high mileage that we cover, our OE2 is just about perfect. My only strong issue with the design is that the A/C noise is horrible. This issue is not a new one for Oliver as it comes up again and again. My hope is that Oliver is looking at a retrofit A/C units (Heat not required) that is substantually quieter than our existing units. The goal would be for them to offer it as an improvement for the next model year, and as an upgrade to existing owner
  5. I store my Oliver in a 95% dark barn in Oklahoma. I wanted a cover that would provide insect and bird protection. I went with the ADCO cover, but the one received was larger than I needed. Circumstances required that I use it anyway as my summer flight back to Hawaii was just a day away. When my too large cover had a warranty issue, Ichose to go with the next smaller size stock ADCO Cover. They sent me a replacement at no cost. The one sent and shown is their 3840 stock number. I did a quick install of the cover just to test fit it. I was not trying to make a perfect install, ju
  6. So far, after 30 days, Dexter appears to be stonewalling me on this topic. Despite repeated calls, they have not even acknowledged the issue, or graced me with any sort of reply I have a list of five Oliver Owners that have had this problelm. As mine is a two time failure,so we have six incidents. Once I get back to Hawaii, I will have the time and resources to work this "more vigerously". In the mean time, if other owners have had this issue, please PM me soonest. Thank you GJ
  7. From BHNCB: "If the EZ-Flex center bolt is not properly torqued to the 65-75 ft lb specification, the steel center bushing that is supposed to provide the lubricated pivot point for the two individual arms, will not be held stationary allowing it to rotate directly on the un-lubricated center bolt. The center bolt now becomes the pivot point for the entire equalizer assembly as a single unit. This un-lubricated bearing contact will tend to rotate the center bolt, which will in turn eventually loosen the prevailing torque locking nut." One additional technical input that I learned from Ja
  8. Thank you for sharing your experience with the EZ-Flex. I think a call back to Jason and Dexter is in order......
  9. My EZ Flex heart bolt also came loose in 2018. The nut was no where to be found, and only two threads of the bolt kept the EZ Flex from droping down off the frame mounts. Fortunately a disaster was avoided by my going dead slow up a steep grade. Had Ollie been moving faster and gone "Negative" .... the EZ Flex heart bold would have fallen out with potentially disasterous consequences. When I talked to Jason and Dexter, neither had any knowledge of such an event happening in an OE2. Now it appears that there may be at least two of us. Back of Beyone: Please confirm that it was
  10. Our only suggestion is to update the A/C to a wisper quiet one. Oliver has done a wonderful job of building a super quite trailer, which all goes out the window when the A/C is used.
  11. When we were growing up in the south, "PoP" was expensive so we mostly drank “Sun” ice tea. My mom made it very diluted so us kiddos could drink all we wanted. It kept us hydrated and was effectively a low caffeine low sugar beverage. When camping, she would make it in advance and put it into cleaned out 1.75L bourbon bottles (without labels). They were heavy glass so they kept the tea cold in the cooler and also poured really easy as they had a handle too! During the summer of 1968 (I was 16 years old at the time), we were on the Tchefuncte River camping and water skiing. The retire
  12. @ J.D. Yes. I had one for about 15 years and used it a lot. It was the type with a center stinger. Never had a problem with it. Usually hauled about 80 to 90 pounds. Should I need one for my LEII, I would get the type with stingers on both sides. As you stated in another post, there are significant dynamic loads back there!
  13. This topic is intended for determining maintenance/replacement info for all small batteries in the Oliver Elite II. I do not have access to my trailer (In OK) as I live most of the year in HI. As such, I can't go look. I have also looked on the OTT site and not found such a list, or for that matter much info about this topic as well. Hence this RFI. As such, with your assistance, I would like to compile a list of small batteries that need service, what size they are, and get a consensus of their service life. In this regard, where it is possible to do so, I remove all small batte
  14. I agree with The Shackelfords that the WD-40 Specialist Dry Lube PTFE Spray would be a good selection. I found it at Home Depot in a large 10 OZ can for less than $7. This lube is dust and dirt resistant. It is my go to lube for bike chains, table saws and other equipment that tends to gather gunk when in use.
  15. Wow John, you read my mind I had been looking for the service procedure and was not having any luck. thanks for taking the time to post this wonderful "How To"!
  16. Raspy: My grandfather also hated running generators. Seems he had a neighbor that left their camp generator running 24/7, when the norm was to use them only during daytime. His solution was to give his neighbor's generator a shot of CO2 gas from a fire extinguisher that needed to be recharged. It shut down the generator and we all could sleep well.
  17. We have a 2019 F-150 Lariat, 3.5 EcoBoost, FX4, Max Trailer Package, Anderson WDH. Have about 17,000 trailer miles mostly out west in the Mountains where we para-glide. My truck performance stat's mirror McMac's above so no need to repeat them. I must haul Ollie up steep grades, but not even close to John D's 18%. Generally mine are remote not paved, and 13% grade is what I see as a max grade on the truck computer. With a 6,000 Oliver EII, it is no problem going slow using the "Crawl" mode and 4wd. I have one section of 12 - 13% grade that I do 3 times a summer and I have no issues
  18. I have averaged about 8500 trailer miles for each of the past two years. I do my own R&R as well and use the synthetic lubricant that John D. recommended a year or two ago. My original bearings look good, and I just replaced the seals with Timken made (National) ones. I have a spare set of bearings and seals on board just in case. They were purchased from an authorized Timken distributor. They were not inexpensive..... All that said, at what mileage or age point is a bearing change recommended "just because"? Thanks,
  19. Back of Beyond: There is some really good posts on the wear issue from the 2018 time frame. Also more pictures and observations about the then current Anderson WDH design. GJ
  20. During the summers of 2018 and 2019, I put over 17,000 trailer miles on my Elite II. After many discussions with John D, I had OTT up-size to the 2 5/16" ball and Bulldog at the factory. My observations are: During the summer of 2018, I was using a Toyota Sequoia as my TV. For the Sequoia, I required all 7 threads of tension to get the weight distribution needed. During the summer of 2019, I was using a new F-150 Supercrew FX-4 with max trailer tow package as my TV. For the F-150, I required only 3 threads of tension to achieve the weight distribution needed. As stated
  21. I thank you all for the posts. I had not thought of the toggle switch covers as being readily available. I go by West Marine just about every day and will pick up a couple. Mike: Thanks for the lead on the Explore Land Waterproof Tongue Jack Cover. For less than $10, it is a great find. I have added it to my Amazon April Purchase List! You guys ROCK! Geronimo John
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