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  1. @ Patriot: Which model number Action Packer did you use? I really like your solution. Thanks for posting it.
  2. Thank you all for the above thoughts. A follow-up questions for those who HAD DURALAST, and CONVERTED to 12V AGM: Were the standard Oliver battery cables able to be reused with the new AGM 12V batteries? Are the AGM's really worth double the cost of the Lead Acid Marine Deep Cycle batteries? Thanks John
  3. My Ollie is a Spring 2018 egg. At purchase I decided to run with the standard Duralast 12V Marine Deep Cycle batteries. They are approaching their fourth season. For those with the same standard batteries, how long did yours last? I am considering going AGM, but solar is not in the cards. If you upgraded to AGM, what was necessary, and what would you recommend. Thanks Geronimo John
  4. When I was using a Toyota Sequoia as my TV, I needed all seven threads on the Anderson chains to level things out. During year two, I approached a parts store entrance where there was a significant grade change from the road. At less than 5 MPH, when my TV went nose higher, I heard noise from the trailer that caused me to stop. I saw that the Anderson chains were really really really tight. I gave them the 245 pound bounce test, they did not move at all. I backed out of the driveway, and loosened the Anderson chain nuts 4 threads and tried again. I stopped at the same place and did
  5. On the other hand, here is the Dexter AWG wire sizes chart. With an OEII, we would be on the 4 brakes, under 30 feet = 12 AWG. So the text book answer is 12 AWG. But I still think that 14 AWG would work very well. That said, when my time comes to replace the cable.... I'll ponder it a bit more. 🙂 For those wanting the full Dexter Service info, it may be found at: http://www.dexterpartsonline.com/files/2036913/uploaded/600-8K Complete Service Manual.pdf GJ
  6. @JRK: Here is the Dexter chart that reflects what I thought concerning amperage to their dual axle brakes:
  7. @Scribe With A Stylus: We had the 4 cylinder with the 7 speed trans. Single rear wheels. I think they were 15 PAX machines with about a 4+ foot equipment storage area in the rear. These MB vans were slated to be driven by younger coaches, mostly hauling our athletes and their gear. This setup would not be my recommendation for pulling an Oliver Elite II. Just not enough power. The sleeper recommendation for a TV on the cheap would be a Toyota Sequoia with the 5.7 L engine. I still have our 2005 with the 4.7 and towed Ollie for my first 12,000 miles or so. It needed more po
  8. Another preventive reason to downsize the receiver hitch on the back of Ollie is to prevent potential Darwin Award winners (idiots) from towing their jeeps behind the trailer.
  9. Long ago I upgraded to the 2 5/16 hitch. Glad I did. Would do it again. Lots of discussions on this topic. Suggest you search the blog.
  10. Funny, I was looking on line at the very same chains! Thanks for posting. I was thinking of using my curly safety strings to connect up to the real safety chain attachment points, and run them back to a second attachment point under the propane tanks. Sort of a safety cable to the safety chain approach. No point in tossing them.
  11. According to E-trailer, they state in their "How much power do electric brakes use?" the following: While there is no absolute standard for amp requirements on trailer brakes there are common practices between trailer component manufacturers. This creates a defacto standard. We’ve determined amperage requirements based on extensive testing, customer experience and information gathered directly from trailer component manufacturers. We’ve found the most common amperage draw on a 7-inch brake magnet to be 3.2 amps maximum. The increased amperage of a 10 or 12-inch brake magnet tends to max o
  12. Three years ago, I purchased at Home Depot the Telesteps ladder shown below. As decked out, I'm about 245 pounds so I really liked the stronger version of the TeleSteps Climbing Ladder, Type 1, Model 1600E. If you are over 190 pounds or so, you may want to consider this heavy duty OSHA Compliant version. This firm was one of the original telestep providers and their product is first rate. When I get up on top of Ollie, I extend it out the full length and it gives me a high hand hold to then slide off the side to the roof. I would not recommend getting anything shorter than 12' actual
  13. Figure that a fully fueled and loaded 2004 F-350 probably is in the 8,500 to 9,000 pound range. The impact loading on the chains would likely be at least 4 times this. I'm assuming that the tearing apart of the axle unit and other parts mitigated some of the shock loading. So, for round numbers, the momentary shock load would be in the order of about 45,000 pounds. I have not seen an advertisement for our curly safety strings. But similar ones are rated at either 3,500 and 5,000 pound ratings. My opinion is that the our curly safety strings and/or their attachment bolt would not su
  14. @JRK: I share most your thoughts. Some more pondering on my part is in order for the below: I am wondering how the brake controllers wires for millions of brake controllers, from the drivers position all the way back to the rear RV axles, are handling the max braking events? None of my many TV's and Trailers I have owned have had mega sized cables as suggested. I suspect this is the case for lots of reasons. In our case, my first one is that the max amp pull of 12 amps (3 amps X 4 brakes) is rarely a long duration continuous load. Secondly, modern brake controllers sen
  15. Sherry: your suggestion of AI Generators , at $386 each (Amazon.Com) is far less expensive than the Honda 2200 ei. One could buy two, almost three, and it would still cost a lot less than the Honda 2200 does. The competition to the Honda's is heating up nicely. One down side is that the AI's weigh 50 pounds and the Honda is 40 pounds. On the plus side, the two AI's make 4,000 watts of power vsl 2200 for the single Honda....
  16. Jairon: He is using a telescoping ladder with pool noodles attached to protect Ollie. Home Depot and Lowes sell several models. As decked out, I'm about 245 pounds so I really liked the stronger version. It is a TeleSteps Climbing Ladder, Type 1, Model 1600E, OSHA Compliant. When I get up on top of Ollie, I extend it out the full length and it gives me a high hand hold to then slide off the side to the roof. This model collapses down to about 3' and fits very nicely in the front side (Behind the hanging cloths) of the coat closet as you enter Ollie. I cover it in a blanket to protec
  17. Sherry: OMG, I am falling out of my chair laughing at my silly mistake. My apologies I totally miss-read your suggestion. I thought you were spoofing Imelda and you were not. I know some computer artificial intelligence code writers (generators). One works at NSA. So when you suggested getting two ai generators, my mind thought you were saying Imelda should get two Artificial Intelligence code generators and connecting them up with parallel cables to provide the trailer power. It was so funny that I had to pull your chain. I have deleted my OOPs. Forgive me. 🙂
  18. Search "Generator" and you'll find about 1500 opinions. Personally I use the Honda EU2200i. Many use the Honda EU200i, some Yamaha's, and recently the Harbor Freight inverter line (Predator's) is gaining acceptance with a bit more power (3,00 to 3,500 watts). Honda have as many believe the best reputation, but they are also expensive. Lots on options and opinions already here on the site.
  19. JD: On your recommendation back i 2018, I purchased the same TPMS. It works really well. One thing that I previously had no idea was occurring is that tire pressure changes A LOT from cold mornings to hot desert crossings at speed. Also, the tires in the shade side can be ten PSI or more lower than those basking in the sun. This info, and bouncing dishes and flying dinette cushions encouraged me to reduce tire pressure from 60 to 50 PSI cold pressure. Don't get quite the MPG, but do believe that it is a better highway tire pressure for wear and impact damage perspectives.. A
  20. My Ollie sits for about 8 months in a dark barn with the batteries hooked up to a 1.5 amp battery maintainer. As I don't have a Nature's Head, and I always service the batteries both at the end of the season, and again before my first trip........... I just disconnect the negative battery cable. I'm down to zero phantom electrical loads guaranteed.
  21. This is my $5 solution. Not real high security, but it would sure slow down the bad guys. The three pack costs about $15 at Home Depot. Nice part is that I use the other two on my generator. If I need the third one, it is in "storage" at the propane tanks. 🙂 GJ
  22. With my 2019 F-150 3.5 Ecoboost, SPEED is the major factor in my fuel consumption and costs. So long as on flat land intestate I keep it at 67 MPH (Low turbo boost zone), I get 14 MPG with Ollie in tow, 24 MPG solo. But kick it up to turbo boost zone, and the MPG drops quickly. With the huge power potential of twin turbos feeding basically a NASCAR engine, it will zoom up any interstate grade at any speed I would want to call legal. BUT, the mpg is severely impacted.
  23. @Topgun2 Bill: I see you have the 2017 F-150 set-up very simular to my 2019 F-150 lariat FX4. Did you have to modify the Rock Tamers mounting collar? Any issues with the back-up camera? Thanks, GJ
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