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Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps for GMC 2500 Gas


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The exhaust pipe on our GMC 2500 gasser came with a dealer-installed tip, which added about an 10" extension to the exhaust pipe.  The exhaust pipe vents to the rear and extends almost as far back as the bumper.  

I have been looking at both the Rocktamer and the Rockstar hitch-mounted mud flap systems, but am having a difficult time deciding which would work best with my exhaust being so near the bumper due to the exhaust heat generated. 

I contacted the manufacturer of Rockstar and sent their representative some photos of my exhaust.  He was non-commital as to whether their system would work with my truck and didn't even try to come up with a solution.  The Rockstar system comes with precut exhaust holes, but I don't know how well they would line up with my exhaust and the rep was of no help.

With the Rocktamer system, I could either buy a heat shield accessory or an exhaust outlet accessory to try to deal with the heat from the exhaust.

I suppose I could also remove the exhaust tip, which would shorten the tailpipe by about 10". 

Please share your thoughts and suggestions as to which system you think would work the best with my setup.








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I’ve had the RockTamers on all of my tow vehicles.  Our first tow vehicle was a Ford Expedition that had the exhaust pointing straight back under the rear bumper.   I installed the optional heat shield that RockTamer sells (see first photo) and it helped a bit, but the rubber behind and around the heat shield STILL showed signs of overheating and partially melting.  The Expedition is gone now, currently towing with an F-250 and the exhaust points out sideways behind the rear tire (second photo) so no more heat shield now (and I did put on a brand new rubber mud flap), and no problems.    I’d recommend seeing if you can have a muffler shop fabricate a curved tail pipe section so the exhaust is out to the side away from the mud flap.  



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I agree with FrankC. I would remove the chrome tip and install a short angled (downturned) tip. Or a 90 degree one exiting to the side. Problem solved. Don’t over-think this. Rather than trying to correct the problem (melted rubber), eliminate the root cause of it.

John Davies

Spokane WA


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