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Grubby Feet


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Apologies for the click bait title, but we really do have Grubby Feet and like them a lot. The recent thread Stabilize Oliver II suggestions reminded me of how well our Grubby Feet have worked and thought I would pass it on.

Initially our Oliver was in a storage lot infected with Nostoc, a cyanobacteria. When dry it was crisp and dead looking but add a little moisture and it becomes a slippery slimy mess that spreads everywhere it is tracked. It even created a mat of slime on the bare steps making them slippery. I tried one of the carpet wraps on the steps, but it just became a slippery and slimy mess. I came across Grubby Feet while searching for something that would give us more confidence when using the steps.

After installing ours nearly two years ago I can say they have performed and lasted better than expected. Here in the southeast it has rained a lot the past two years and I've worn many types of shoes and can say I feel confident when using the steps now. The mats have worn well, looking and feeling nearly the same as they did when I installed them. The only sign of aging is a slight wear pattern and a couple strands that separated on the edge.




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Jerry & Kathy

2019 LEII Standard #539 + 2019 Tundra Limited 4X4

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Even though I'm not sure how my stair covers would do with slimly bacteria, they are made from Dollar Store (really $1.25 Store) mats.  It takes two mats cut to size, 6 zip ties, some 1 inch aluminum flat stock and 24 stainless bolts.  My first set of these lasted 5 years.







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This was one of the first things we did with our trailer.  I was a bit alarmed at how the stock black strips seem to be dirt magnets.  So, decided to carpet the steps.  I am pretty sure that Oliver sells these in the store.  New Oliver owners should plan on buying some at pickup. 

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Gregg & Donna Scott and Missy the Westie  -    The Flying Sea Turtle - Hull # 145     Western NC




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