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Shore Power GFCI Trips Off


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Just got home with a new E2. I wanted to keep the batteries topped off so I attempted to plug into a 20 amp with a dogbone adapter but it trips the GFCI. Any suggestions? I purchased some parts to set up a 30 amp outlet but in the meantime, I would like to keep the batteries charged.



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If you have Xantrex and you can pair it to the phone app via Bluetooth and change how much it can draw from the grid. You can also change the max current for charging.


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I had the same problem, but at a later point in the life of my OEII. Initially the dogbone adapter worked fine.

The 30A feeder circuit that you will eventually install will not have a GFCI. There is much information on this on the web regarding the controversy of having the National Electrical Code require it. Ultimately they decided it was not required.

The way I handled your problem was to first make sure that nothing else was using the GFCI protected circuit. Then I temporarily replaced the CFGI outlet with a standard 20A outlet. OEII was not drawing over 20A so this worked fine. Shortly afterwards, I completed my installation of a dedicated 30A circuit and reinstalled the 20A GFCI.

FYI, this link came from Jason:


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