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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to upload these!
  2. Hi John! I am currently in south Bellevue, used to lived in Redmond for a long time, 12 years or so. I don't have space to store right now and will have to rent, probably someplace near North Bend if I want cover parking (which I do) or Factoria where it's really close to my house but no cover parking. It's my dream to have a big enough garage when I retire to store all my toys 😁 As for bedding, my wife, 6 years old little girl, and I should fit nicely in the big dinette converted bed. My skinny 14 yo son will have to sleep at the small dinette area. A tent is a great idea as we also
  3. Hello, We are finalizing our order and there is one thing we keep going back and forth. Storm vs Midnight decor package with ultrafabric. Phil at Oliver sent us sample swatches (Thanks Phil!) but we are still having a hard time visualize the big dinette area in the back. Currently, we are leaning toward Storm decor with Wild West Ultrafabric but we really like the gray color of Gray Jay ultrafabric. However, my wife is afraid that it might be too dark in the big dinette area. If anyone could share a picture or two of Midnight (or Storm) decor with ultrafabric upgrade, we would really
  4. That's what we did. We rented Airstream 20' Flying Cloud during Thanksgiving from Outdoorsy and ended up ordering Oliver from inside the Airstream 😁 The experience was much better than I expected. We thought flushing black tank was going to be super yucky but it wasn't at all. Towing is easier than I thought but I still need to learn to take it easy while backing up. Got too excited every single time 😆. It was freezing a couple of nights during our stay and we learned so much about condensation, especially around single pane windows, heating, cooking, etc. I think the most important thing we l
  5. Our current choice is Ford Expedition 2019 or newer, with HD tow package. We like to avoid 2018 model year because of reliability based on data from Consumer Reports. We also looked at Ford F150 and Ram 1500 but decided to stick with SUV for a little while longer. Other SUVs that we looked at were Toyota Sequoia and Chevrolet Suburban but so far we like the look of Expedition better.
  6. Hi, This is Sak. Just wanted to drop in and say hi. We are new to towing but we have been tent camping for a while. During Thanksgiving, we rented an Airstream and my kids (high schooler & 1st grader) loved it! While Airstream is nice, the Oliver would work better for us in the PNW weather as we plan to use the Oliver year round. So... we just called Phil and ordered our LE II from inside that Airstream 😁 Our delivery is around late July. Can't wait! Best, Sak
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