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  1. If you have Xantrex and you can pair it to the phone app via Bluetooth and change how much it can draw from the grid. You can also change the max current for charging.
  2. I was going to do something similar but then I found out about Fridge Defend so I decided to go that route instead. Ordered the product but haven't finished installing. See some discussion below.
  3. I am not using cable to connect my TV to the router. I am using WiFi. My setup is very simple. Starlink provides WiFi access to TV and phones. For Netflix, I am using Netflix app in the TV itself to stream. For anything else, I am using my iPhone and connect it to the existing HDMI port in the back of the TV. This way, I can also get audio out to all speakers if I select "Optical" audio input at the Furrion. Please let me know if you have any questions. Hope this helps.
  4. I had the "yellow caulking" too and can confirm that, for my case, it's a fine dust sticking to the caulk. Normal wash doesn't wash it off. Had to use soft brush to lightly scrub it off.
  5. I don't get a lot of snow in eastern Washington and it usually melts away during the day but I wonder if it helps if putting one those heating cable on the roof beneath the cover. Of course you would need access to shore power.
  6. I'm using Calmark cover. It's very easy for me to put the cover on by myself. I usually start from the back to front. The key is to fold the cover into a very small roll so I can unroll easily from the back and spread to the sides. Here, starting from the back using a ladder, climb one hand and the roll of cover on the shoulder. Put the cover behind the AC, unroll it over to the front of the AC using a pole. I also use pool noodle to cover sharp edges of the solar panels. Once the cover is unrolled entirely, spread it on both sides starting from the back. Now the final product after using bungee cords to tie it snug. I don't used the ropes from Calmark. They only provide 4 ropes. I use 12-15 bungee cords and find that much easier to work with. I also don't cover the rear bumper. I can do this alone within 30 minutes if I really want to but I usually take my time and take special care around a ladder and end up being 45-60 minutes. Taking the cover down is much easier and much quicker. You just climb a ladder on one side and lift the cover to the roof then carefully pull on the opposite side. The key here is the roll the cover into a really small roll. I'd recommend taking pictures how it was rolled when you get the cover from Oliver. Hope this helps.
  7. I just noticed a small crack at the roof behind the A/C. I don't think it's deep and I am not sure how it happened. Might have been this way from the factory or something fell from a tree and hit it? I park outside but I don't have any trees around my camper and I don't remember anything ever hitting the roof. Of course it could have happened when we camped out and not around the trailer. I submitted a ticket and waiting to hear back. In the mean time, what's the best way to repair? I thinking either silicon sealant or white Eternabond tape.
  8. Great idea, ticket summited and waiting for response. Will report back once I hear back. Thanks!
  9. It doesn't look like any wrench tools will help disassemble the faucet in my 2021 Elite 2. If anyone has any other ideas, I would love hear them. Really don't want to use a channel plier.
  10. Yes, it's weird that mine cracked like crazy. I'll order a replacement and swap it out. Thanks everyone!
  11. It was a bit windy on the way back home today. When I got home, I found some cracks near the back of the exterior shroud of the Dometic Penguin AC. I know it just happens today as it's not there before I left the campground. Any tips replacing this? Or should I even bother replacing it at all?
  12. Based on https://www.arprv.com/rv-fix-fridge-circulation-fan.php I don't even know if my Norcold has a drip tube, will need to double check later.
  13. Here you go. General_Install_Guide_v5.x.pdf ARP_User-Guide_v5.x.pdf Troubleshooting_Guide_v5.x.pdf Ancillary_Graphical_User_Instructions_v5.x.pdf I like this idea. Please keep us posted if you end up doing this. Did you purchase a kit with defrost blowers as well?
  14. Your understanding makes sense. My so called "research" was just reading through a bunch of ARP discussion over various internet forums 😆 as I was having a hard time navigating through poorly design ARP website.
  15. After a quick research, I think ARP is great if you are using propane. It's not necessary, please correct me if I am wrong, if your fridge is using shore power or DC. I am interested in this product but for ventilation propose. My Norcold doesn't work well if outside temperature is very high. After looking at pricing for ARP, I think I am going to try something else cheaper. Either Titan or Beech Lane cooling fan.
  16. Thanks for the pictures. A couple of follow up questions. Are these fan weather proofed and safe to use when it's raining or towing while raining? How did you get 12V to the upper fan? Updated: I found some answers from ARP website but couldn't find whether the fans are weather proofed.
  17. Thank you John. I am not too far from you in Ellensburg. You're right. The tube is wide open at the bottom. There is a plastic cover plate for cable management but I don't use it. I think it's mostly for permanent mounting option.
  18. I finished the roof mount over the weekend. Luckily, it was super easy than I thought. The 2 holes of the Starlink short wall mount fit perfectly into the existing awning screws on my Girard. I am not very tall, 5'4", and need a ladder or climb the rear bumper to connect/disconnect the dish. I always take the dish downs when towing. Question: should I be worried about galvanic corrosion. I don't know what kind of metal the mount is but the awning bracket looks like a stainless steel? The installation manual, Short_Wall_Mount_Guide_Rectangular.pdf.pdf, doesn't say much about the mount itself.
  19. Or at least has an option for me to buy without preinstalled 1.25 receiver, just the 2x5" beam so I can install 2" receiver by myself later.
  20. This web page suggested using wire brush to clean leaf springs and applying degreasing fluid after. Does that sound right? Inspected the leaf springs yesterday and notice 3 things. Only 1 rebound clip installed (circle in red below) The rubber gasket (circle in green) is also cracked bad. The nuts at the end of u-bolts are very rusty. Should I be concerned? Thank you!
  21. oh, forgot to mention, looks like someone mentioned here that should be doable.
  22. I have not done that but, FWIW, I plan to add dimmer for all outdoor LED lights by replacing the light switch with something like this inline dimmer. I hope that I can just replace a switch using the simplified hookup below. What I am not sure is that the LED lights Oliver using are dimmable or not. I also don't know how I would retrofit the dimmer into the control panel.
  23. I know it's going to be bad but didn't think it's this bad. https://www.motorbiscuit.com/ford-f-150-lightning-barely-made-it-80-miles-with-a-trailer/
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