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Anyone in CO? Where can I find RV repair?

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I seem to remember that someone asked where (s)he could find a reliable RV repair person in WA?  I have the same question for Colorado.

Just about everyone I've tried so far has been a bust.  The place I used in Denver was marginally a scam.

I did find one good tech, but he is swamped, stressed, and doesn't answer the phone or texts.

Ugh, CO during a pandemic. . . .


Thanks!   Margaret 

Margaret.  Oliver Legacy Elite II, 2017 (Jasmine).  Nissan Armada 2018.  Hull 179.  


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I just saw your other thread, I don't know any heater-guys. I do know of a good fiberglass repair shop in Denver. 

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spacer.pngAlbert & Terri Sterns

Currently Denver Based

Elite II Hull #1125 Standard Floorplan / 2017 Ford F250 gas

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