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  1. we had this problem when we stayed at a Peak One National Forest in Frisco CO at about 9000 feet. When we came back down below 9000 everything started working again. We opened a service ticket at the time and in the end we (and Oliver service) wrote it off to the altitude. Not very satisfying but have not had a problem since, and we've not tried using it much above 7500 feet either so I'm not sure that was the problem but it's what we're going with.
  2. in most rain we've encountered it usually only affects one side and not the other, we open the "dry" side and the bathroom window, turn the fans on and haven't had a problem. I do like the louvers I've seen in the forum and will probably make a set at some point, but it's not a real high priority since there always seems to be a dry side and when there's not you can always open the bath window and just dry off what little comes in after the storm.
  3. can you post a link (or quote) the original modification for this towel rack, I saw it when it was originally posted but am having a hard time finding it now. I'm interested in seeing the difference between that one and yours. I'm planning on making one of these. Your comment of making it so the towels don't come in contact with the dirt on the trailer are spot-on. Since reading that I thought, how about if we make a fourth rail (proximal to the trailer) that one could hang something like a shower curtain (cut to size) that would act as a divider to keep the towels off the trailer surface?
  4. not sure, it stopped for about 45 minutes, I was able to get in touch with one of the fine people at OTT and while we were trouble-shooting it it started working again. We're thinking it may have frozen up and thawed out over the timeframe, but not sure.
  5. Help! Help! AC Quit Working, it’s only two months old. We’re getting plenty of power to the circuit breaker and the circuit breaker seems fine. It was working wonderfully, we went out for a drive and when we came back it’s not working. I set it down to 55° and it doesn’t kick on, We’d had it set in the low 70s. What is the next thing to check??
  6. I loved my '69 dodge pickup, slant 6, 3 on the tree, step side, aqua factory color. I could sit on the front fender with my feet on the chassis rails when working on the motor aaaaah, nostalgia
  7. what xantrex setting changes do you do to run the generator? I have a Wen 2250
  8. we ordered the curtain option and have a composting toilet. We used the curtain a couple of times and then tried without it. after a couple of showers without the curtain the compost was getting too moist and put off a foul odor. Added some more coir and bought a roll of clear large trash bags. Pulled the bag over the nature's head and have had several more showers since then without a problem. Let the bag dry and reuse it. I prefer the clear bags over the non-clear ones, it just seems nicer... I think the only real advantage to the curtain is you can leave the door open while showering but closing it across the toilet makes the shower too small for me. I vote against the curtain rod upgrade. BTH, if you do opt to try the curtain rod option, it includes a custom fitted curtain to the shape of the curved wall, so no need to buy one (like we did).
  9. Please put us down for a set of vents as well if they become available. albert
  10. I saw someone recommend those plastic "razors" a couple of months ago and bought one on amazon. It comes with about 100 blades and it was only about $12, WOW, what a great product. I used it to remove the caulking around the access panel on the bathroom vanity and it worked better than anything I've ever used in the past to remove silicone caulk with no worries about damaging the gel coat. I highly recommend it! albert
  11. As far as I know when the hose is hooked up then the bumper remains open
  12. Thanks Seadawg, I never noticed that, that does make me feel better 🙂!
  13. Listed as Hitch Option $230 for our 2022 E2. I didn't get the 2" hitch to take home, didn't ask for it and not really interested in it, it would just be something else to clutter up my limited storage space. I was a bit miffed when they told me that by ordering the upgraded mattresses that I would not be getting the regular cushions which we paid for the fabric upgrade, but also don't have a place to keep them and probably will never use them since we keep the king size bed set up all the time. I figure it's just some more profit for OTT.
  14. Oliver supplied the 2 5/16 coupler we had installed on our build. They charged me something like $250 to make it happen...I just had to ask for it. One of the few custom upgrades still available.
  15. didn't know they have rechargeable now, We'll have to look into that when we run out of our butane refills
  16. the static weight limit on the Thule is 750#, the weight limit underway is 150#, the Kayak is 120# so I'm ok as far as that goes. Swapping out for two smaller kayaks was a consideration but given our current state of health the tandem is the better option for us. As for crane failure, getting lifting help would be the only option at that point. It's really not that big of a deal to lift the nose to the roof then lift-and-slide the kayak up. Do-able single handed but much easier with two lifting. I came across the crane and bought it then realized that I'd need to modify it to get the height needed to load anything on the roof. It's been a real help so far when dealing with a loaded yeti in and out of the truck and like I said, it will be nice when lifting full 30# propane tanks (which are about 50# when full). For now I'm looking at adding a bar across the cab (or possibly a rhino rack) and looking for a suitable way to lift the kayak singlehandedly to the roof hence a modified crane. a.
  17. I agree with the Thermacells, we have 4 of them and set them up about 6-8 feet apart from each other. One night while sitting in a bug-free zone I shined my flashlight towards the sky and realized that there was a swarm of mosquitos about 7 feet above the ground, completely encircling us but wouldn't come any closer because of the thermacell. Just make sure that it doesn't run out of butane and that you're using a fresh blue pad otherwise you'll just be feeding the flying critters your blood. The electric zappers shown work ok and are a LOT of fun and YES, DO NOT TOUCH THE ACTIVE PART!!! albert
  18. I saw one of those on a Hot-Shot in Colorado several months ago, Great idea to add a sleeper to the truck. We have a 14 foot two-seat Hobie kayak (with duel mirage drives). I've bought a crane that mounts to the receiver https://www.amazon.com/MaxxHaul-70238-Receiver-Hitch-Mounted/dp/B008CE0WCW/ref=asc_df_B008CE0WCW/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=312128189269&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=2416412560120601294&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9029069&hvtargid=pla-568683155946&psc=1 which will help when I'm lifting full propane tanks onto the trailer or a full yeti to the truck bed etc. I'm going to have a modified boom fabricated so I can lift the 120# kayak to the roof. We currently have a cap on the truck with roof rack but I'm not confident that it will be sufficient so I'm looking into adding a single rail to the top of the cab to tie down the front of the kayak. Our first trip with it will be in another week so we'll see, I'm expecting that this trip I'll have to just pad and tie down the nose of the kayak to the cab, but I'm expecting I'll need to modify my current setup so I can better fasten the front of the kayak to the roof of the cab. The only rail-type roof racks I've seen use a clamp that holds at the door frame, not to the roof channel, The Rhino rack attaches the way I was hoping to do it but it's way overkill for what I need. I'm thinking it may be worth talking to someone about fabricating some sort of gizmo to attach to the roof channel that could accept a third roof rack rail, but in the end it will probably cost almost as much as just buying the Rhino Rack... Then there's the wind/noise issue but with the Kayak on the roof, I'm thinking it won't be the rack that's causing the drag and drop in mpg and added noise, it will be the toy on top. ANYWAY... here's the truck and the a link to the crane. I'm certainly open for suggestions, I'm always impressed with the feedback here. Thanks Everyone!!! albert
  19. Thanks Kirk and John, That's what I'm looking for (except for the price). In the end I know I'll be glad I sprung for it but for now... OUCH!! albert
  20. Has anyone mounted roof rack rails to the top of thier truck? I have a 2017 Ford F250 crew cab (large car). The roof has the plastic inserts which I've always assumed were covers for roof rack rails but I'm now thinking I'm mistaken. The only roof rack systems I'm seeing uses friction clamps that grab the door jams. Albert
  21. Please update us on how well it fits, if it stays on and if it seals. It looks like it may also be a good candidate for covering any "sharp" edges on the storage and cabinet openings. albert
  22. I have the exact same question for the same reason. My initial plan was to put a piece of white electrical tape over anything that looks questionable to prevent water entry until I get a more permanent solution in place but after reading John's post I may try spraying water on it and see just how much infiltration occurs. I have been looking into making some sort of gasket that will look good and make it easy to still get access the under sink area as needed. In the meantime I've ordered 4 more of the screw caps and associated collars from OTT in anticipation after applying a gasket, to properly seat the panel on the top and bottom I'll have 8 hold-down points (2 on each side). The other thing I was considering was putting on some sort of twist-to-open gizmo similar to what is holding the outside fridge vent covers on. John, I hope you're right (As usual) and all I have to do is close it up. I think I'll install the hatch through the closet in any event since it will be easier to access for something as simple as uncrimping the shower hose until I have time to install a dedicated shower as has been discussed in other posts I'll keep you posted as I move forward. albert
  23. Welcome to the forum, I too am a nubie here but not to trailer towing in general, just to Oliver. A few comments, 1. The 400 mile range of the Rivan is for just the truck, we don't really know what the numbers will be towing but it seems like people are going with 50% when discussing the range of electric vehicles as tow vehicles (TVs). There are a few posts and youtubes currently posted of people towing with teslas and the 50% number looks pretty close to reality. More on that as they become more commonplace TVs 2. When we were shopping for our TV for our E2, I was initially leaning towards the Tundra for several reasons, not the least of which is that I have a long happy history with toyotas in general. The problem came down to the carrying capacity and what our anticipated needs would be. We spend a fair amount of time going through the Rockies so up and down steep grades are common for us. Most anything will pull the E2, the concern I had was being able to panic stop on a downgrade at normal speed. The smaller trucks (150s, 1500s and the Tundra) all will tow fine when properly equipped, but the brakes are smaller and that's the rub. The 250s / 2500s etc and larger trucks have more robust brakes and thus give a greater margin of safety which for me translates to piece of mind. I figure it's better to be a bit over-kill then living almost at the max and then regretting not having a big enough safety margin. 3. There are two numbers you need to be familiar with, the "towing capacity" the "carrying capacity." For example, one of the Tundras we checked out had a very nice cap on the back, was 4-door, low mileage, seemed to check all the boxes. When I checked the sticker stating the carrying capacity it was only something like1300 #s. The hitch weight on the E2 is between 600-700 depending on how you're loaded, my wife and I total around 425. 425 + 700 = 1125. 1300 - 1125 = 175. That's 175 pounds of stuff I can carry, but wait, there's a cap on the back so it weighs in around 200 pounds, so I'm already overweight. Had we had gone with the Tundra we would have a very nice pick up which would be a piece of art, but not capable of carrying anything without being past it's carrying capacity. Exceed the carrying capacity and then heading down a steep grade with a sudden need to stop before the bottom and it's a recipe for disaster. We started looking at the 250s / 2500s and ended up buying a 2017 Ford F250. So far with the Oliver we've only made a run from the factory in TN back to Maryland, our gas mileage went from 12-14mpg (truck alone) to max of 10.7 towing the E2 (mostly 9.1-9.7 mpg towing). That's running about 5 over the speed limit in both cases. The 10.7 towing I was running the speed limit or a little under and only feathered the gas, just to see how good I could do, but my foot generally tends to be heavier so the 9.1-9.7 is more of my reality, and to add insult to injury, I have to use premium so the price is never "low" when filling up. That said, the truck is carrying everything I need, I have no worries about how much I'm throwing in the back. When we bought a case of wine at the harvest host on the way home I had no worries about carrying it in the back of the truck, we could have bought two and not had a concern 🙂 It tows like a charm. Ideally I'd like to have a cybertruck but no telling when they'll become available. We spent $46,000 on the F250 in November of 2021 and it had 95,000 miles on it. It's a lariat with most all the options, we added a topper with tool boxes and have no problems other than paying stupidly high prices at the pump. It also has a 48 gal tank (and 6.2 L motor) so I have no problem going 300-400 miles towing and almost 600 miles without the trailer. I recommend springing for the 250 or 2500. When the rivian finally arrives you can reassess but I doubt you'll regret having the added capcity in the mean time. Good luck!! I'm so sorry to hear about your loss, I hope this new adventure will help ease the pain, I'm sure it's a real bitter-sweet. albert
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