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  1. When I drain our fresh water tank I first turn on the pump then open the kitchen and bathroom faucets until the pump stops pulling from the tank, after that I open the drain valve and raise the front of the trailer, doing it that way only takes about 30 min or less to drain. Of course, then I have to drain the gray water tank which I try to dump on some nearby foliage.
  2. When people ask me how I like my LE2, my canned response is, "I Love it, If you can live with the size, you won't find a better built trailer." I point out that Oliver makes two sizes and this is the bigger one. We have the king bed so when people look inside all they see is the bed and then the small kitchen/dinette area. It is functional but if we have to stay inside for bad weather it gets pretty small pretty fast. We're considering a larger trailer for when we stay for an extended time but for a month or less on the road you can't get a better unit. I wish they offered a larger unit, but alas, I expect it is no closer to reality then when I first asked about a bigger unit back in 2020. I'm told that it costs millions to R&D a new mold from drawing board to production. IMO, at this point Oliver is producing some of the best trailers on the market in their size and class. You can't beat it for the money.
  3. How do you like having the door swinging in that direction? Do you think it would be more convenient if it swung the other way? It's one of my future projects that I'm planning for. I really like the way you cleaned up the inside of the vanity, I hope mine turns out as nice. a.
  4. Thanks for that, we're going to try it based on your stellar recommendation
  5. Very informative video, thank you for sharing that. It sounds like Tucker from service may have not been completely familiar with Olivers, he may have been speaking more generically about other travel trailers they've done installs on. When I told him I had an Oliver he seemed familiar with it but his familiarity may have just been due to there being so many of us ordering springs recently that the name struck a bell, I'm just guessing. In any event, after watching this video I'm thinking I'll stick with the dexter flex already installed and just upgrade to the new Made in USA springs.
  6. Just got off the phone with ALCAN, they do install Everyone I spoke with was very helpful including Randy, she’s the receptionist. Everything else I got from Tucker Here’s my report. ALCAN Springs 2242 US-6, Grand Junction, CO 81505 1 (970) 241-2655 https://www.alcanspring.com Randy (front desk) 2-3 weeks advance notice, should have no problem getting in Tucker (service) here’s the price breakdown: 2-3 hr labor @ $125/ hr $250.00 Springs x 4 $149.95 ea 599.80 +/- Wet Bolts x14 $13.99 ea 195.86 Lock Nuts x 14 99¢ ea 13.86 U Bolts, nuts & washers x8 $17.86 ea 142.88 +/-Shackles x 8 $5.99ea 47.92 (he said, they often see the holes rounding out in the old shackles) Mor ryde Eaqualizer $255 ea x2 510.00 ________________________________________________ Total $1,760.32 He will call Oliver to confirm it’s ok to have the 3” more of upward travel with the Mor ryde Equalize, that replaces the “flex suspension“. He noted that if Oliver says it’s OK that the upgrade in suspension will give a smoother ride and take out a lot more of the bumps if you hit a pothole for instance He also said that the Mor ryde Equalizer has Brass bushings that you can grease vs plastic bushings which is what we have. He said it’s not necessary, but that it will last a lot longer and will probably never wear out given the way we use them So you could reduce the price by $510 if you want to skip replacing the flex suspension. He said you can expect to Drop off @ 0730 & P/U early-mid afternoon the same day He said they’re stocking these things now so it should be no problem but by giving them the two weeks heads up, they can make sure they have everything in stock and if they have to, they can have a new set manufactured by the time you show up I told him I’d be there sometime in May or June after we leave Key West, I think I’m gonna go for the whole sh’bang (it’s only an hour and a half from the house) a
  7. Is ALCAN just a manufacturer or do they also do installation?
  8. On the subject of finding places to stay, we've been extremely please with HipCamp, it's sort of the Air BnB of camping. You sign up for it, make a profile, then you get to rate the camping locations and they get to rate you. It can vary from an actual campground (rarely) to someone's driveway, or a field. We've stayed at a horse property, a farm that had a section of their pasture set aside for campers, there's a place outside of Hays KS that's 2500 acres on the Saline river with about 30 sites that are all about 500-1,000 feet apart from each other. Hookups vary too, from none to full hookups, prices vary as well, we've paid as little as $15/night up to $50 or more a night. The places are overall very clean and conducive to having a peaceful stay. We had tried boondockers.com, they were OK but we like HipCamp better. albert
  9. Wow, what a great use of space, very elegantly done, you've set quite a high bar for me to duplicate. I hope mine looks a nice as that when I get around to doing it. I'm thinking I'll add some shelving as well. That will really help tidy up the bathroom stuff/ cleaning supplies, a whole bunch of potential things can be stored in there. Thanks for sharing the mod!! albert
  10. 2017 Ford F250 Lariat 6.2L gas 4x4 crew cab, 8' bed, 23 feet in length total rig length (truck and E2) about 47 feet nose to tail great ride, terrible MPG, only TV we could find during COVID Thanks for the list! albert
  11. Those look like Altoid containers, I'm going to try using one of those first and if it doesn't work I'll go to one of the other suggested items. I looked up the pouch mentioned in the video and then looked up some of the other pouches Amazon has listed, After looking through the reviews on all the ones I checked there are multiple complaints that they either don't work or only block the RF for a few weeks or months then stop working which makes me a bit gun-shy to spring for the fancy pouch (I know the guy in the video said that after months his still worked, but even the one he recommended had the same complaints). The Altoid container on the other hand is simple enough and you get a free supply of Altoids and it's cheaper than the plain boxes offered on Amazon. I think I'll try a cinnamon container first, if that doesn't work then I'll try a peppermint one. a.
  12. Here’s a picture of what’s included in the Cable Routing Kit
  13. That’s a Starlink Short Wall Mount that you have to buy extra ($60) via the “SHOP” button on the Starlink app, As is the Cable Routing Kit ($32 — which I incorrectly called the House Mounting Kit) which includes two grommets (which I incorrectly called the Starlink Plug) and the correct size paddle bit as well as some other stuff. You can also buy a 150 foot cable ($130) through the “SHOP” button on the app instead of using the 75’ cable that comes with the Starlink. You will have plenty of room to coil up 150’ of cable inside the spare tire. When I get the fiberglass work done making a cable holder on the inside of the tire cover my plan is for it to be large enough to accommodate the longer cable just in case I decide I want to use one in the future
  14. Well, I did a similar mod but used the 4 inch plastic deck port. Using the larger port makes it much easier for me to get my (large) hand through the hole to pull the handle. Additionally the door can now open and close even if the handle is in the "out" position, finally, having the hole a little larger than the handle allows for a bit of wiggle room in the placement of the port, it is much less of an exact science if the hole is 4 inches and the handle is just under 3 inches. I didn't worry much about the insulation, I just marked the hole and after an initial drilled hole, I used my cordless sabre saw to cut out the circle. The mounting was simply gluing in the base using 5200 marine adhesive. I did place a couple of clamps in the base ring overnight while the adhesive set. Finally, a small screw, 12 inches of chain and a bent piece of scrap metal rod I had around sufficed to make a removable device to allow the cover to either hang in place or be removed easily and stowed.
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