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  1. Looks like your pooch in the back seat is smiling too!!!
  2. Here, Here! We've replaced one of them once and another one twice, all under warranty. Love the concept, a great idea when they work. First one failed in about 3 months after picking up the trailer. They need to find another light to use, probably just go to one with a switch. albert
  3. Love the storage idea and great catch on the propane valve!
  4. Our Oliver Elite 2 #1125 was one of the 25 or so units that had balance beads in the tires from the factory. My understanding is that the wheel/tire combos arrived at the mother ship already mounted and with the balance beads installed, a fact that was unknown to Oliver at the time. Once this fact became know to OTT, they mitigated the problem by sending out a set of 5 valves that have a sort of filter screen to prevent the balance beads from plugging up the valve mechanism which would result in the valve being held open and lead to loss of tire pressure. OTT also provided a visa debit card loaded with $25 to cover the cost of a tire servicer to replace the valves. We did the replacement last year and assumed all would be fine. The trailer has been sitting for about 2 months, a couple of weeks ago when I was prepping it for a voyage I discovered the TPMS was not functioning due to the batteries in the sending units having gone bad so I pulled out my trusty tire gauge and set out to check my tire pressures, only to find that when I removed the TPMS (caps) that the air was flowing freely out the valve stem, exactly as it had been doing before installing the "filter" valves meant to solve this problem. I immediately replaced the cap to prevent any further pressure loss, kicking the tires to determine if they seemed inflated enough for the 60 mile journey to the tire shop, which they were. Discount Tire in Montrose, Colorado was prompt to break down the tires, including the spare, thoroughly clean out the balance beads, replace all the valves, balance the tires the normal way (without balance beads) and remount the tires on the trailer, took about 60 minutes and they had 4 techs working on it at the same time. When I went to pay the bill the service manager smiled and said, 'Don't worry about it, just come to see us the next time you need tires." I told him that they had nothing to do with the balance beads installation, he acknowledged that fact but held his ground and refused payment. What a wonderful experience. To any of you who have had to deal with the Balance Bead issue, the solution of the filter valves is inadequate, the tires need to be remove from the rims and the Balance Beads physically cleaned out...Be Aware!!
  5. BTW, I'm just using it for gray water since we have the Nature's Head
  6. So what's the consensus? Do we think the Orange/black Rhino Extreme, Thetford Titan (black with green ends), or the big green Waste Master? I'm standing by ready to order on Amazon!!
  7. I could be wrong with my calculations, but it looks like your TV weight went up 600-620 pounds when hooked up which makes your tongue weight (600-620). Interestingly, the anderson shifts about 40 pounds from the rear TV axle to the front TV axle and shifts 20 pounds from the rear axle of the TV to the trailer axles (I thought it would be more than that), but...there you have it. Trailer weighed in at 6440 pounds
  8. probably not ideal, can you keep it hooked up and just raise the nose 6-8 inches to be closer to level? just dont forget to lower it before driving off...
  9. Thanks John for all your input and help. Good luck on all your future endeavors, hope to see you on the road sometime. albert & terri
  10. Disconnect the hose from the outside (or at least shut off the water source), shut off the pump, get some towels and look under the curb side bed at the pump (where the valves are to change configuration for boondocking etc.) On the inlet side of the pump is a clear plastic cup-like structure that has a screen filter, unscrew the filter cap (clear plastic cup) and see if you have debris in the screen that need to be cleared. Put the towels down to catch the water that comes out when you unscrew the filter cover. Clean it and then put it back together, it doesn't need to be more than finger-tight. If that doesn't fix it then I'd call OTT in the morning. It may also be related to the back-flow valve which is on the inside of the line right after where you hook up the water hose (on the street side. If that's the issue than it should be under warranty and you'll want to open a service ticket.
  11. Yeh, I was hoping someone would chime in, but alas, I just submitted a ticket. I'm hoping it won't be too much of a hassle to pull the fridge out and figure out what it will take to re attach the top piece of plastic. For the time being it's being held in place with some nice wide blue paper tape. We were getting ready to move the trailer when I noticed the loose piece so I really didn't have the time to fully address it, there's no problem with the function of the fridge, but I'm glad I caught it before driving the 5 hours down "the hill" to Denver, otherwise we may have found a different problem when we arrived. We've put over 14,000 miles on the Ollie since picking it up last June so I suppose a loose piece of plastic here and there are to be expected. Take home lesson: Always check everything before rolling
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