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Tank Monitor Problem

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Hi, Oliver Owners,


A problem has developed with the SeeLevel II Tank Monitor system in our Oliver, and I hope that one or more of you can help me with this, if you have encountered something similar: At the beginning of our last camping trip, about two weeks ago, we got error messages when pressing the buttons for the fresh water level and also the black water level. Initially, the only problem was the button for the fresh water level: when pressed, it gave the error code "nbo," which the printed troubleshooting guide in the installation and owners manual says indicates that there are two senders--a top one and a bottom one--and that no signal is being received from the bottom sender. After an hour or so, the error message changed to "OPn" when we pushed the fresh water level button. According to the the troubleshooting guide, this indicates that neither sender is working.


At the time that the error message regarding the fresh water tank changed to "OPn," we also started getting an error message of "StA" when we pressed the button for the black water tank level. According to the troubleshooting guide, this is supposed to indicate that "If the display has been programmed for a single sender, and dual stacked senders have been connected, the display will show 'StA'."


First of all, I would like to know whether you have had any similar problems with your SeeLevel II (or similar) tank monitors, and, if so, what they were and how you resolved them. I cannot locate the monitor senders for either the fresh water tank nor the gray water tank (which, thankfully, still appears to be working properly). I am less concerned with the black water tank, since we can actually see its level by looking into the toilet.


Any help with this would be gratefully appreciated.




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Hi Steve,

I looked up this system on the internet since I also have this. If you haven't already looked, I found this

website: rvguage.com (Garnet manufacturer in Canada ) downloads 709 shop manual which has a troubleshooting section.


Wonder how a person gets to the wiring????


Let us know what you find out. Jam49

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Steve & Elizabeth . . . hello! Long time no see. Hope you are well and that your Oliver travels have been memorable.


I spoke to Mark, an owner of one of the first few Ollies who is having the same problem. He actually had a chance to take his rig to the SeaLevel II production plant and they confirmed his sending units are all functioning properly when tested internally. They even replaced one sending unit to ensure it worked correctly. This, however, did not solve his spurious reading problem. The factory said the glitch was most likely a faulty ground somewhere in his trailer.


Now, if we only had a wiring schematic . . .

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