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closet configuration, and venting

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About six months after purchasing our trailer, we had an extra vent installed above the closet. It seems a one-way-in, one-way-out vent is not the best. Though I've never had problems with mildew, I have noted a musty smell in the closet after a few months of inactivity. Sometimes less. Depends on the weather---humidity, etc.

Last time we left the trailer inactive for about a month, with the closet fully stocked, I propped the closet door open. Much better.


I'm also thinking that hanging space is kind of a waste of time. True, twice we've taken our trailer to formal occasions (weddings), but with the short, small closet, suits and their big hangers don't fit anyway, and wrinkles would be all over the bottom third. Paul made a hanger out of zip ties off the pole, which worked well at night, and I laid the clothes out on the bed during travel days.


Do any of you have the multi-shelf configuration in the closet? How do you like it? Do you get any air circulation?





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When the trailer isn't in use, which sadly is more often than not, I leave the bathroom and closet doors open. I also leave the cabinets open on each end for air to circulate. In the winter months I leave a small electric heater on low and have a Dri-Z Air which seems to take care of mildew and musty odors. We have the mult-cabinet configuration and I like having the extra shelves. Usually our trips are less than a week so we mainly have just levy's and T-shirts so the closet space hasn't been an issue but I know what you mean about the wrinkles. We had extra hooks installed on the walls so we hang our jackets on those.


When camping I tend to leave the closet door and bathroom doors opened when we aren't in the trailer. Seems to help.


Happy Camping,



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