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A bit of insurance trivia, but you can have the Oliver on your (USAA) auto policy as a trailer, but that's where you end up with Actual Cash Value (ACV) coverage...just like your car.   Getting a standalone policy for an Agreed Value either directly with Progressive ( or Progressive through the USAA General Agency) or other carrier remains the way to go.

Other than major collision, fire or badly flipping one, like someone experienced on here, it would take a lot to total an Oliver, I expect.

You can play with deductibles a bit also, you may be surprised that the premium difference isn't that great between deductibles.  The downside of a low deductible is the tendency to want to claim against it...and claims frequency will come back to bite you over time, i.e., pre-requisite to a non-renewal letter.   Location is the big premium driver, so comparing to other's premiums doesn't have a lot of value.


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On 6/22/2023 at 1:11 PM, Southbird401 said:

We got a policy for replacement value (what we paid for our 2016) from Foremost Ins. Co.

Are you willing to share the rate quoted by Foremost Insurance Co? Ours was also for replacement value of our 2022 LE2 - rate was $1K/yr.

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