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  1. My 2016 (Hull 141) with 2" receiver says 125 lbs. 80 lbs. of bikes and 1 Up will go over 100 and pretty close to 125. In addition to the flopping around mentioned by John Davies, that is a lot of weight on the way back of the trailer. If you try it, let me know. I have 70 lb. electric bike, but haven't had the nerve to put it back there.
  2. Does anyone know of a good replacement for the stock microwave? It would need the trim kit. Is High Point the way to go? This is for a 2016 LE2. Hull 141.
  3. We pay appx. $700 but I have a 2016 LE2 with a much lower value than yours.
  4. I had my regular RV repair shop instal the Isotherm Cruise 130 that Oliver is now using. The refer and instal was under $3K. They did a nice job and we have been happy with the Isotherm (Webasto). As noted, the freezer is small, but the refrigerator holds a lot for its size. We have 540ah of Battleborn lithium power which is more than enough for our needs even with a few cloudy days. I was worried about the noise of the compressor cycling through the night as I am a light sleeper, but it has not been an issue.
  5. We got a policy for replacement value (what we paid for our 2016) from Foremost Ins. Co.
  6. John: Thanks for the information. I will do the checks you indicate the next time the Oliver comes out of storage. Hull 141. Jeff.
  7. To answer Max Burner, it is not a specific concern, more a general one re all the running gear under the trailer. I don’t know the actual mileage, or the lifespan of those components. So far I’ve replaced the brakes and I lube the zerks and all is well. But it isn’t new.
  8. I bought a used 2016 LE2 2 years ago and have upgraded it in phases. First 2 270AH Battleborn GC2’s, wiring and all Victron components including 3000 watt inverter. We were forced to install a new Aquago due to the failure of the old. Recently installed the Houghton and Cruise 130 compressor refrigerator. I have been surprised with how much I use the heat pump on the Houghton when hooked up. I put the remote above my head in bed and fire it up before getting up. Financially we are about $25K better off than buying a new one, though a new one would be nice. All the major work was done by service techs as it is over my head. But the prices for service haven’t been that bad. I paid $1800 to install the refer and A/C in So. Calif. We have taken the trailer to Alaska and back. And numerous other trips, and so far no problems. However, I am aware that I have an older machine and think about the axles and other issues you could avoid by going new.
  9. We have a 2016 and also had a bad smell. I determined it was coming from the shower drain. I took the drain stopper apart and cleaned each piece and the drain the best I could using bleach wipes. Then put gray tank deodorizer in the gray tank and flushed it out a couple of times. Now I use a gray tank deodorizer. We have a drain plug that you step on and it clicks down. We always make sure it is closed when not showering.
  10. I mounted my Ford backup camera on the spare tire cover. It is integrated into the Ford surround truck camera system. It works well in that location, though if I were to carry bikes it wouldn't be so great. Its probably better up higher, but I didn't want to drill into the trailer to mount it and it was easy to run the Ford cable under the trailer and up to the top of the spare tire cover and keep it concealed. I couldn't do that for a higher mount, at least not within my limited ability. On the spare tire cover, the view is great, you just have to keep it clean, as it picks up more dust than a higher mount. It's easy to reach to just wipe off the camera lens.
  11. How do you install? Are they riveted in? Thanks.
  12. Looks really good…and effective use of space.
  13. Thank you for the report and product list. Very helpful post, though the task is daunting.
  14. We did the same trip this summer. I installed 3m clear vinyl on front lower panels of the Ollie. They got pitted and had several small holes. It was impossible to clean them. I pulled them off at home and no damage to the trailer. Suffered one rock crack in the windshield that I had fixed and a couple rock scratches. Averaged 15.1 mpg on F250 power stroke over 10,500 miles. Oliver towed really well and no need for the antisway hitch. The main problem we had was the Truma water heater went out on day three. Despite extensive discussions with both Oliver and Truma, I was unable to get it fixed. I did get a new circuit board sent to a campground and that did not fix it. Neither did a new propane regulator. I recently took it into a Truma authorized service facility here in Southern California and they had to replace the water heater, it was a total loss. We did splash showers using a pot of hot water. It actually worked well and saved on water use and grey tank capacity. Overall a great trip. The Yukon and Alaska are beautiful and impressive. It was truly an adventure.
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