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  1. My 2002 Casita Spirt 17' had an awesome Coleman that was still going strong when I sold it last spring. ;-(. When you have to wear AirPods to watch movies with AC on....
  2. In my last conversation with Oliver Service about a broken hold-down band for the heater tank, they suggested no more than 60psi to reduce vibration issues due to a hard ride. I'm somewhere around 55-60 at this point.
  3. " the buyer had to take out a loan from his bank and they made a certified check to me. Before the buyer came to pick up the motorcycle, I had him to send me a copy of the certified check, I looked up his bank on internet and called them with all of the check information to be sure it was a legitimate check before accepting it. " This is what my seller did when I bought their 2020 last spring. We had a pretty good email thread going and had done due diligence on each other over the net. Plus, I was motivated to lock it down since buyers were lined up behind me. That said, wired funds are the most common/safest solution, but need to work around bank hours and transition time between depositing and posting, particularly if they want to do final inspection of the trailer prior to releasing funds, i.e., inspect Mon AM, contact buyer's bank to wire funds, funds post in the PM, then trailer released. I'd plan on two days.
  4. Varies by state and coverage, and like most, you are probably limited to coverage by your primary carrier as most don't want to insure just the trailer by itself...but pretty reasonable rate depending on deductible and whether ACV or Agreed Value coverage. Given the market value of an Oliver, vs Book, I'd be sure you have an Agreed Value clause in the contract in case of a total loss. Would mean the difference between getting $35K and $55K+.
  5. You can deduct anything, until you are audited...but this looks pretty safe. 😉
  6. https://littlehousecustoms.com/store.html#gen
  7. Just watch tight turns as you will bend the handle…
  8. Unless demand drops, that wait time reflects their production throughput, which was recently increased. 5/week I believe I’d put the order in. Based on what we’ve seen opportunities arise to move up the list when other folks have to cancel, like I did when I found a 2020 resale available for this season.
  9. If you have an iPhone, you could put an Airtag between the walls with a hidden fish line to recover it for battery replacement. If you have a composting toilet you could even put it in the black tank. Even if the thief had an iPhone and knew enough to know one was in the trailer, he’d be so frustrated trying to find it, he might dump the trailer.
  10. If going through Colorado you might bookmark this: https://cotrip.org/home.htm Just trying to get from Golden/Denver to Ouray this past week I was juggling I-70 closures due to mud slides and State 50 full closure all week. It’s a moving target here with road repairs and September weather adds another variable.
  11. Update: Jason is sending new text strap, but is also going to discuss with engineering to see if there might be a better solution. Great service continues.
  12. FWIW, I was referring to the driving experience as I-10 wanders through El Paso with the extremely high density of 18-wheelers moving cargo to/from Mexico, in addition to the usual city traffic. Upside, less chances of taking the wrong lane than within the Dallas highway system.
  13. Was running 58-60. I know where you’re coming from. Just trying to nail the correct PSI for aftermarket tires on my LX 570 was a minor exercise, but at least we have IH8Mud.com expertise there. Probably need to link me to the tire thread here, but how did you arrive at 42….or just using the same as your Land Cruiser at 6000 lbs. 🙂
  14. Jason in service got back to me. He offered a replacement strap. Queried him as to whether it was Home Depot type, or worth getting it from them. Waiting to hear back. He did caution to reuse the Truma top screw, with a bit of blue Loctite, but also said to be sure tires are running at 55 psi to mitigate a rough ride.
  15. Everyone should experience I-10 through El Paso at least once. 😉
  16. Pretty neat the way your drill holds up the trailer.
  17. If I don’t have to take I-25 through Colorado Springs again, I should be OK. 🙂
  18. Correct on both accounts… should be easy fix It is one of the frame screws and is the water tank. I have the Truma. Not sure why I typed furnace.
  19. I was checking the water valves and noticed the hold down strap for the furnace is broken at the rivet, or maybe torx screw…now that I look closer at the photo. I noticed the strap is held at the bottom by a sheet metal screw. When I replace the strap can I just use a screw, though now thinking I might be able to reuse the top screw, if not a rivet? Better way to do this? Approximately 3000 miles on trailer between prior owner’s one trip and this first trip.
  20. FWIW, Jason responded to my service ticket and said they use VHB to remount.
  21. Normally recovery of some equity from sale of a trailer in the future isn't a good plan, but the resale value of an Oliver does mean you should take it into consideration. Much depends on your age, expected usage and RV experience, but even selling in five years should get a minimum of 40-50% back. I'd watch for a used one and have the cash to move quickly, but wouldn't be shy about extending yourself on the purchase, as long as it doesn't put your other financial needs at risk.
  22. that's my quandary. I may try a section with the VHB I have. Worse case I do it right when I get back. Solo trip and I don't use that bed, so not a big inconvenience. Just looks tacky. 😉
  23. I’m 6’3” and I think the twin bed will be a deal breaker for you. You really need to spend some time in one. Full size sleeping across?
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