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  1. Makes the pricing and functionality on the Elite 1 look pretty nice…granted it is lighter. https://www.airstream.com/configurator/tt/complete/?model=20&length=16&floorplan=basecamp-16&decor=rei&options=732,723,733,636
  2. Looks like everyone pre-booked E-F-G for next year. Nothing available other than back in B it looks like. https://www.reservealapark.com/AlabamaWebHome/Facilities/SearchViewUnitAvailabity.aspx https://olivertraveltrailers.com/events-2/2021-Lake-Guntersville-State-Park-Map.pdf
  3. I’m just surprised they are still offering the Dometic. Unless you rarely use AC, no reason to go with Dometic and it will impact resale by whatever the upgrade cost ultimately becomes. I bet by the 2024 run all Truma components will be the standard, hot water, furnace and AC. Once you get over $80-90k, the demographic would suggest the add-on is just a rounding error for discretionary income. Look what Airstreams sell for with much higher volume. The market is there for only 300 trailers a year.
  4. This doesn't really solve the e-bike problem, but I've been using an older version of this for a bit. Usually with only one mountain bike though. Solid and no issues, but very little weight overall. https://yakima.com/products/backroad?_ga=2.144402486.228756506.1658330164-2035143651.1658330164
  5. Keep an eye on your support bracket bolts. As reported previously, mine had either been removed and not replaced during the build or both(?) managed to back out and are living a life of freedom in the hull somewhere. Caught it before I saw any damage, but think I need to check my rivets, given four lead batteries.
  6. A bit different use case, but some good info on the range of trucks that can also pull an Elite II. https://expeditionportal.com/full-size-revolution-overland-full-size-truck-of-the-year/
  7. Is your MaxAire fan open/running. We get that turbine on/off noise when the exterior winds are kicking up and blowing through the cover/vent. The AC tends to sound like it short cycles between the compressor and fan, depending on temp, etc. We keep it on low and definitely not Auto.
  8. We were based in Gardiner and a bit in Mammoth from May 20-27. Lots of great restaurant staff just getting back on their feet. I also think of the Mammoth CG host we met. Full-timers that had just scored the whole season at Mammoth, two days on, four days off, with two other couples. While I expect they might be able to stay, that highway to Gardiner is the lifeline up there and it's out of action for the foreseeable future. We were at the Yellowstone RV park on the river, which is shown just downstream from the house everyone watched wash away. I'm guessing it was the park owner's house...right on the outside bend of the river, unfortunately.
  9. They will travel, but it is the most cost effective to get at least five trailers within the regional area. Ping them via their website or FB Messenger for details. After watching the whole process, it's clear why Oliver can't afford to finish them out like this without a significant price increase. FWIW, they can normally do a follow-up treatment at 2-3 years out at a significant discount, since the base work has been done, i.e., fewer labor hours for the second treatment. Another reason to plan a trip to the Murfreesboro area, pre or post rally. And very happy it was done after my 5000 mi trip to Yellowstone and not before. 😉
  10. Photo gallery of all the hard work that CGI Detailing puts into the application of a ceramic coating to an Oliver Elite II. Two days of 104F+ degree Texas weather during their June roadtrip. I was tired just watching them... Lots more photos, but these tell a pretty good story... https://www.ralphmawyerphotography.com/Industry/CGI-Detailing/CGI-Detailing-June-2022-San-Antonio-TX/
  11. Yellowstone, Moab commercial, Bryce and Zion have all been full since the middle of May, based on our times there and real-time searches as plans change. Some sites open up, but fill quickly.
  12. Same topic, different situation… No water hookup. Took filter out of Truma and drained that tank due to overnight freezing temps. Next day turned on pump and realized I was dumping water out of the Truma. Replaced filter and stopped that leak. Pump barely performed. Assumed air bubble in system. Hooked up pressurized fresh water to see if that would clear it. Ran water through all lines then disconnected. Tried pump again. It runs continuously as if trying to pressurize and produces minimal water pressure when turning on kitchen faucet. Pulled pump filter. It was clear and had some water in it. I filled it up, reinstalled, but didn’t make much difference. Am I missing another way to clear the lines? (Not related, but now furnace doesn’t come on…so chasing propane issue I guess, feast or famine)
  13. I keep running into an Open Neutral in various parks, per my external surge connector. Any concerns or way to address it. Everything seems to work.
  14. Our fridge cools to 32F under AC and in hot weather. On the road now and with propane it wasn’t getting below 45F in 90-100F driving weather at max setting At overnight stop ambient got down to 60s and I fully cleared the lines via the stove. So it works, but just not getting under 40F on propane. High temps I can understand, but surprised when ambient is in 60s. Am I missing something?
  15. Had that done to a car once when I was a pretty active soccer referee…unhappy players I expect. Don’t think I want to repeat the experience. Will likely go on roof mount at this point.
  16. Thanks John. I was hoping for your input. I considered some of your concerns, but the wall thickness on the tube was something I hadn’t considered. Worse case they’ll go on the truck roof.
  17. I’m wanting to mount two 2-gal Rotopax containers. My initial thought was to mount them outboard on the cargo box, but with a Honda 1000cc generator in the box now I’m not crazy about adding another 40 lbs to the tongue weight. It looks like I can mount them horizontally on the rear bike rack, which also helps balance the tongue weight of the generator. It looks to be a simple mount, but the closed beam mounting structure will require 2” bolts for the depth of the beam vs the simple bolting up front. (That and getting the top and bottom holes to line up. With the hitch u-bolts opening up the inside of the beam, I wondered why they didn’t drill drain holes. Small holes so not that big a deal I guess.) Thoughts?
  18. Yup, my wife thought it was someone from the rally, but told her it was probably you. 🙂 I was trying not to rearrange the concrete construction dividers The Bluebonnet was OK, but the owner of the sole Elite 1 I wanted to see left Thursday before I found his site…well camouflaged by all the Casitas 🙂
  19. Hi Mike, likely me and my oak pollen decorated Oliver. Eating at Compadres before heading out to the Casita Bluebonnet rally in Bandera. Basically a dry run before start of Yellowstone trip in mid-May. Back Friday to prep for covering the Airshow this coming weekend at Randolph AFB. Long weekend and even longer editing hours, but should be fun. https://greattexasairshow.com
  20. I read that Oliver doesn't do a final wax, so would that be inconsistent gel coat or whatever final coat they do put on? Looks similar to my 2002 Casita after many years.
  21. No worries Mike, hopefullyI'm replacing your slot in line with the Casita my friend bought from me. 😉
  22. I'm tempted to keep it a secret, since it will be a zoo trying to find a place to eat those days, but the cafe at the airport has great breakfast and lunch...when open https://www.hangarhotel.com/diner And I'll drive up for lunch just to go here for apple strudel, turnovers, etc.... https://www.visitfredericksburgtx.com/listing/pritzer-sweet-shop/972/
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