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  1. Thanks for flipping it. We will see how the particle board holds up. Time will tell.
  2. I was able to install 2 Battleborn GC3’s in the existing battery compartment. (2016 Oliver Legacy Elite II). I replaced 4, 6 volt batteries. The battery tray had to come out. The new batteries are mounted on a board that can be unscrewed and slid out if necessary for some reason in the future. The exchange tripled the power and halved the battery weight. For some reason photos are always upside down on import is there a solution?
  3. I think SeaDawg has a good point and I will try our absorption refrigerator out on our upcoming month long first expedition in the Oliver. We will be in the southwest so will get some hot temperatures. I appreciate all the information from all the people who have replied. Thanks.
  4. The main thing that bothered me with the compressor refrigerator (Dometic) in our old van was the cycling of the compressor at night. It wasn’t very loud, but I am a light sleeper and sometimes it would wake me up. My wife never had a problem sleeping with it. I hear Isotherm makes a very quiet unit. I appreciate the comments on leveling. I think I have worried about that too much based on the experiences described by routlaw and SeaDawg. It is my understanding the modern absorption units will just shut off if angled too much rather than running the flame at an angle and damaging the refrigerator. Does anyone know what size/model Isotherm fits in the LEII space? Thank you all for the input.
  5. Thanks for the response SeaDawg! We had a compressor refrigerator in our van which we sold to get the Oliver. We liked the convenience. It did make a bit of noise at night, which I didn't like. We never had to worry about how level we were, running propane while driving, or leveling when stopping for the afternoon. I'm installing 2 Battleborn 270AH lithium batteries, so we have the power. Compressor refrigerators cool better than an absorption refer, particularly at start up, or in high temperature or high altitude environments. On the other hand, the efficiency of the absorption refrigerator on propane is a very strong point.
  6. I have searched the forums but haven't found the information on installing a compressor refrigerator as a replacement for the 3 way installed by Oliver. I have a couple of questions for those who have: What Brands and Models fit in the space? Isotherm, Dometic, Norcold? How hard would a do it yourself instillation be? How noisy is it at night when the compressor cycles? Any information appreciated. Thank you.
  7. We really liked our RV Sleep Sack. It is a king size sleeping bag with velcro in sheets. Very comfortable. It has a summer and winter side. It works well if you want to break the bed down. Just fold it up and stick it at the head of the bed and your dinette area is open.
  8. We purchased and Oliver Legacy and Elite II from a great couple yesterday! Got an excellent tutorial and then out into 80 miles of bumper to bumper traffic. It was a good experience because almost everything to come will feel easier. I have gained a lot of great information out of this forum and I will now be needing a lot more in the future. (Hull 141). Jeff.
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