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  1. Thank you for the report and product list. Very helpful post, though the task is daunting.
  2. We did the same trip this summer. I installed 3m clear vinyl on front lower panels of the Ollie. They got pitted and had several small holes. It was impossible to clean them. I pulled them off at home and no damage to the trailer. Suffered one rock crack in the windshield that I had fixed and a couple rock scratches. Averaged 15.1 mpg on F250 power stroke over 10,500 miles. Oliver towed really well and no need for the antisway hitch. The main problem we had was the Truma water heater went out on day three. Despite extensive discussions with both Oliver and Truma, I was unable to get it fixed. I did get a new circuit board sent to a campground and that did not fix it. Neither did a new propane regulator. I recently took it into a Truma authorized service facility here in Southern California and they had to replace the water heater, it was a total loss. We did splash showers using a pot of hot water. It actually worked well and saved on water use and grey tank capacity. Overall a great trip. The Yukon and Alaska are beautiful and impressive. It was truly an adventure.
  3. Ricks Trailer Supply in San Clemente CA does good work and is one of the few Truma authorized service providers in San Diego/Orange County area. 220 Avenida Fabricante San Clemente CA 92672
  4. What a great collection photos documenting your experiences with the OTT in great campsites.
  5. Bluebird day for our flight from Talkeetna into the Alaskan range. Talkeetna Air Taxi was great to deal with. Pushed the flight twice and got in the day it cleared.
  6. We bought a cheap large cook pot and have been doing splash showers. You can keep adding cold water and it stays warm enough till done. The camp shower should do well.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion regarding the camp shower. We will get one in anchorage. In my last conversation with Truma, they indicated that I don’t need to go to an RV tech (since they are too busy up here) and that they can tell a plumber or other certified repair specialist who can work with propane what the next steps would be. So I have an appointment with a plumber in Wasilla who indicated he wasn’t familiar with Truma, has never seen one, but would be glad to give it a shot. He does work on on demand residential water heaters. So at this point, the plan is to go to the plumber. Given the few camp showers on hand at Cabela’s, I am going get one even if he can fix it. . It would be nice to have as a back up. Thank you very much for the suggestions. The camp shower may be a real help.
  8. We are in Alaska on a long trip and our Truma won’t ignite. I’ve spoken to Truma several times and at their suggestion installed a new propane regulator. I’ve adjusted the flow on the regulator and that didn’t help. Truma says I can adjust the gas flow on the unit but will not tell me how. They say I need a service tech to do it, but there are no appointments available for a long time and in a location 450 miles from where we will be when it comes up. Any ideas? we are taking splash showers out of a pot of water.
  9. We took the Main Highway across, beautiful. Lots of smoke in Denali NP. We had clear days but the smoke obscured the mountain. There are approximately 400 fires burning already this early in the summer. We head down to the Kenai peninsula in a few days for a month down there.
  10. Thank you all for the suggestions. We did get to Kennecott and it was beautiful. Hiked out to the glacier and got some great shots of the glacier. I agree that taking the Oliver out to McCarthy wouldn’t be a great idea. We left it at Wrangell View RV Park and went out for the day. Today we came over to Palmer and the drive was up to its Scenic Highway designation. The tip I have so far is to have reservations on the weekends. The locals from Anchorage, Palmer and Wasilla are RVing on weekends. Mid week no problems. we are off to Denali for 5 days before heading down to the Kenai. Plus, you can still use the microwave without the dish! Just do shorter bursts. thanks again.
  11. Today we arrived in Tok, AK after a 3,400 mile journey from San Diego. The last 400 miles on the Alcan were challenging. The only damage was from the microwave popping open and the glass tray shattering in the trailer. The frost heaves create quite a challenge. You can see 95% of them, but the other 5% take a toll. The Dexter axles handled it all well. Now we start 2 months touring AK.
  12. Does anyone know the manufacturer of the Oliver Window shades. I contacted Oliver about replacements for our 2016 LE2 and was told the size had changed so I couldn't get them through them. Thanks.
  13. I installed the Ford OEM trailer camera yesterday. Ran it down the drivers side in the gap above the frame cross members and the fiberglass side of the Ollie. It goes behind the spare tire in the gap between the rear storage compartment and the bottom of the trailer. The excess cable goes in the spare tire well and then I ran the cable over the back of the spare cover to the camera. It works great and gets rid of a large monitor in the cab. I already have the Garmin Overlander mounted in the cab and didn’t want another screen.
  14. Yes, I misspoke, the burnishing was on the driveshaft, not axle. Thanks.
  15. Is the only size window that changed the rear window? We have a 2016 Oliver LEII. I called Oliver and asked about ordering the new ones and was told the size had changed. I didn't think to ask if that was for all windows or all but rear. Thanks for the info.
  16. I checked my axle on my 2021 Ford Super Duty with the 6.7 diesel and saw similar marks on the axle. I'm driving to Alaska this spring so will follow up with the dealer. Thanks for the heads up.
  17. That looks like a great system. How much trouble was involved in installing the Zamp portable hookup plug, or was that already wired into your system?
  18. Thanks for flipping it. We will see how the particle board holds up. Time will tell.
  19. I was able to install 2 Battleborn GC3’s in the existing battery compartment. (2016 Oliver Legacy Elite II). I replaced 4, 6 volt batteries. The battery tray had to come out. The new batteries are mounted on a board that can be unscrewed and slid out if necessary for some reason in the future. The exchange tripled the power and halved the battery weight. For some reason photos are always upside down on import is there a solution?
  20. I think SeaDawg has a good point and I will try our absorption refrigerator out on our upcoming month long first expedition in the Oliver. We will be in the southwest so will get some hot temperatures. I appreciate all the information from all the people who have replied. Thanks.
  21. The main thing that bothered me with the compressor refrigerator (Dometic) in our old van was the cycling of the compressor at night. It wasn’t very loud, but I am a light sleeper and sometimes it would wake me up. My wife never had a problem sleeping with it. I hear Isotherm makes a very quiet unit. I appreciate the comments on leveling. I think I have worried about that too much based on the experiences described by routlaw and SeaDawg. It is my understanding the modern absorption units will just shut off if angled too much rather than running the flame at an angle and damaging the refrigerator. Does anyone know what size/model Isotherm fits in the LEII space? Thank you all for the input.
  22. Thanks for the response SeaDawg! We had a compressor refrigerator in our van which we sold to get the Oliver. We liked the convenience. It did make a bit of noise at night, which I didn't like. We never had to worry about how level we were, running propane while driving, or leveling when stopping for the afternoon. I'm installing 2 Battleborn 270AH lithium batteries, so we have the power. Compressor refrigerators cool better than an absorption refer, particularly at start up, or in high temperature or high altitude environments. On the other hand, the efficiency of the absorption refrigerator on propane is a very strong point.
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