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He ain't a' NOODLING, but . . . . . .

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Paul and I are, coincidentally, watching a TV show on "Noodling" on PBS....

I had no idea that

1. "Noodling" has been a documented style of fishing since at least 1775

2. "Noodling" is legal in at least 4 states (conversely, I had no idea it was illegal anywhere... just that I wouldn't want to try it...)

3. "Noodling" probably originated with the Indians...


I now know that:

1. Mountainborn's videos are more entertaining than PBS... IMHO

2. He and Tumbleweed are not just joking around.... it's a real sport

3. I still don't want to try noodling!!!!




PS Great looking fish!

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2008 Oliver Elite, Hull #12

Florida and Western North Carolina, or wherever the truck goes....

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Jugging is a lot saner than noodling and to watch teamwork, you have to see Butcherknife and Mountainborn do their jugging. They got it down to a science!!! I just stayed oughta' the way and posed with the fish.

They also got me started on geocaching which I nominate for the Official Sport of Oliver Owners!!

Another day and Butcherknife woulda' had me hooked on eatin' catfish too! When y'all camp with them, bring yer' appetite 'cause they can flat cook up some vittles!!!!

You get a chance to meet this couple, do NOT hesitate, go directly to where they are at, as you will not meet finer folks.

Chuck 8-)

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