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Permanant Bed


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Because of topics about mattresses on other forums, Butcherknife and I were looking into that, for we also like a permanent bed. We decided to give the Oliver's cushions a try after seeing how well they fit togather and how well they supported our weight while in the dining table configuration.

Our first night on the cushions supprised us and we have only added a thin "egg crate" foam mattress pad to the top of the cushions. This works well for us and we can still have the dining table for a domino game with the neighbors on a rainy day. :D

I know that this isn't an answer to your cushion replacement question, just what works well for us.

I would rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on earth 08' Oliver Legacy Elite HULL NUMBER 0003(sold)

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Manu of us put a mattress down and leave it all of the time. This will give you extra storage under the bed for totes and etc.


We currently have a Company that we purchase memory foam mattresses from that put a radius on the back corners, so it fits perfectly. The twin mattresses are 27" inches wide and they also make them for us, for people that want to leave them down all of the time.


Also for taller person, the twin mattress can be made longer by them, and will fit in the space where the small dinette is and is accomplished by taking down the chrome pole.


I hope this will help!


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:D I use an Aerobed Topper (full size)over the Oliver cushions and it is VERY comfortable and adjustable with a 120v airpump included. It is 2-3" high when FULLY inflated and hard and has a little curl in the back corners. I soften it up a bit and it is great. Got it new off eBay.

Chuck 8-)

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