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Truma Aventa custom made cover

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Scouring the net and not finding any covers to fit our new Truma Aventa, I ordered one from www.coversandall.com . The cover arrived today and I am impressed with the rubberized feel of the exterior material used and the overall fit. The fit being a little loose was fairly easy to install standing on my ladder. I am glad I ordered it a little larger rather than a tight fit. The loose fit allows me to toss the cover over the AC cowling without actually getting up on the roof. 
The cover has draw strings on each corner which do help secure it and snug it into place. Based on the quality of the material and stitching I would order again from this company. The cover colors are fairly limited and I did not want white. White AC covers always need cleaning usually with bleach. So battle ship gray was the flavor of the day. The main purpose of this cover is to keep nesting Western NC birds mainly Wrens from crafting a “Truma condo” nest inside the AC when our Ollie is parked.  I also ordered a cover for our Honda 3200i from this company and in the same dark gray color. I will post up pics when it arrives.



Here is the size I ordered. You may want to order a little smaller in size, just know it will be a bit more challenging to install. 


A pic of the cover installed - 


Cover info -



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That's a great looking super durable cover.  Thanks for sharing. 

I'm thinking maybe one for my front storage box.   Do you think it would hold up with constant wind and abuse there?



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Thanks GJ, 

I will be able to give you a better answer once I receive my 3200i gen cover from made by the same company and put some miles on it. My plan is to cover the 3200i right where it sits in the cargo basket. So we’ll see how it goes.
It will be made of the same tough material as the AC cover, so I am hoping it will last in cargo basket wind blast zone.
If you order a cargo tray cover I would suggest get the brass eyelets on the bottom where you can run a paracord to help really secure it in place. Overall I would purchase again from this company based on my initial impressions. And they ship FedEx.



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2020 OLEII - Hull #634 aka- “Beauty & the Beast” - 2021 F350 6.7 liter Diesel Lariat Ultimate Tremor


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