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Leak from Max Fan? Ceiling?

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Has anyone had leaking from the roof? For some reason, our Ollie is leaking all over. We suspect the years it sat in Arizona must have dried up the original chalk. We have the windows figured out now....and found the back Oliver sign was leaking but now the floor is wet and dripping from the max fan (we believe). We are never sure where the water originates but try and follow the clues. Is it possible to just chalk the area around the fan? Has anyone ever had the air conditioner leak? We only have a week or so before our big journey to Canada so these leaks needs to be sorted out. Any and all experiences you can share would be helpful.





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Hello again, Karen,


A few of us "early timers" had small leaks coming from the air conditioner. It seems there is a gasket thingy between the a/c and the top of the trailer which had not been tightened and snugged down sufficiently. It appears to be a grayish rubbery object which needs a bit of "schmoosh" to do its job properly. If this is the case in your trailer, and the original owners lived in a very arid environment, they might not have noticed. Have your local Rv guy take a look. If that is the problem, it is an easy fix.


Good luck,



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Dustin from the Hohenwald factory is sending us a tube of the caulk they use on the Oliver's. Gotta love the support you get from them! After we caulk up some of the obvious leak areas, we will see what happens. I am REALLY hoping the air conditioner isn't the culprit since it looks hard to get to and we would have to get professionals involved.... :roll: we have had a very rainy summer here in the U.P. which is probably good since finding leaks in our driveway and fixing them, is better than on the road....thanks for I put...keeping my fingers crossed for an easy caulk repair. Hopefully the next time we post, it'll be a trip report from Canada.... :D



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Were you guys running the A/C while the leaking was occuring?

Did it appear the leaks were coming from the ceiling thus perhaps the A/C?


If you think it is coming from the Max-Air fan, I would test that theory by lowering the front of the trailer, closing the lid of the fan, getting on a ladder and running water (from a slow hose) around the perimeter. Don't let water get near the A/C so as to eliminate that as a source. If you're getting nothing around the fan in this setup, then raise the tongue and try the same procedure around the A/C. If nothing around the A/C and you WERE running it when you noticed the leak, remove the inside cover (4 screws) and turn it on. It could be the drain is stopped up and overflowing into the coach. It could be a leaking fitting in the drain system (if so it will be obvious with the inside cover down).


If you were to determine that it is actually leaking AROUND the A/C (during hose test) then tighten the 3 bolts on the inside of the unit that squeezes the inside and the outside parts of the unit together (creating a "sandwich" of the roof) again these will be obvious with the inside cover down. Then hose test again.


Sorry this is so dis-jointed sounding, I'm just thinking out loud (on paper)


And, YES the customer service is absolutely second to none.

Steve, Tali and our dog Rocky plus our beloved Storm, Maggie, Lucy and Reacher (all waiting at the Rainbow Bridge)

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Thanks Steve,


Those are excellent suggestions. We are starting to get better at problem solving with everyone's help here. At first we are clueless. :oops:


As an aside, we are putting together a portable solar set up. I have read and read the posts. I see you also did that option. You also switched to the Trojan T-105 batteries. We are going to shop for them while in Toledo. My husband has questions about the wiring. Did you have an original schematic of the batteries and the wiring? I read you had a few problems getting those batteries in, but were successful in the end. Any suggestions there? Where did you end up storing it while traveling? How much line do you feel is a good amount to get It to the sun? We only got two twenty feet cables with the set up we ordered...


We do not need much power as we are conservative but like the idea of options.


I bet you are enjoying that 22 Oliver..thanks for the help



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