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Touch lights flicker when master light switch turned on

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While at home this week, we noticed that when we turned on our master light switch,  1 of the touch lights on the curb side briefly flickered.  Later in the week, 3 of the touch lights on both sides would flicker when switch turned on.  These touch lights  operate correctly when turned on manually.   We are not constantly plugged  into our 30 amp as our batteries stay well charged  by solar.  Our Ollie has not been moved in a month.   Have left a message with service. Any thoughts for a quick fix?  

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Mine conked out after about a year. OTT service sent me new ones and a little rivet gun. Install was not difficult at all. I think i posted it here on the forums at the time.

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1 hour ago, Cameron said:

I think i posted it here on the forums at the time.

Yup yours "Wonky interior touch lights" is one of the links I posted above on Friday @ 06:37 PM.  

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The touch lights are made in China 👎🏻  (shocker) and are simply cheap junk. If you get a year or season out of them you are winning. 
I learned from Jason at Oliver Service they are moving away from TL in 2024 YM to a higher quality switched light.
Unfortunately I also learned from service that the new and improved lights cannot be retrofit into the existing holes in the fiberglass on prior year model Olivers due to a small diameter difference. 😏 I carry a few extras just incase one goes out. 

All this said, the lights I have replaced have continued to work fine. 


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