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Bluetooth Speaker Recommendation JBL Charge 5


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I wanted to improve the sound quality in our trailer so I bought a couple of JBL Charge 5 speakers after reading lots of reviews.  The speakers are small and both will easily fit in any of the overhead compartments.  I bought these so that we could use them while camping but I can also use them while working on projects in my garage and around our home both inside and out. 

About 2 minutes to pair them to my phone and they were up and running.  We enjoy listening to music considerably more than watching TV while camping...at a reasonable volume level of course  🙂

The sound quality is really quite impressive and the volume at the 50% setting is more than ample.  Reasonably priced IMHO to boot. 



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I have a couple of the JBL Charge 3's for awhile now and love them. Great sound, you can link up an unlimited amount of them, and they can also be used as a battery bank to charge phones and other devices.

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