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  1. Just an FYI for those with older Ollie's like mine. Check to see if your door frame has the hinges built into it. If so, these won't work.. Maybe not a Lippert door, or maybe just a different model?
  2. This just isn't true... The Autoformer simply takes some of the available amps and boosts the voltage inside your camper to an acceptable range when it encounters a low voltage situation. During a low voltage situation your AC and fridge will be drawing the same watts at the pedestal with or without an autoformer in the circuit. Probably less surge amps at startup since the motors will have acceptable voltage when starting.
  3. When it comes to the inductive loads, there shouldn't be any difference in the load on the campground since the watt draw at the pedestal is the same with or without an autoformer. This would change if everyone was running their electric water heaters or other resistive loads at the same time. By how much and to what effect is highly variable and would depend on the campgrounds electrical system. In the end, the same amount of watt hours would be used by each camper had the power been at the correct voltage to begin with. Also, the autoformer shuts down at 104 volts so they won't be drawing power at all if the campground system dropped that low. I'm guessing a campground's grid would probably be more protected if everyone was using an autoformer than if nobody was. You'd have more angry people though since the power would be cutting off inside their campers instead of continuing to operate at that dangerously low voltage. In that situation I'd certainly rather loose power completely than destroy my ac or refrigerator.
  4. When running any inductive loads with motors such as AC or compressor fridge, you will be using the same amount of watts as someone who isn't using an autoformer whether it's in a low voltage situation or not. When running resistive loads such as a water heater you *will* draw more watts but you will be doing so for a shorter amount of time than someone who is using the same water heater in a low voltage situation. In the end you'll both consume the same amount of watt hours to heat the water and not be costing the campground any additional money. What you will be doing by using an autoformer if the campgrounds voltage is low is protecting those inductive appliances from premature failure due to running them at a lower voltage and higher amperage than they were designed for.
  5. If they don't like them, it's because they don't know how they work. Some are under the impression that they "steal" power but what they really do is convert amperage into higher voltage in low voltage situations. If it's mounted inside there's no way they could know that you're using one anyway.
  6. Thanks for the link. Price is now down to $26 and I just ordered a set.
  7. A little pricey @$349 as shown, but this is the best mini kitchen we have found yet. Attaches with vacuum cups and takes up very little storage space. Seasucker Kitchen station
  8. Hull 45 has *no* ductwork, it just has a single grill attached to the heater itself. All the early Oliver's I've seen so far have been built this way.
  9. We have the screen on Hull 45 too but it's almost unusable due to the window latch and latch hardware being in the way when trying to raise or lower it.
  10. Not a negative, as long as it stays dry... Our Ollie had wood in the basement that had gotten wet over the years that needed replacement. Thankfully not structural and it was an easy fix using PVC board.
  11. My 2010 Hull 45 did not come with any type of surge protection either. Used one of those pedestal types for a while but recently installed a hardwired Hughes Autoformer with surge protection. So far it seems to be working as advertised and I like the fact it can be monitored with bluetooth and that it's DIY to replace the surge protection module should it fail. Hughes Autoformer
  12. From Camping World- NOTE: For those who require a non-ducted heat strip application on the FreshJet 3 AC, it has been approved that you can use the Dometic Non-Ducted Heat Strip Kit (item 72431) installed in the Universal Air Distribution Box (item 69943). Camping World FreshJet 3 Series product info
  13. I'm more concerned with my tanks gunking up which also poses a risk for contamination building up in the tank. Even after using the built in back flushing it takes 3 fill/drains for the black tank to run clear. When I back flush I do the grey tank first, then the black, and I then mix a five gallon bucket of water with 1 1/2 cups of beach and dump some down each drain. That sits in the grey tank for a while and is dumped last. I know people who don't bother with bleach step and have had no issues. YMMV.
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