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  1. was your lens leaking into the attic?
  2. Just wanted to show everyone the upgrade from Anderson. Cost $100, they say that is their cost and free shipping. Looks pretty good. I will let you know how it works when I give it test.
  3. This will be our first rally...we have secured spot E-21. See you there!
  4. I just tried John's suggestion on hooking up my TV to my trailer. The battery read 13.1 after a full day of sun being parked in the drive, I hooked up the Tundra and it went up to 13.3 and no further after 20 min. ?? Any thoughts on that? I towed all day on my first outing with the fridge on DC and in the evening I was in the mid 12's (12.3 to 12.6) I was concerned if I should be concerned :?
  5. Sorry for your loss, Your postings and videos have been very helpful for Jane and I in making the decision to purchase our Oliver. thank you
  6. Hi, as we get ready to take our first extended trip I was wanting to know what you experienced Oliver owners have in your tool box. thanks in advance.
  7. You guys are good! I am taking notes.
  8. we pick up our "Drolliver" July 19th, I will get both the tekonsha brake controller and the tester, thanks for all the input.
  9. I have a 2015 and I would like to install it myself. The videos show that I have a plug in behind the panel. I know nothing about the brands so I will check out this link. thanks
  10. Hello I will be towing an Oliver Elite 2 with a Tundra, it has the tow package but I have to purchase the brake controller!? Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should purchase?
  11. Thank You, WE are looking forward to learning many new things by getting an Oliver trailer and this forum has been very helpful. David and Jane
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