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  1. pollen and dead worms are the recipe of spring. many maple "helicopters' scattered to the wind here as well... sooo much more to learn with this lifestyle.!!
  2. coon creek cove coe park just outside ponca city ok... spring is happening here...windy too!! headed for the black kettle national grasslands and practice some bookdocking.!?
  3. i was misinformed...weekends are all booked in texas parks many months in advance. sorry. 10-q dan
  4. have 4days at guadalupe...then on to hondo. learned a hack today for tx state parks and weekends... it is:.... reserve fri-sat-sun...one day after. i guess most reservatons are for saturday...stay sunday and you have a better chance at a site?? give it a try. 10-q dan
  5. holy cow you guys are wonderfully full of suggestions. have next week secured at guadalupe for 4days and then on to hondo for the weekend.! ill get use to this lifestyle in the next few months...thanks for helping me along the way.!! the blue bells start blooming soon ive been told. just need a warm rain.?? 10-q dan
  6. blanco and guadulpe have no availablity...potters creek coe at canyon lake has a 50amp from 3.7mon to 3.10thur...thats 2-3hrs away. suggestions still welcome.!
  7. think ill head to new braunfels and then west on 46 towards boerne. any spots along there?
  8. made my first stop in birch creek state park on somerville lake and am here til 3/7mon. where too next...? within a 3hr drive..? online reqistration is still new and weekends in texas are all reserved. please advise w/ thoughts. 10-q dan
  9. i think san antonio area.. hondo has an escapees affiliate. seems safe to me and a place to get use to the change in lifestyle. dont know how to react to the wood block comment...? seems to work just fine. advise.?? 10-q dan
  10. made it to livingston tx...heading to the hill country next.! 10-q dan
  11. congrats to you both.!!!...my guess...70degrees is 600miles south...!?
  12. my tundra delivery date got pushed back to january 24....and im sad.! wanted to be in short pantz for xmas in texas... instead borrowed longjohns for new yrs in mn.!?
  13. 22 tundra and 22 oliver e2 are going to make a solid platform for the next 10yrs....thats a good start.!
  14. am waiting for one myself...will be off to tennessee as soon as it arrives.!
  15. the v6tt gets about 10mpg towing 6000lbs....about the same as the 5.7l v8
  16. thanks for your replies....i find it a new home.
  17. i have a porter cable 6gal pancake compressor....is it worth bringing along on this upcoming roadtrip? 120v x10amps =1200watts...did i do the math right? please advise w/ thoughts. 10-q dan
  18. how is that glyder hitch working w/ a e2?
  19. i will be full timing in the ollie...gonna try it for 10yrs and see what comes.? after spending the winter in texas...ill be heading for new mexico and elevation. alamogordo and carrizozo look good....also alpine az and maybe los alamos
  20. i need to get my rookie leg under neath me for spring... will be doing small towns/state parks whatever is available. dont need to go fast so a few days here a week there..?? do i need reservations or can i just drive up? favoring uvalde/del rio/san antoino area for a winter home base...
  21. plan to starting my ollie journey in texas this winter... will it be a good state to learn "how to be" a mobile camper...? please advise w/ thoughts. 10-q dan
  22. seems like a mad scientist kinda idea...maybe i should have had my nap today..?
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