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  1. Thanks all for the suggestions. I went ahead and ordered a longer lock online. I've been using a bolt with two nuts on it to secure the coupler. I'll probably look for a pin like Townsw showed.
  2. I don't know why I'm having so much trouble with locking pins for my hitch, but I am. When I picked up my trailer, the hitch release lever was secured with a cotter pin and ring. I've been looking for a locking pin, but everyone I've tried is too large to fit through the hole. Additionally, I'm having issues finding a hitch receiver that will lock the hitch to the TV. I've tried several, but they all seem to be about 1/8 inch too short. This is probably a problem with my TV receiver. So what I'm looking for are links to products that have worked for others.
  3. Page 75 of my 2018 owners manual shows this
  4. My wife was stationed at Altus for her last assignment. I was Army and spent a large portion of my career at Sill.
  5. During our factory tour, I asked about a battery disconnect switch and our guide (Brett) replied that one existed. I don't remember the location he stated.
  6. My head is still light from the visit. I had planned on putting down the deposit, but hadn't planned on the start sum. Fortunately for the invention of online banking, I was able to consolidate from several accounts and come up with the piece of paper for the down-payment.
  7. Our first trip will be the slow homeward travel back to Oklahoma after a few shakedown days near Hohenwald. We will live in Altus, OK for a few months which is close to some excellent OK parks and parks in the panhandle of Texas. We plan to move to the Houston/Katy area in late spring, so the world is our oyster.
  8. We just visited the plant and saw the unit with the speakers. According to our guide (Brent), that particular unit is an earlier model owned by the Oliver family and the speakers were added by some of the grandchildren.
  9. My wife Bobbie and I visited the factory on 15 February and then spent some time with Anita making our order. Fortunately for us, there were some openings for near term start dates. We picked a start date of 21 February and a delivery date of 9 May. We're already counting the days and looking forward to getting on the road. Mike
  10. We'll keep an eye out and snap a few pics.
  11. Continuing the factory visit thoughts, I noted in another thread that there are many opportunities to upgrade components that aren't listed in the official build sheet. One option was to use an Atwood AC, while another was to use an AC/DC Marine Fridge. I'm looking for advice/opinions on any and all options that can be considered prior to my visit in the near future.
  12. Comparing the 2017 sales brochure to the 2018 brochure revealed a difference in capacities for both the Fresh and Grey water tanks. The 2017 sales brochure says the Fresh Water Tank Capacity is 32.5 gal. and the Grey Water Tank Capacity is 35.5 gal. The 2018 sales brochure says the Fresh Water Tank Capacity is approximately 30 gal. and the Grey Water Tank Capacity is approximately 30 gal. I wonder if they changed the tanks or just updated the numbers to reflect usable capacities?
  13. I can envision a reason for the tank to be upright during use, but why during transport? Sorry for the slight derail of topic. My primary reason for getting the front propane connection is for fuel to a generator.
  14. I'm scheduled to visit the factory soon and I'm trying to work out my travel schedule. Does anyone have input on how long they've recently spent on the tour and then the amount of time to set down and order their trailer?
  15. John. I noticed in the other current thread on tire pressure that you said your tire pressure was at 60 PSI. I may be confused but I thought the axles on the Oliver were rated at 3500 lbs. So according to the table for psi, a max loaded trailer would be about 45 psi. If I read the other thread currectly 80psi is the max, but appears to be way over what is recommended.
  16. Thanks for the responses so far. My Sequoia is an '18, Blue, with the 5.7 V8. It is wired for a brake controller with the wiring located behind the left front panel near the parking brake. As I understand it, the brake controller continues to function even if it is not connected to the display in the TV. If not connected you lose the manual override function. One of the things that concerns me regarding this controller is shown in the installation instructions. It reads: Do not mount or activate RF generating items (cellphones, two way radios) near (less than 12”) to theHand Held Unit or Power Module. Who doesn't have a cellphone laying on their console or in their pocket at sometime during TV/TT hookup. David S. Did the Power Module have to be mounted by drilling through the nose cone?
  17. In preparation for hooking up to a new Oliver, I've been looking into brake controllers for my Sequoia. In the past I've used a Tekonsha P2 mounted under the dash of my previous TV. Although this is still an option for the Sequoia, I've been looking into alternatives. Tekonsha has a Radio Frequency controller (model 90250) that would eliminate the need for hard mounting anything in the TV. Instead a local monitor is plugged into the power port of the TV and communicates to the controller mounted on the trailer tongue. Does anyone have any experience with this controller or similar products from other manufacturers?
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