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  1. Has anyone tested this system of alignment of the hitch plate to the truck using the chain binder modification? Thanks Yukon
  2. Anyone had to replace the shutoff bypass valve ?, looks tight to get to. And no antifreeze pressure to the water lines, is that a issue?
  3. Thanks John, figured as much. The wife found some post that said the pin was installed under the new triangle plate . From the pictures I could not see how that could be. Wishful thinking I guess. I do like your idea on the pin I will give that a try.
  4. Anyone used the new triangle plate vis the old, is it any easier to hook up if your angle is not perfect?
  5. Being a turkey hunter i deal with ticks each year, spring and fall. Spraying down your clothes with permethrin is the most effective way to dealing with them. I also use light Camo coveralls uninsulated and insure that pants are tucked into boots. Also don’t forget about ginger’s“ a mite size bug that burrows under your skin. You can’t kill them by washing your clothes . They say the dryer will. And also if you do find a tick on you remove it right away and watch for signs of a bullseye rash that may appear around The site. Also see your doctor if you start feeling poorly Aches fever, etc.
  6. With the help of Jason was able to acquire a new propane and co detector, the latest models were manufactured in 2018 so you are two years behind the curve from the get go. It is my understanding that you can expect around 5 years of service, even though the paperwork that came from the unit stated 7 years. As with most RV parts qualify in manufacturing is poor. Because of that I have installed quick disconnects to our unit. I figure I will be changing it out in a few years.
  7. Ok done thanks for the help, anyone need a thermal fuse I will send. The parts are real junk, standard for the industry I guess. And if you don’t watch the condition of your gasket material you will be doing the same . Not much fun hanging from a ladder. I will advise on how my gasket material holds up. Thanks all.
  8. Ok then, thanks for your help. It seems to me with the bathroom drawing moist air one would want a watertight crimp, just saying I don’t know much about this. I am going to give it a shot see how it goes thanks for your help..............
  9. I just tried a magnet 🧲 and there was no attraction, do you guys know what size wiring , as I cannot read the writing on the wires. I never used butt splice connectors do you crimp them twice?
  10. Do you remember what type of connector was used when you replaced the thermal fuse?
  11. Anyone know where I can pick up high Temp Parallel crimps, can’t seem to locate them🤔
  12. No Two screws, and don’t lose them , as ace hardware puts them in specialized list and does not carry them, different threads.
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