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Antifreeze leaking thru the Thuma bypass shutoff valve.


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Parts of it. All brass fittings and stainless crimps. And also a better quality PEX except for a few bits I reused. I tried as best I could to make it modular so that sections could be pulled out easily to repair. It’s so difficult in places to maneuver a crimper, pipe, arms, etc. inside the hull. 

Everything stayed tight though on our recent trip, even with some good bumping around. Feels so much more solid, though it’s definitely an overkill project and one that I’d never have done had it not been one of those ‘if I’m doing this, then I may as well do that’ sort of things.   Nor would I have done it if I’d actually bothered to count all the friggin fittings and crimps ahead of time. 

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5 hours ago, Yukon said:

Anyone had to replace the shutoff bypass valve ?, looks tight to get to. And no antifreeze pressure to the water lines, is that a issue?

I  noticed mine was leaking a bit - under pressure. Not gonna worry about it. Plenty of anti freeze everywhere, the filter is out  of the Truma. Nor sure why I would replace it unless it just really lets loose. 


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