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  1. Opinions are good, the ability to present them in a clear civil, and short fashion is the trick, lol. I don't know if the metal handle would fit but I think it would be worth a phone call to the manufacturer to find out.
  2. It's in the way but as far as I'm concerned the slide doesn't need to close unless the door is open. I like the solid grip on the handle but this is why there are so many flavors of ice cream. There is seldom one right answer. 😀 I have to add that I have been on many forums covering everything from aquariums to Jeeps to sports and have never seen such a friendly place as this one, keep up the good attitude.
  3. I noticed those holes in the handle and they measure 3.5" center to center. You can get drawer pulls from a hardware store that fit that measurement. I got an Amerock BP86726D Brass Wire Pulls 3-1/2 in . You need to get 1/2" long bolts or cut down the ones that came with it. I also had to cut a Philips head bit to get behind the handle or you could take the handle apart. Be sure to double check your hole measurement, it may not be the same.
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