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  1. Is it possible to get a build list on my Oliver?
  2. Hey Y’all, somehow my thermostat got switched from Fahrenheit to Celsius. How do I get it switched back? TexasMarshall
  3. Hey Muppy, We always fill the fresh water tank & use the pump. City water can cause problems because of surging pressure. Good luck.
  4. I was looking for a unique place to go camping & I found Fort Clark Springs. A calvary Fort until after WWII when the Army did away with horse calvary and went too mechanized calvary. At one time there was 5000 horses at this Fort! The thing that drew me to this place was a beautiful spring fed swimming pool. 68°! Pretty darn cold. But during the summer when its 100°, 68° is not too bad. The campground is not the most beautiful but it’ll do. Lot of historical buildings on this Fort & interesting history.
  5. Why doesn’t Oliver warn buyers of the calcium build up problem & they need a water softener, or better yet install a water softener in the trailer.
  6. On the airstream trailer the sacrificial annode was checked annually. I have removed the shower head & the sink heads & the water flow is the same. Nothing plugging up those. I removed the hose from the back of the toilet & checked the water flow. It’s definitely plugged up down stream some where after the kitchen sink. Good water flow at the kitchen sink & outdoor shower shower! Thanks guys for all your help.
  7. Did not get everything working. Will not have time to deal with it till we get home July 24.
  8. I’ve owned travel trailers since 1970 & never run into this! Our first trailer was a 10 year old air stream we inherited from my Dad. We kept it 15 years & it never had a water problem. It was 25 years old when we gave it to my daughter to live in at college. It’s still in the family & still has no water problem! Seems to me to be an Oliver problem!
  9. Our Oliver is just barely a year old. Hasn’t been enough water run through it to accumulate any calcium deposits.
  10. We will not have the time to deal with this untill we return home July 20. Since we picked up our ollie April of 2018 it has been on the road, maybe 50 days at most. There has been no mods done to it. Definitely no kinked hoses. We have never touched the valves but we checked anyway & they are all in the right position. The problem in the cold water line has to be after the kitchen sink as we have water at the kitchen sink. And the hot water line has to have a problem after the kitchen sink. The cold & hot water lines both have a tee at the kitchen sink. The plug in the line i think is at those tees. Oliver techs r wanting to blame it on hard water? We have been no where we might have used hard water and if we had it would have taken thousands of gallons to plug those lines. Oliver has a problem & so do I & I’m not happy!
  11. we were on our way to Ft Clark Springs & stopped at a rest area to use the facilities but restrooms were closed. Went to our Ollie to use the bathroom. Wife went, I went & noticed very low water pressure. Told wife the water pump was not working & I’d check it out when we got to the camp. Got to camp & started checking. Had water at the kitchen sink & outdoor shower but no hot or cold water in the toilet or sink. Turned off the pump & hooked up to city water. Same results. I got a problem. Please help!
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