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  1. I have the Xantrex remote with Bluetooth in the top photo installed by Oliver in my 2021 Elite II delivered last month.
  2. Bill, Yes, that’s the App! Well said. Thanks! David
  3. I don’t know much RV electrical but I’m having to learn. I don’t have much choice living in a very remote location. I added the “FXC Control App” to my phone that can be obtained from the Google Play store or the iOS App Store. This app is specifically for the Xantrex remote to view and monitor and configure the remote. I didn’t know this app existed until I had exhausted all other attempts to find out why my Xantrex was always in a “bypass” mode, never charging the batteries. I thought there has got to be something like a software issue. If one goes to the Xantrex website and loo
  4. FWIW as this is not the exact same problem as most are having with the Xantrex XCPro 3000. I noticed that I was getting the “20” warning code several days after delivery of my new OTT. Long story short, my issue became no charging of the batteries from shore power. I tried checking all the Xantrex switches, the breakers, the cables, etc. to no avail. I finally downloaded the Xantrex Bluetooth app off their website, and after pairing, went to the settings menu and noticed that there was a switch pertaining to charging from the tow vehicle which was on “auto on” . I thought that’s odd becau
  5. Here’s a picture of the Lithonics battery. Oliver installs three 130 amp hour Lithonics batteries now instead of the two LifeBlue200s.
  6. I found out at delivery of my Elite II on 3 Feb. that it had the Lithonics batteries.
  7. I’ll be picking up my Ollie on 3 Feb and staying a couple nights at Caddo Lake State Park in NE Texas on my way home. I haven’t been camping there before so we’ll see how that goes. I’ve been wanting to check that state park out for years so now’s my chance. There are some National Forest Service campgrounds near where I live on Toledo Bend Lake but the amenities are very limited, i.e. no bathhouses, no electricity, no dump stations. Of course you’d usually have the campground to yourself and lots of shade from the pines and a beautiful lake view and only 2 bucks a night with the geezer pa
  8. I’ll be picking up my new OTT on 3 Feb so I guess I was the one who took your old pick up date. The weather shouldn’t be too bad for me as I’ll be heading to SE Texas. It’ll still get a little nippy during a night or two I think. I guess I have you to thank for me not having to wait several more months for my new Ollie!
  9. I’m way overdue introducing myself, but I guess it’s better late than never, as I joined the forum a few years ago. I have been researching and thinking about RVs off and on ever since. I finally came to the conclusion that an Oliver Elite II was the best choice for me so I put down my deposit last month. Much to my pleasant surprise, Anita gave me some early build dates so my pick up date is early February. I thought I might have to wait until late spring or early summer. 😁 I’ve done tons of tent camping ( go figure..I’m an Army retiree) and pop up trailer camping (mostly during my
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