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  1. The stainless steel counter, the kitchen fold down extension, and the 80/20 lagun mount were some of the most functional mods I've seen on the forum to date. I would have opted for stainless if Oliver offered it.
  2. It isn't just you. If the admin has any information about the outages, I'd be happy to troubleshoot assuming it wasn't planned maintenance.
  3. I found the dimensions while looking through the manual again. My brain totally skipped the interior measurements when skimming it the first time; it looked so similar to the drawing from the webpage which only has the exterior dimensions. Does anyone know if the cushions extend the full length of the seating surface and what the thickness of the cushions are? With that info in hand, I can make my custom order. Edit. The cushions look to match the platform size exactly. Foam looks to be about 4 inches. Thanks!
  4. I agree with Andrew. If you can't get a signal with the Netgear antenna, you'd probably need a directional antenna to pole mount. It gets clunky (wind, signal search, gain/loss, additional coax, etc) so I'd opt for the Netgear solution whenever possible. If you do opt for a directional, here is some info about the setup.
  5. I'd like to order some custom sheets and I've searched both the forum and the University to try and determine the length, width, and thickness of each non-back rest cushion on the standard Elite II layout for the rear of the trailer. It looks like the width of the left and right cushion is somewhere between 24" and 25" I can't determine the length without knowing the width of the rear cushion. If the rear cushion width is the same as the left and right, 24"-25" The length of the side cushions would be 50"-51" The rear cushion length should between 78" and 79" The rear radiu
  6. I'll take another look. I'm trying to do something pretty odd, cover the non-twin cushions on the left, right and rear of the table.
  7. I took a look at the site but the descriptions are pretty generic. I can't tell if they fit the toppers, the cushions, the Elite 1 or 2. If nobody knows for sure, I'll give them a call on Monday. Thanks!
  8. Does AB make sheets for just the standard sized cushions? If not, does anyone know a quality place to have them made?
  9. I don't know what year they stopped doing small custom requests but this policy was certainly in effect during mid 2020 sales. I requested that the bathroom mirror and the 2 inch receiver be left off during the build... The rack request was refused and the mirror was going to be mounted during production only to be removed and patched up pre-delivery. I ultimately decided to just take it as built with no bike rack option.
  10. I had no idea those were made in China. Wild!
  11. Voyager, are you working off the 2021 build sheet or the 2022?
  12. If you're serious about buying, you can put down a deposit for something like 2-3k to lock in the 2021 pricing. I'm guessing those 5 slots vanish before the weekend.
  13. The base solar package is hard to beat if you buy your own AGM batteries. The twin floor plan should be the same price as the standard unless they changed something. The twin with couch option was an additional expense if I remember correctly.
  14. Good luck on your decision. A 5k price hike might be the largest single year price increase ever. Brutal.
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