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  1. I can easily overload my entire trailer, use a dangerous tow vehicle, fail to configure my brake controller, fail to inspect and maintain wheels, etc... Artificially limiting what we can use our receiver for is pretty silly given the already high level of potential danger involved in towing. Oliver should simply put a load sticker on it like everything else and give responsible owners a 2 inch receiver.
  2. Thanks. I thought this was about Oliver switching from Dometic to Girard. That is one crazy story though.
  3. Can you expand on that a bit? An incident at Oliver or at Dometic? Thanks!
  4. I'm honestly surprised they went with the 16'. The cost difference is substantial. Assuming the quality is on par or better than the Dometic, good on them. Thanks for the info!
  5. Yeah, DOD has a huge impact on batteries, even lifepo4. Here is a graph from another manufacturer but the curves should apply more or less to any battery of similar chemistry:
  6. The lifepo4 stuff is arguably a bit over-hyped. That said, you only need to look at cycles and DOD to understand why lifepo4 has a following: https://www.trojanbattery.com/pdf/AGM_Trojan_ProductLineSheet.pdf If you discharged somewhere between 80-90% of an AGM, the expected number of cycles would be 500. Compare that to lifepo4 which claims to handle 100% DOD at 2800 cycles. The AGM setup would realistically need replaced 4-5 times before the lifepo4 setup would need to be. It all just boils down to how many amps you can pull before the batteries bite the dust. I'm guessing there is
  7. That is great information. Stuff like that should be on your website! Seriously consider hiring a web developer and adding more technical information. The current site made me seriously consider how I might spend $4,000 elsewhere. 🤪 A lot of the early battery management systems would actually kill lifepo4; parasitic drain from WiFi, Bluetooth, LEDs, etc. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer most of these questions.
  8. I'm not sure where the 95F number on Lifeblue's datasheet comes from other than Topband's optimal storage conditions. If you look at the real data sheet it states: Storage Environment: < 1 Month: -20~+60℃,5~75%RH < 3 Months: -10~+45℃,5~75%RH Recommended Environment: 15~35℃,5~75%RH Charge and discharge temps: Charge: 0~45℃ Discharge: -20~60℃ Source: http://www.rechargeablelifepo4battery.com/sale-11854400-bluetooth-app-12v-200ah-lithium-iron-phosphate-battery-customize-with-heating-film.html
  9. Has anyone had Oliver install a third roof panel on an Elite II? I assume there is room for something like Overland did, especially if you delete the satellite/TV receivers/antennas.
  10. John, do you have a link for that trash can? The fit looks about as good as one could possibly hope for.
  11. That might be one of the coolest companies I'd never heard of. Thanks for posting that!
  12. Never! 🤪 I love the setup and it is something I never would have considered. Very cool! I've also been flip flopping between the Yamaha EF2200iS and the Honda EU2200i. I'm guessing that is pretty normal though...
  13. Hey, John. I'm the guy with the LC200. I'm encouraged to hear that the Yamaha doesn't stink up your vehicle; I'd like to keep the tongue weight around 650 so every bit helps. Have you considered a propane conversion? I'd love to hear your reasoning for or against it. I'm OK with the efficiency loss but on the other hand, keeping an extra 6-8 gallons of fuel that I can toss into the LC should I miscalculate also seems forward thinking 😬
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