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  1. I bought foam bolsters at JoAnns and covered them with fabric from Oliver. They are slanted and slide perfectly under the window frame.
  2. Send some pics..I’ll bet it looks great!
  3. No it does not have a lid. I suspect because it is collapsible.
  4. I bought this online. So sorry I cannot remember where, but it is out there. Yes the drawer closes completely does not lock in place though. When cooking I put kitchen scraps in this then transfer to larger trash receptical. Very handy and out of the way. I fold it up and put it away until next meal
  5. I guess I should add the tape was not stuck to the backing all along the gutter.
  6. Sherry, when you installed the EZ Gutter was the red backing on the tape solidly attached to the sticky tape? I ask because my resent installed gutters are lifting and I was wondering if the product was old. I followed all the directions and need some advice. Thanks, karen
  7. I ordered the suction cups from Amazon they are called "Outus" clear plastic suction cups -22mm. I also found the hairpin clip but will need to research again.
  8. Just an update since I have seen the above posts. It was a screw adjustment and it works like a charm now
  9. Thanks for the reply...all is tight no call back from Jason yet. But we have had a time with mud daubers. I don’t see anything but they can surly make a mess of equipment. Karen
  10. So we have used our awning maybe 5 times since we purchased 441 less than a year ago. We were camping locally this weekend when my husband said the awning is sloping left. We got home and opened the awning and it really slopes and doesn’t close completely on the left. We have used this sweet camper only 4 times due to a hectic 2019. Take a look at this video and tell us what you think? Oh we never noticed a sloping before. IMG_7484.MOV
  11. I have found my solution for the awkward plastic shower curtain supplied by Oliver when you purchase the full curtain track. I purchased a new fabric curtain, very thin and light weight. Then this is what I did: 1. Layer the new curtain flat on the floor with the plastic Oliver curtain on top. 2. Then I made allowance for finishing the edges. It must be doubled to hold the grommet. (See last photo) and cut the new curtain using the plastic curtain as my pattern plus finished edge allowance. 3. I used the existing little suction cups from the plastic curtain and attached them in the same position on the new curtain. 4. Next I placed the position of the grommets and attached them. (You can purchase a kit on line/practice first) 5. The only thing to do was check the length and shorten if necessary then hang. They are not quite perfect but they look better when not in use, they do the job and dry very quickly.
  12. The plastic white cover is fine, I was referring to the covers that cover the whole AC unit. They run about $25.00 but I need the model to order the correct size 2019 Elite II. The white cover is aligned and the acres into the holes they just don’t tighten keep spinning?‍♀️
  13. So our summer has been jammed paced with responsibilities and not enough camping. I went out this afternoon to spruce up for a couple that is interested in buying an Oliver. Turned on the AC horrible noise and vibration. Looked on top and the unit was wild. Long story short, mud daubers infested the unit. Unscrewed the white cover removed nests. Unit runs properly. 2 issues: 1. Screws will not tighten when putting the white top back 2. Need to know what the model is to order a cover to prevent mud daubers from getting side the unit. Thanks in advance, karen Gebhardt #441
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