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  1. Thank you, will go ahead and make the reservation.
  2. Has anyone stayed at Shenandoah River State Park in VA? A couple of the reviews I saw mentioned a steep, curvy road into the campground area, but the other reviews did not. Looking to possibly stay there in October.
  3. We have the Elite II but just wanted to say that I am so glad we did not get the full mattresses. I am perfectly comfortable with the provided cushions, and my husband added a foam topper. It's so nice to be able to easily lift up the cushions or even put them in the aisle to check on things underneath. The hypervent is a definite plus. We live in the humid SE and just returned from a trip. We kept a constant eye on the humidity using a sensor. One day had condensation on the windows, but we kept things under control with a dehumidifier , cracking windows, and running the fan to pull ai
  4. Looks like you had the place all to yourself. A great place to take family photos as well.
  5. I think that the time and effort involved in moving sites would not be worth it. Our first night we barely had time to unhook and start moving all our gear into our new Ollie before the sun set. Summer would be different of course. The Oliver company will get you into a good spot and you can likely just stay at that site and save yourself a lot of hassle. For me, a good site is not on the edge of a sharp curve and is long enough to keep your tow vehicle in front of the trailer.
  6. Just tell the Oliver office that you want to stay an extra day. They will put you in a site that's straight and easy to get into. Our site got changed at the last minute because of a water issue at the park. We ended up at the end of a narrow curve, I think it was site 87, would not recommend it!
  7. Considering a short winter trip to the St. Simons, Cumberland Island, Jekyll Island, possibly Savannah, GA area. Only concern is the smell from the Brunswick pulp plant. Anyone have thoughts on that and recommendations for campgrounds?
  8. Susan, yes it's a 2020. The color of the counters was called Samba.
  9. They will contact you the week before delivery and tell you where to come. We were told to come to the old sales office and then we followed someone to the new (unfinished) office but by the time you take delivery it will likely be different.
  10. Perfect weather for picking up Hull #676! Staying one extra day at DCSP.
  11. Should be 672, we are picking up 676 next. week.
  12. We pick up our Ollie next week. After much research decided that the Tacoma is not sufficient. Would suggest you watch this video. https://www.keepyourdaydream.com/payload/
  13. Thank you again for all the detailed information. Makes me sad that we had to cancel our Glacier trip back in July (without an Ollie.) Good reminder that September plans for any year could be upended.
  14. I click the "Unread Content" line on the top right, then decide which topics might apply to me.
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