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  1. The twin beds work fine for lounging around if you are leaning back against pillows or a rolled up sleeping bag. For me, it's more comfortable because we have the regular cushions and not the thicker mattress option. When I sat on the thicker mattresses when previewing the Oliver I was not as comfortable sitting on the edge because of the angle for my legs, but that's a personal preference. One of us uses a foam topper on top of the cushion, but we are glad we chose to not get the mattresses. We live close to the Southern Mattress factory if we ever change our mind.
  2. Today is the official launch date of the book. Thank you to all who preordered! May it bring you much encouragement. It's available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, and other sources. For a signed copy, please send me a message.
  3. Has the Escape Room in Statesville opened yet? We wanted to stay there with Harvest Hosts last year but the escapes weren't being run at that time.
  4. Cindy, I'm so happy that it arrived! Hope it will be an encouragement and blessing to you while on the road. Nancy
  5. Thanks, everyone! The book will be available on May 6th, but you can preorder now at https://amzn.to/3t13TXM (available in both paperback and ebook formats.)
  6. Today I received the first author copies of my book. So proud of the two teenagers who created this beautiful cover for me! I specifically asked for a hint of an Ollie heading down the road (without the words on the back).
  7. We really enjoyed the Cumbres and Toltec train ride. https://cumbrestoltec.com/cumbres-toltec-scenic-railroad-announces-2021-season/
  8. Happy Easter! He is risen!
  9. Time2Go, we got the cushions, thinking that if they didn't work for us we would get Southern Mattress mattresses later (since we live near where they are made.) So far we are fine with the cushions (plus a foam topper for my husband). It seems to me that if you are going to buy SM mattresses, it could be beneficial to go ahead and get all the cushions that Oliver includes in the base price. Even if you throw away or give away the foam (and foam is actually quite expensive in a 4" width), you will have extra of the fabric that can be used if you ever have a rip in one of your dinette seats.
  10. Hi John, my Etsy shop is mostly sewn photography props and vintage items. (www.etsy.com/shop/littlelassies) But I could add a listing for the Ollie tablecloth. I could also take payment via Paypal email. I would estimate the price to be Cost of materials + $12 + Shipping. Please send a private message with info about the colors you like and whether you want solid/patterned/etc. If it's fabric that I already have on hand it will be cheaper since I'm trying to downsize my fabric stash, but I can purchase whatever you want. Thanks!
  11. Do you want one with elastic on the corners like a fitted sheet? I sew (and have an Etsy shop) and could likely make what you are seeking.
  12. To the couple who we met in front of our home in Fuquay-Varina a few weeks ago that are getting their Ollie in a few months: we did not receive your email. If you have questions, please make contact on this forum with a private message. Thank you! Nancy and Ray
  13. Thank you, will go ahead and make the reservation.
  14. Has anyone stayed at Shenandoah River State Park in VA? A couple of the reviews I saw mentioned a steep, curvy road into the campground area, but the other reviews did not. Looking to possibly stay there in October.
  15. We have the Elite II but just wanted to say that I am so glad we did not get the full mattresses. I am perfectly comfortable with the provided cushions, and my husband added a foam topper. It's so nice to be able to easily lift up the cushions or even put them in the aisle to check on things underneath. The hypervent is a definite plus. We live in the humid SE and just returned from a trip. We kept a constant eye on the humidity using a sensor. One day had condensation on the windows, but we kept things under control with a dehumidifier , cracking windows, and running the fan to pull ai
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