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  1. I noticed just now that the Oliver website in the Standard Options sections mentions "5 Decor Options" with photos coming soon. Maybe this is what Jordan had mentioned to us that the company might be moving towards certain decor packages rather than each customer selecting all the individual components? Might simplify things for some but would also cut out some of the permutations of counters/cushions/floors available. I assume that since we have already placed our order we won't have to go with whatever the decor options are...
  2. Regarding the noise, I have heard from several sources that this is true (we don't yet have our Ollie so maybe someone can confirm.): All you have to do is press and hold the 1 key for 3 seconds. You will hear a beep and then be able to use the keyless entry on your RV without the annoying beeping.
  3. Finally found a picture that I took in the Oliver showroom where they have a little dinette setup for you to mix and match options. This is not what we eventually chose, but it shows Mont Blanc counter and and Flannel cushions together, and I believe it is the Baron floor.
  4. It might be two different colors of cushions or as you said the lighting could be different. The dinette photo to me looks darker than Mont Blanc did in person. So I'm not much help here. The floor in the dinette picture looks lie Baron to me,
  5. Thank you, SeaDawg, I received it as a gift, wish I knew the source! It's brighter in person than it looks in the photo. It does look very similar to some fabrics made by Spoonflower so you might try them. https://www.amazon.com/Spoonflower-Map-Fabric-Adventure-Signature/dp/B07RTZHM95 https://www.amazon.com/Mountain-Fabric-Mountains-Adventure-Watercolour/dp/B07RST6GYG
  6. Hi Susan, I felt like chrome and Mont Blanc went well together but I was concerned that chrome might show dirt a lot more. I personally did not feel that Knox coordinated as well with Mont Blanc or Samba because there was quite a bit of warm tan mixed with the grey in the Knox samples. But I'd love to see the photos that others have. You can also check out this photo gallery: https://olivertraveltrailers.com/travel-trailers/legacy-elite-2/photo-gallery/
  7. I would choose upholstery first and then choose the countertop. When we actually saw the upholstery side by side with counter samples and floor samples in Hohenwald, we changed our minds about some options. Finally chose black cabinet doors, Samba counters (black) and flannel upholstery (dark grey) and Baron floors. (Baron has a much more grey vibe overall than Knox.) Sounds like a lot of darkness but in the actual trailer it looked great against the white interior. Maybe ask someone at the sales office to put together the options you are considering at the sample dinette there and send you a photo. Wish I had photos but our Oliver won't be ready till the fall. Will settle for this photo of one of the throw pillows I have made to add color.
  8. Thank you for your help, everyone. I'm also looking into the option of ordering extra yardage of the "flannel" color fabric through the service department.
  9. Ordering the twin option, will first try adding extra foam for sleeping and if that doesn't work for us we live near enough to Southern Mattress to order mattresses later. Two questions before we finalize our order: 1. Those that use a combo of the provided bed cushion and foam, do you put the foam under or over the cushion? And are your fitted bed linens wrapped around both parts or just one? (I sew and can adjust either way.) 2. I want to sit on the galley end of the bed during the day with my feet on the floor but need more back support because the "lip" of the bed area makes it more comfortable to sit forward. I could sew some low, thick, stiff cushions. Or has anyone been able to order extra top dinette cushions? Could also switch to couch configuration and separate/double up the cushions but adding foam under the bed might raise the couch cushions too high for the window. Would greatly appreciate your advice/pictures.
  10. Thank you to all who replied! We are going with burgundy and dark grey.
  11. Thank you, Marsharini and KenB, do you remember the exact color names that you ordered?
  12. Finalizing our order soon - I have a question about logo colors. Am considering burgundy/grey to coordinate with tow vehicle. Has anyone with a burgundy or red logo experienced fading of the color over time? Thanks for your help.
  13. Made a whirlwind trip to Hohenwald and back this week and now have a deposit on an Elite 2 for delivery in mid-October. Started out our marriage as backpackers, then tent campers when our children were small, now embarking on new adventures in retirement. We are near Raleigh, NC.
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