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  1. I sleep with my head by the nightstand, but when reading in the evenings I sit in the other direction. I like having the nightstand nearby for my glasses, water, phone, etc.
  2. As you watch the Oliver videos, start a list of questions by topic. Then bring your list on a clipboard to your delivery day. As the staff show you each part of your trailer, you will ask the questions for that part and won't forget them.
  3. The Metro station in Franconia (just south of town) may work, but you would want to double check with Metro to see if there are spaces for parking RVs. Some of the parking lot is a parking garage which might not have enough clearance, and I can't remember about the rest of the lot. Of course, it would be more ideal to camp two nights somewhere because you're going to lose time getting in and out of the city. Fairfax County VA has a campground near Reston where we have stayed.
  4. Buffalo Ridge Camp Resort in Custer is a good campground.
  5. Scuba RX, We're not alcohol drinkers either but stay at HH quite often. We especially like the museums and farm stands. Probably my favorite HH stay so far has been the Soaring Museum in Elmira, NY. It was great to watch the gliders take off and land just steps from our Ollie.
  6. We added a little foam sticker (like you would use on a chair leg) to keep the cabinet latch from banging into the microwave.
  7. I enjoy having the black cabinet doors for the opaqueness. There's enough ambient light in the trailer from the various monitors to make your way down the aisle in the dark, so the light inside the cabinets at night isn't really necessary. (You can also use the little floor lights.) The only small downside is that the black shows fingerprints more.
  8. If you choose to head south, we loved the Jesse Owens Museum in AL (we stayed overnight since it is a Harvest Hosts location) Great film and exhibits, even a long jump pit outdoors that you can try out. http://jesseowensmemorialpark.com/wordpress1/
  9. As you watch the Oliver videos before delivery date, jot down questions that you have according to category (towing, fridge, quick connect, etc) Bring your organized list of questions to delivery and ask them as each feature is explained to you on the day.
  10. John, thank you for the clarification. Feel free to remove my post. I can't see a way to delete it.
  11. We will be at my sister's home in Center Point Sat Sun Mon nights. Possibly staying at Inks Lake SP the Wed/Thurs/Fri before that if we can get reservations when the 4 month window opens. If your mini rally has any group dinners or events, we might be able to participate. Also, does anyone have recommendations for great stops in AR or TX the last week of March as we make our way there? Has anyone been to the East TX Arboretum? Thanks.
  12. Nice artwork! Two teens designed the cover of my book and I had specified that I wanted the trailer to look like an Ollie. (without the name showing in the back). I think they did a great job.
  13. Thank you, Happy Easter to you as well! "If only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are of all people most to be pitied. But Christ has indeed been raised from the dead, the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep." 1 Cor. 15: 19-20
  14. Congrats to you, and glad that you got off to a good start. We are in Fuquay-Varina, very close to you.
  15. Glad you got off to a good start. We have had strangers follow us down the road into our neighborhood as we return from a trip who want to talk about the Ollie as we are trying to get it parked in the driveway.
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