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  1. hmmm ... the basement in my 2015 (Hull #069) looks quite a bit different than the one pictured above ... Anxious, now, to see the options and ideas at the rally! ... see y'all there!
  2. Some good insights here! Thanks! Related - we have a rather large outside all vinyl "carpet" to lay on the ground ... when rolled/folded fits nicely inside the basement, but stretches across the entire rear of the space. As we travel it usually unrolls a bit as I've not taken the time yet to use bungees or straps to hold it together. Regardless, it takes up most of the basement storage area. I can squeeze other items in, including a plastic milk crate with misc. hoses, chords, tools etc. ... but not much room for anything else. So, the question is ... where/how do y'all store/carry your outdoor rug? Thanks, in advance, -Dan (BTW - looking forward to meeting everyone in Guntersville - see you there!)
  3. Hey John ... did you ever find a solution for this? My wife got a pretty nasty scrape/bruise from the sharp-edged bath door handle as she navigated a late night visit to the head. She has since covered it with a short piece of styro pipe insulation, but that is ugly and inconvenient (keeps falling off). Would love to replace with something like what you'd suggested. Cheers, -Dan (BTW - are you going to the rally at Guntersville in May? ... would love to meet you as I've really enjoyed your thoughts and insights shared here in the forums)
  4. mmm ... what are the additional features of an accumulator? ... I had mine in place for only a short time, only to judge any reduction in noise ... please advise. My unit already has the braided stainless steel lines, so no need to make a change there. I'll give the added insulation a try soon. Cheers, -Dan
  5. So ... update ... the Scandvik cold water valve/cartridge developed a small crack in the plastic internal workings ... I spotted it with a magnifying glass! So, the water would shut off but then works its way thru this tiny crack and into a drip ... drip ... drip. Found a Kohler insert/cartridge at Home Depot that looked identical in all dimensions so I thought would work ... it fit the internal workings ok and in the "shutoff" position resolved the drip. However, upon trying to reinstall the knob I discovered that the splines were differently spaced and the screw threads on the original knob were different (metric vs std?). I didn't want to ruin the valve so tracked down the proper Scandvik cartridge (cold side only) on Amazon ($22.23) - scheduled to arrive tomorrow. On a related note, I discovered this problem as I was in the process of installing an accumulator tank - hoping to reduce the noise from the water pump (as noted by John Davies, above, the 2015 models did NOT have accumulators). Interestingly, in researching I referred to my handy 2015 Oliver Owners Manual which provided some detail on the water pump. I found one statement in the manual very interesting - because the ShurFlo 4008 is a "by pass" type pump, "❚ No need for an accumulator with bypass pumps" ... not sure I understand why this is the case ... but ... That said, I installed the accumulator anyway (pretty easy really) just to see if it made a difference ... sorry to say that it did NOT help the noisy water pump at all! So, I'll be tapping some collective brain power at the rally in May!
  6. Hey John ... I've not tried the vinegar flush ... will check the online threads and give that a go. Thanks! -Dan
  7. Group ... I own Hull# 069 ... a 2015 Elite II ... the bathroom faucet has developed a drip ... not a leak or trickle, but a steady drip. The drip is confined to the bathroom (all other faucets seem to be fine). The drip stops when I close the valve to the bathroom (under the curbside bed) and resumes when I open the valve again. Even with the pump turned off the drip continues, though I'm guessing that's due to the latent water pressure remaining in the lines. With faucet knobs open, both hot and cold flows are good ... it's only when turned off that it continues to drip. I can't imagine trying to sleep at night with that going on! So ... any suggestions? I believe it to be the original Scandvik setup and have not ever had the issue before. Hoping to avoid a full faucet set replacement, is there a cartridge that may need replacing? An "O" ring to replace? If so, has anyone actually done this? Stop the insanity!
  8. Thanks gang ... same recycle rules here ... so, I'll wait for the next electronics pick-up. Cheers, -Dan
  9. AH ... but yours was a functioning unite - correct? ... I replaced mine because it was not working ... shall I just toss it in the recycling bin?
  10. John ... at one point in your posting you'd indicated that the old unit might get a few bucks on ebay ... who would want it? ... do they refurbish them? ... what would you guess its worth on ebay? Cheers, -Dan
  11. Update - SUCCESS! So, I'd bought a charger/maintainer on the road but never took it outta the box ... the solar struggled along keeping charge, diminishing the batteries a bit each day (actually had a net positive a few of the days!) ... while driving we turned the AC/DC refrigerator off (it's electric only - the one "sizable" draw source) and only turned it on when plugged in at a campground (about every 2nd or 3rd night) ... by the time we arrived home on Sunday evening the batteries were down to 41%. The replacement converter section I'd ordered had arrived ... installed it today using John Davies excellent instructions - was actually pretty easy... and, yes, John, it was one of the new LI-capable ones (thanks for that tip). And ... voila! ... Ollie is now charging batteries like a champ. Went 17 days without a shore charge on the batteries. Hoping I didn't damage the batteries ... at one point was down to 11.8 V ... now, charge IN is around 13.8 with a 35+ amp flow ... should be back at full by tomorrow. Thanks, guys, for the insights and for giving me the confidence to keep going. Cheers, -Dan
  12. Hmmm? ... problem solved! So, I determined it was not a propane issue as the gas stove was working fine. Then I figured perhaps all the dust that was stirred up while traversing the Pawnee Grasslands gravel roads was a possibility. I opened the hatch to the water heater and simply blew out the compartment (yeah, with my own mouth/breath) - then tested the water heater and it fired right up. Then, blew out the intake/exhaust ports of the furnace. From there went inside, opened the access hatch to the furnace (curb side rear) and learned that it would be very difficult to do any disassembly given the cramped quarters in there ... but, for the heck of it, used some compressed air (in a can) and blew through several of the vented openings and into the collar where the wiring exits the box. Viola! ... turned the thermostat switch back on and set the temp at 75 degrees ... fan kicked on (just like before) and a minute or so later the furnace fired up! Thanks guys for the thoughts and suggestions ... when I get back home will need to do a thorough cleaning and check everything closely. Cheers! -Dan
  13. OEII #069 (2015). Camping last night in Evergreen, CO (altitude of approx 7700 feet) ... pretty chilly this morning so turned the furnace on (its been working fine the past 6 days of our trip) ... fan kicked on, but then after a few minutes the heater failed to ignite and the fan shutoff. Same with the water heater - doesn't seem to ignite. I thought perhaps was out of propane but the stove works perfectly (indicating propane supply is ok) ... but, to be certain, I switched to the fresh #2 tank ... tried the furnace and water heater again with same result (not working). Two possibilities now come to mind ... 1) high altitude is affecting the ignition of the units, or 2) traveling washboard gravel road in the Pawnee National Grasslands yesterday has rattled a connection (or two) loose. Certainly not a life threatening concern, but a little inconvenience. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks in advance. -Dan
  14. Thanks Gents! I was hoping that was the answer. John - thanks for the LI advice - I'll check my order and go that route. Happy Travels All! Cheers, -Dan
  15. OK group ... need battery help. OEII #069 (2015) with 4 AGMs (about a year old). After some troubleshooting I've concluded the converter section of the Progressive Industries power control system (which includes the charger control) needs replaced - have it ordered but won't be able to install until I return home in two weeks. Since I'm traveling now without the onboard charger, can I just buy a charger at an auto parts store and charge the batteries overnight while at the camp site? if so, what is the proper way to hook up the charge to the batteries? Will I need to disconnect everything first? Note that charging from shore power and charging from the TV are neither one working, but the BlueSky Solar charging appears to be working ok (but not enough to keep them full) - do I need to disconnect the Solar charging before connecting the external battery charger? Back on the road shortly, but will check back in here later today for any responses ... thanks in advance! Cheers, -Dan
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