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  1. HMMM? ... for some reason, I can't seem to reply to individual comments ... however ... I've not yet call Oliver service ... but based on another thread I believe they now only provide the newer style ... but I'll call 'em anyway The pic is actually turned sideways ... bottom of the window is on the left of the pic ... it is the bathroom window, the lower sash is visible ... it is moveable. the gasket appears to allow water to flow down into the track and exit via the weep holes, which I've thoroughly cleaned ... "a small piece of the Pelland gasket for test purposes if needed" would be helpful ... although I had a response on another thread where the guy said he'd had the same issue, the factory service folks sent him what they had but it was the new style and wouldn't fit right ... I've confirmed no leaks from the street side lights or the bath fan ... looks like the track fills up and the weep holes can't evacuate the water fast enough ... You're correct ... "Honestly. It's ok. It's the bath, and if it ever leaked, it would leak into a total fiberglass area" ... so, it's not caused any "major inconvenience" (wet feet in the middle of the night) ... but it'd still sure be nice to have it fixed ... I'm thinking that because the gasket has shrunk, leaving a one inch gap on each side just below the middle cross bar, it is now allowing just enough water into those gaps that the weep holes can't keep up ... so, a new gasket blocking those gaps may be just the trick As well, I've ordered some of the EZ Gutter material & will apply just above the window & wrapping down the side past the gaps ... Persistence and diligence will get to a solution somehow! Thanks for all the input. Cheers!, -Dan
  2. So ... working on a leaky bathroom window (2015 LE II) ... As always, postings on this site provide the answers ... the window gasket on my 2015 LE II (pic below) appears to be different than shown at the beginning of this thread (per QuestionMark - H109-376 from Pelland Enterprises) ... did Oliver change window manufacturer in later models? ... or, perhaps the previous owner had replaced them already with a different type/style of gasket? ... checked on "pellanddent & they don't seem to have the profile I have (pic below) ... any thoughts or suggestions? can I assume the "H109-376" will work? Cheers, -Dan (re-posted here as my original post appeared in a year+ old thread & rec'd no response - apologies for redundancies).
  3. So ... working on a leaky bathroom window (2015 LE II) ... the window gasket appears to be different than shown in this thread ... did Oliver change wondow manufacturer in later models? ... or, perhaps the previous owner had replaced them already with a different type/style of gasket? ... checked on "pellanddent & they don't seem to have the profile I have (pic below) ... any thoughts or suggestions? can I assume the "H109-376" will work? Cheers, -Dan
  4. Gang ... any update on this? ... curious to hear any feedback as I'm thinking about getting one ... ah hell, I'll just order one from Amazon & return it if I don't like it.
  5. So ... just talked with ScubaRX (great guy! ... & his wife was perfectly pleasant too!) ... first, to confirm, my tongue does not have the second bolt (vertical under the LP tanks) ... ScubaRX informs me that the 2nd bolt came into play later around 2016 when someone reported the nut had come loose from the bolt on the main tongue bolt ... only happened once, but in being cautious the Oliver folks began using a 2nd bolt for safety thereafter. Otherwise, Scuba too indicated a small amount of play/rattle is not unheard of. So, again, I think I'm good to go. Thanks all! Cheers
  6. BTW - Jason's conversation matches with the pics provide by djpinaz earlier in this thread ... thank you djpinaz! Except that in djpinaz's pics I don't see the vertical hole that Jason had mentioned ... not a big deal I suppose, but worth noting. Cheers
  7. OK ... just spoke with Jason at Oliver ... keep in mind my hull #69 is a 2015 model ... he tells me the tongue design for that vintage is a simple insert (slide-in) with two bolts ... one main bolt horizontal on the outside near the bulldog, and one vertical under the LP tanks (I'll check that one on mine) ... this set up allows for easy extending of the tongue if preferred - simply unbolt and slide outward to the next set of bolt holes. And ... given this arrangement, it could appear a little loose and allow a small amount of rattle. To eliminate the rattle, he suggested drill a second horizontal hole set further back (thru both the heavy frame member and the inserted tongue) and cinch down with a bolt - this would eliminate any pivot point and make more secure. He also indicated there is enough strength in the frame that this would not violate the strength and integrity of the frame. Otherwise, if I can live with the small amount of play (rattle), there's no problem. Thanks Jason! ... Cheers group!
  8. Thanks guys ... I'll PM ScubaRX and I think I'll check in with Jason at Oliver as well ... will post what I come up with. Cheers.
  9. A related question: I recently purchased and installed an Andersen Hitch ... in the process, discovered that the Oliver's tongue is loose where it is inserted into the frame's receiver, secured by only a single pin-thru bolt. Based on this thread, I learned that the tongue bar is designed to be movable (slide in or out to preferred length) ... but, does it fit snugly or is it somewhat loose and able to rattle? ... and, is it correct to be secured by only the single pin-thru bolt?, or is there supposed to be more than one bolt securing it to the trailer frame receiver tube? Someone please advise as I'm about to launch on my first long-distance trip and fear that a loose tongue may be an issue (I think there's an old WWII phrase about loose tongues but can't remember it at the moment). Thanks, all, in advance ... Cheers, -Dan
  10. Thank you David! I just acquired Hull #69 from "try2relax" ... your lists will not only help me with maintenance, but will serve as a good training tool for familiarizing myself with our new-to-us Ollie. Cheers, -Dan
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