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  1. An amp-hour is still an amp-hour and there and when you consider having to invert 12 to 120 volts, there is quite a price to pay in amperage draw. My guess is that instead of being able to run about 1 hour with agms, you might get double? Then of course you have depleted you power supply if off shore power. So I think “running the ac” is more of a gimmick promotion.
  2. We just got back (two days ago) from camping at mistletoe state park in Georgia. Nice park and we had a great site overlooking the lake with plenty of space. RV sites were about 2/3 occupied. South Carolina state parks opened today and Tennessee state parks are taking reservations for 5/15 forward.
  3. We are headed out to a Georgia state park this coming Monday for 3 days. I don’t see where camping in ones RV is a big deal. I can see issues with groups, etc. My one comment would be that a one size fits all set of restrictions is not necessarily appropriate. It is easier to communicate and “implement” so probably is why officials do it. We have a daughter in health care and told her we were going camping. She had much more of an issue with me going to Lowe’s for house projects than camping.
  4. Second Campendium. Use that quite a bit. Reserve America is used as the booking system for many state parks. We normally just use the web site but they also have an app. It is called RA camping.
  5. After pulling the shades off and mounting ring to check for foam tape and possibility of using butyl tape to seal windows as someone suggested under another topic, I don’t think replacing foam tape with butyl is the solution. That appears to be where the window is mounted from the outside. The window flange is caulked around the entire perimeter so I don’t believe there is a path for water egress there. I still believe it is pretty much solely a window track issue. The outer removable rubber strips won’t completely seal the sliding window and the “trough” and weep holes are there for a reason. I do think that the issue is more than just the weep holes and getting them “started” with pipe cleaners etc to provide wicking and overcome the surface tension. When I was cleaning the rubber strips I noticed the the “trough” at the bottom of the sliding window has regularly spaced square openings that allow drainage into the trough then ultimate outlet via the weep holes. My openings and trough had tiny leaves and bits and obvious accumulation of dirt/stuff. So I think the trough that empties to the weep holes as well as the entrances to the trough can get partially clogged and can impede the drainage. I just ordered ez gutters and hope between keeping the tracks/ trough and weep holes clean and adding the gutters the water entrance problem will be mostly solved. It is the really the only issue we have had with our Oliver. Keeping those expensive mattresses dry is important.
  6. Personally I go with Dr. Grabow pipe cleaners. Then again that’s my last name and I do have a PhD. No relation. The plant is inSparta NC and the name was “borrowed” randomly from a dentist in Chicago. They started up during WW2 when briar wood from Europe was hard to get. They substituted mountain laurel. They are sort of known as low-end pipes. Oh well.
  7. LOL. I go the cheap labor route too. Would be handy if you were camping by yourself, but pricey.
  8. I have found that while it increases the signal strength, it does not increase the speed while using a phone as a hotspot. I tested all configurations with a Roku streaming stick and found that direct to the roku rather than via the wi-if ranger was faster (either wireless or direct connection from phone to hdmi adapter. I use the cellular booster. If you think about it, going through the WiFi ranger is just sending the data through another router, so could not speed things up.
  9. Ours makes quite a noise too. I believe it is normal and may be attributable to the gear.
  10. We strap our temperature sensor so that it hangs a bit from a small slatted table we deploy under the awning. That way it is both shaded and nominally ventilated (probably not to NWS specs but hey it’s an attempt). Seems to work well, but I have been known to forget about it while packing up the table. We just move the sensor inside to one of the kitchen drawers between trips. Readout display is mounted by door with command strips.
  11. After testing all combinations (tethered cellular, wireless cellular to Wifi ranger, and finally direct cellular with weboost booster to Roku stick) bypassing the Wifi ranger is fastest. Bottom line is that while Wifi ranger finds and amplifies signals from local Wifi networks, as it is a router it slows down the rate while streaming video. In all of our camping experiences so far we have been strictly on cellular. I think the only real reason for us to have the Wifi ranger is if we are at a distance from trailer and need to run cellular through Wifi ranger to boost broadcast distance.
  12. Thanks for the suggestion David. I used your idea to tether my iPhone with usb. The one thing that may be different with some phones and your jet pack is the usb protocol. My iPhone 8 has usb 2.0. I just started comparing USB tethering with WiFi tethering to the WiFi Ranger. I actually think the WiFi May be faster in my case. In either case am positioning the phone next to cell antenna. I have yet to prove anything, just a bit of empirical findings.
  13. Does the jack-it tower sway as much as it appears to do in the manufacturers video? thanks, Garry
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