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  1. Never heard of Coarsegold, but you probably haven’t heard of my hometown either, Escalon, just north of Modesto. Welcome.
  2. Hi, curious to know if the covers have worked longer term. Ours tend to rust even when kept off the ground so I am wondering if these just prevent you from seeing the rust as it would seem to me that the sleeves would not seal the chains from humidity and they would still rust? I was thinking of plasti-dip spray but that would likely be messy with links partially “rubber welded” at their junctions.
  3. We used to live in Fort Collins (mid to late 90’s when the micro-breweries were a new thing). We loved it. We visited a few years ago when I had a conference there and found it had grown quite a bit - still I think a nice place.
  4. We have the Anderson levelers and find those are very handy. Don’t think you’ll need anything else not listed. Their has only been 1 time that the Andersen leveler range could not level our trailer. We just augmented with some square plastic pads - looked okie but worked. We’ve used camco filters. The short flex hose on ours developed a leak (not just a gasket problem) so I made a replacement using a section of garden hose and a hose repair kit for male/female ends. We have never had issues with power. I think the onboard power management systems of the Oliver’s guard against poor quality power. The readout in ours is in the attic but don’t know where display is on the new models. We purchased a “swagman bike RV towing mount”. The nice thing about it is that is does not require any other hardware or adaption. It will slide over the Andersen hitch bar (a square collar around the bar). It accommodates 2 bikes. It may be a bit tricky to orient and load the 2 bikes so pedals don’t clash,etc. but once you figure that out it’s. not a big deal.
  5. OK, Bruckner Symphonies are too long so i’ll Offer this- something different and you just gotta love trombone choirs 😉
  6. That should work. I got black wire from Lowe’s - brand is blue hawk and it was 16 gage. What I got will rust but one can keep an eye on it. The one you list is stainless so that would not be an issue. I think the point is to get malleable wire that can be twisted and tightened without snapping. Tie wire use in construction for rebar is black but of course just temporary and buried in concrete.
  7. Our leds on our furrion 30 amp cord stopped working within about a year. They neither work at home, storage facility, or at any campgrounds. Cable works fine. I suspect the led or circuitry to them are bad. The bigger issue s sue in my mind of the furrion cords are the size of the male head. Many campground boxes have cord cutouts on the boxes that are not centered with the female outlet and the large furrion head and head to cable transition is not accommodated so it is difficult to impossible to plug the male end into the box without “box modifications” which may have already been attempted by others (pliers bending back cutouts for cord). I think the furrion cable may be a bit unique with the threaded female ring end to the trailer port. Haven’t checked out alternatives with a smaller male end that would fit more easily into electrical boxes.
  8. Am going to try just blowing out tanks this winter, for ease and easier resumption (had some residual “antifreeze bouquet” after last winterization) . There is some good insight/tips on that method in this thread. Regarding the fresh water tanks, I have never experienced a poor taste - have had more issues with some campground water regarding taste. Maybe after spending a little time in the Horn of Africa and getting giardia, I am a little less sensitive to potential water issues 😜. If it’s from a chlorinated public water supply I am fine with it and I wouldn’t think cooking with tank water would be of any issue. We do take some bottled water though for convenience and guaranteed taste (or lack thereof).
  9. I put the EZ gutters on ours and have been very pleased with the difference they have made. We used to have water ingress all the time prior to installation and have had none since despite several heavy rainfalls including while traveling. I just placed them pretty much immediately above the frame (mostly to use as a guide). I think what has made the difference is keeping as much water off the windows and channels/drains as possible in the first place.
  10. Nice. Be sure to take off that first fraction of methanol 😊
  11. I took it as being humorous and had a good chuckle myself......
  12. I recently had the shackle pin back completely out. Fortunately just as were pulling out of campsite. I am going to “mouse” them to the shackle body with black annealed tie wire. I found the attached on-line.
  13. Likely overtightened. Looked pretty “squeezed” when I last looked.
  14. I agree that the real problem is the cable. I did lube the gate channels by loosening the screws and dosed with a spray can straw with some lithium or silicone spray (don’t remember exactly). It worked for a few operations then back to the default of being about 1/4 “ of full bottomed -out closure. The issue is the torturous cable path of the black tank valve with an insufficient straight final run to the slide valve. I haven’t lubed the cable but I think that is the best solution. I tried the coconut oil stuff and it didn’t solve the lack of full closure issue. Another “solution is just to remove the dinette seat and underlying hatch and just push the slide gate fully closed at the center near the cable termination.
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